Swap Out Black Pepper For Cayenne To Give Cheddar Biscuits A Kick Of Heat

Fluffy and comforting, cheddar biscuits are a staple side for any time of day. It's easy to anticipate what the classic tastes like when biting into its flaky flesh — buttery, with a savory hint of cheese. However, swapping black pepper for cayenne brings some unexpected heat to the beloved biscuits.

It's hard to mess with perfection; yet, opting for cayenne instead of black pepper isn't tampering. It's more of an enhancement for people who prefer some spiciness. In her tender, fluffy cream cheese cheddar biscuit dish, Tasting Table recipe developer Katie Rosenhouse suggests choosing cayenne over black pepper "if you'd prefer a little more heat." The minor switch infuses the rich cheddar with an earthy kick that's instantly soothed by sweet cream cheese.

Cayenne is a no-brainer pair for cheddar, but it's also phenomenal when paired with pepper jack or parmesan. Test them out in a different format and use cayenne with cheesy drop biscuits or scones. Enjoy them with tomato soup, Brussels sprouts, or on their own.

Eat cayenne cheddar biscuits with these recipes

Start your morning with a fiery kick by using these biscuits to make a breakfast sandwich. Whether you choose a sausage patty, slices of candied bacon, or vegan chicken in between the slices of buttery biscuit, a piece of protein and scrambled eggs is enough for this spicy delight. With chopped chives in Rosenhouse's biscuits delivering an herbaceous bite, we can't think of a better way to begin the day.

Who says biscuits are only for breakfast? Wrap up your night by serving spicy cheddar biscuits alongside turkey and butternut squash chili. A steaming bowl of sweet, peppery chili invites you to swirl a chunk of biscuit in it for the ultimate comfort meal. Plus, the chili contains its own heat from the red pepper flakes and chili powder, making it a spice lover's dream.

Cheddar biscuits and lobster are also an iconic pair. Serve the cayenne cheddar biscuits with this rich and creamy lobster bisque for a dish that's soothing, luxurious, and fiery. Flaky biscuits and smooth bisque, both as buttery as the other, create a gourmet experience like no other.