The Absolute Best Uses For Pizza Cutters

A pizza cutter always comes in hand when making, say, pizza. According to Recipe Tips, this utensil is usually made with a handle and a stainless steel blade that has either a circular or wheel shape for easy slicing. Speaking of, it does slice evenly and easily, making it all the quicker to get to the best part of pizza (eating it). But, a pizza cutter doesn't only have to be used to cut through that homemade pepperoni pie. There are many other ways to put your pizza cutter to good use in the kitchen, whether to help chop up heaps of fresh herbs or to slice through a thick stack of pancakes. Who knew this little tool could be so handy?

We did our research and rounded up the 10 absolute best uses for pizza cutters that don't include slicing through pizza. So, go ahead, grab that pizza cutter and get ready to utilize it to the fullest. 

Chop salad in the bowl

We love a good chopped salad. Everything is fresh and cut to perfection, so all the ingredients are bite-sized and easy to eat. But sometimes, it can be hard to get the lettuce and the vegetables chopped just right. Using a knife can take too much time, and often, not everything gets cut evenly. Plus, it can also be messy. But when you use a pizza cutter, you can zip through the chopping process effortlessly. And, you can get it all done with the salad still in the bowl. 

PureWow says after you build your salad, use the pizza cutter to cut through all the ingredients directly in the bowl. Thanks to that sharp blade, the pizza cutter will chop everything all at once in a few sweeps with very little effort. You'll be able to enjoy that freshly prepared salad in little to no time. 

Slice fresh herbs

Who doesn't love fresh herbs from the garden? After all, these garden goodies can be the key ingredient in many delicious dishes. Our fresh chimichurri sauce recipe is nothing without parsley, cilantro, and oregano added to the tasty mix. But chopping all those herbs can be a real pain, especially if you're strapped for time. That's where your handy pizza cutter comes in.

You can easily cut down on time when you use a pizza cutter instead of a knife. According to Cuisine At Home, the reason being is because you're moving the wheel over the herbs in many directions as opposed to just one. Plus, you can chop all your fresh herbs without the risk of bruising typically seen when using a knife to get the job done. Getting your herbs chopped faster and having them look their best sounds like the winning option to us. 

Roll through waffles & pancakes

When it comes to a leisurely, hearty breakfast, we're all about pancakes and waffles. There's nothing like taking a bite into a fluffy stack doused with maple syrup and butter. But we like to pile our pancakes high, so cutting through them all at once can be a real challenge. However, that was back when we used a knife. These days, we stick to cutting our pancakes with a pizza cutter. It shortens the amount of time to cutting pancakes, says RecipesRevamped, and can it can also be great when you're cutting smaller sizes for the kids. No wonder we think it's one of the absolute best uses for pizza cutters. 

But, let's not forget about waffles. We did say they were one of our favorites for breakfast, and we meant it. Sometimes, it can be hard to cut hot stacks evenly. According to Parent Hacks, using a pizza cutter to slice a waffle into bite-size portions is ideal. This tool not only gets the job done fast but with less mess than a fork and knife.

Make the perfect lattice pie crust

We're pretty big fans of the sweeter things in life. Case in point: desserts. More specifically, we crave a homemade pie fresh out of the oven. It's almost like we can smell the juicy apples and the sugary pie dough wafting in the air just thinking about it. Speaking of, you know what really makes a pie stand out? A gorgeous lattice pie crust. Sure, it can be slightly intimidating to master, but when you have the right tools to do it, making this type of crust can be as easy as, well, you know. 

A pizza cutter can help make a lattice pie crust come together quickly. For our easy raspberry pie recipe, we create the lattice pattern simply by slicing through the pastry with a pizza cutter to create thin strips that are then placed over the pie's top before popping it in the oven.

Cut your own homemade pasta

Carbs play a big role in our lives, and pasta is one of our favorites. It's easy, delicious, and completely versatile. There are many great recipes to enjoy when looking for an at-home pasta night. And yes, we know there are some solid pre-made pasta options sold at the local market, and we admit that there's no issue with grabbing what's on the shelf when you're craving pasta cooked up in a snap. 

