Sautéed Apples Lend A Fresh Sweetness To Pan-Fried Chicken Cutlets

Pan-frying chicken cutlets is an effortless and delicious way to use poultry, but most of us can probably agree that the dish can get a little boring after cooking it so many times. You can mix it up and skip the breadcrumbs in favor of a light flour mixture on the cutlets, which gives you the ability to experiment with different sauces and additional ingredients. There are many different ways that you can elevate these pan-fried chicken cutlets, such as adding sautéed apples for fresh and sweet flavors.

For some culinary inspiration, we turned to our original recipe for apple chicken skillet with mustard cream created by Tasting Table recipe developer Jennine Rye. In this recipe, Rye pairs pan-fried chicken cutlets with thinly sliced apples and a mustard cream with Dijon, shallots, spices like paprika, and herbs like dried thyme. This sauce is a tangy complement to the sweetness of the apples. But perhaps best of all, you can use one pan for this recipe — and mix it up with a variety of different seasonings, sauces, and additional ingredients.

Delicious variations of chicken cutlets with apples

If you like the idea of pairing chicken with apples but aren't a fan of Dijon mustard, we have some other ideas for the dish. You can add a spoonful of honey to temper the pungent Dijon, making a honey mustard-esque cream sauce with sweet and tangy flavors. Maple syrup also pairs well with apples, so add a bit of this if you want to lean into seasonal flavors and add a bit more sweetness. You can also swap the Dijon for spicy brown mustard or bottled honey mustard for milder flavors. 

Sliced onions are an ideal ingredient to add to the cream sauce with the apples because, as the onions caramelize, they turn slightly sweet and soft to complement the crunch of the sautéed apples. Apple cider is another way to infuse the cream with more apple flavor while fresh herbs like rosemary sprigs also pair well with the other ingredients. 

You can finely chop some rosemary leaves, or put the sprigs in the pan, then remove them when it's time to serve. To switch up the seasonings, swap paprika for a smoked variety for smokiness, or use a dash of cayenne pepper or red chili flakes for some heat. Our final suggestion is to make a chicken fricassee-style dish with sliced apples in the creamy sauce for a sweet and savory meal.