Cottage Cheese Cinnamon Toast Gets Even Better With A Quick Torch

Here's another way to elevate a recent social media food hack that truly delivers: adding cottage cheese to your cinnamon toast or French toast, then torching the top for a crème brûlée-inspired finish. For breakfast, brunch, or as a fun, quick snack, you'll get a revolutionized toast infused with protein and a fun, delightful contrast of textures and flavors. The concept is simple yet ingenious. 

First, blend or whip tangy and high-protein cottage cheese with sweetener and spices, if desired, until it's smooth, and spread it over your toast. You can blend the cottage cheese in a blender, using an immersion blender, or in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. For those who enjoy the unique texture of cottage cheese, feel free to skip the blending step, though this will result in a less smooth appearance. 

Once spread over the toast, sprinkle an even layer of granulated sugar over the cottage cheese. Then, torch the top of the cottage cheese and watch as the sugar bubbles, melts, and caramelizes, creating a crisp, golden crust akin to the famed crème brûlée. Now, breakfast is a gourmet experience. Each bite is a beautiful fusion of warm toast, creamy, tangy, sweet cottage cheese, and a crunchy, sugary top.

How to craft and customize the perfect crème brûlée cottage cheese French toast

The secret to exceptional crème brûlée French toast lies in the details, starting with the choice of bread. Opt for thicker slices like brioche or challah, which not only absorb the egg mixture well but also provide a sturdy base for the cottage cheese topping. Of course, you can also go Hong Kong toast style and use milk bread instead. 

Prepare your French toast in your favorite way, ensuring it's cooked to a light golden brown, offering a soft, custardy interior. Consider the final touches once your French toast is ready and topped with the creamy and torched cottage cheese. Syrup and fruit pairings can elevate this dish even further. 

Drizzle with maple syrup or honey for a classic sweet addition, or try a fruit compote or fresh berries for a more sophisticated twist. The fruit's natural tartness and sweetness complement the cottage cheese's tanginess and the toast's richness. A dusting of matcha also works for those who'd like to add an earthiness to balance all the sweetness. For an extra layer of flavor and texture, sprinkle toasted nuts, seeds, or chocolates over the top, and enjoy!