That said, sometimes life calls for homemade pasta. Like when you're making this butternut squash ravioli recipe, for example. In those moments, we suggest it's the perfect time to get out the pizza cutter to help get the task done right. Using a pizza cutter to replace a ravioli cutter works well, especially when you need to cut the pasta dough evenly and quickly. (If going for a full Italian food night, a pizza cutter can even serve double duty to slice a hot pizza right from the oven).

Shape brownies into perfect squares

Oh, brownies. How we love you. We especially adore the gooey ones that melt right in your mouth. Although these might be our favorite, we can't argue this style of brownie can be especially difficult to slice through. While brownies don't tend to last too long around here, we still want them to look nice when they are served. That can sometimes be hard to achieve — unless you try using a pizza cutter, that is.

This is by far one of the absolute best uses for pizza cutters because your brownies come out looking their best each and every time. According to Food Network, spraying the pizza cutter blade with cooking spray before slicing into the brownie can help make an even cleaner cut. Just remember to spray both sides. You'll also need to wipe off the blade each time you make a cut and then reapply the spray to the blade before you do it again.

Cut off bread crust with ease

The value of bread crust has been debated for a long time. Either you like the extra flavor that bread crust brings, or you don't. If you fall into the latter camp, cutting off bread crust when making your sandwich is likely something you do each time. Or, if you're a parent, you might be doing this regularly for your kid's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You probably tell your kids not to play with their food, but what if slicing the crust off a sandwich could be a little more fun than with a normal knife? 

A pizza cutter can be used to trim the crust off your bread with practiced ease in one clean sweep. PopSugar writes that this is not only easier, but it can help decrease the chances of you ripping the bread in the process. Keeping your bread intact means more bread to enjoy and a smaller amount of messy, sticky crumbs. Now you (and your child) can have crustless bread without the whole thing falling into small, torn-up parts. 

Cube chicken breast just right

Sure, cubing chicken breast isn't the hardest kitchen task by any means. But, when you don't have the right tools, it can be a bit of a challenge. Slicing chicken can be an annoying task if your knife is dull, making it feel impossible to get a smooth, clean cut. Or, maybe you don't even have a quality knife that's "cut out" for cubing chicken in the first place. Whichever the case, there is an easier way to get this duty done. It's time to open the drawer and grab your pizza cutter.  

Southern Living says a pizza cutter is a versatile tool to use in the kitchen, which helps make cubing boneless chicken breast a breeze. Why struggle to use a knife to cut your raw chicken when you could roll a pizza cutter through and get a perfect, clean cut in the process? With a pizza cutter, you get these neat and tidy cuts easily and with minimal effort.

Cut cookie dough like a pro

Homemade cookies are simply the best. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh-baked cookies and the first bite of that warm, gooey deliciousness? Our love of desserts is well documented, and we're going to bet you love that first bite of a cookie, too. We know that making cookies at home takes some time, but it's also completely worth it. Using a pizza cutter to slice through the cookie dough is an easy hack that makes home baking even simpler than one might expect. 

Take our easy lemon shortbread cookie recipe as an example. Here, you can swap out a crinkle cutting tool with a pizza cutter to achieve pristine and precise slices of your dough. Those cookies will come out looking their best while tasting delicious. And, you can get it all done easily without the hassle of trying to cut through dough and ripping it along the way. This helpful tool does it all for you without fail. 

Make perfectly even fudge

We appreciate fudge for so many different reasons. Not only is it a delicious dessert (or a "just because" midday sweet treat), but it can also look nice when made correctly. There are plenty of ways you can create fudge, from simple chocolate with nuts to something more fancy-looking, like a marble-topped treat. Whichever you choose, the key to having a presentable piece of fudge is all in the way you cut it. A pizza cutter will give you that perfect cut each time, which is why this is one of our absolute favorite uses for the tool.

According to Chic n' Savvy, using a pizza cutter to cut your fudge will ensure each square is even with clean sides. But there is a trick to it. Before you start cutting, be sure to chill the fudge so it's properly molded. Otherwise, your fudge might crumble when the blade slices through.