19 Best Restaurants For Scrambled Eggs In NYC

Whether it's bacon, egg, and cheese from a bodega or a diner-style plate with all the sides, New York City loves its eggs. Though there are many ways to cook eggs, we'd argue the fluffiest scrambled eggs just can't be beaten. And we're sharing some of the best restaurants for scrambled eggs in New York City to add to your bucket list.

Egg consumption is on the rise in the United States, and not just because they taste delicious with toast and coffee. The breakfast food is loaded with nutrients to kickstart your day, like vitamin A, B vitamins, protein, choline, and more. I chose these spots based on my experience living in New York City for over four years and other customer reviews. As a bonus, many of these best restaurants for scrambled eggs also offer fun twists, like burritos, tofu scrambles, steamed eggs, and more, so let's take a look.

1. Community Food & Juice

This Upper West Side spot serves breakfast every day and is a favorite for Columbia University students after a night out. Enjoy two scrambled eggs with Heritage maple sugar-cured ham, carrot hash browns, and a whole wheat buttermilk biscuit as part of the country breakfast plate. Or, diners can order two eggs scrambled on the side of any dish — meaning you can have French toast and your eggs, too.

For something unique, the biscuit sandwich is an essential breakfast delight. Each housemade buttermilk biscuit is stacked with soft scrambled eggs, Vermont Cabot cheddar, and housemade chicken apple sausage and served with carrot hash browns and spicy tomato jam. Plus, if you're dining with plant-based friends, they can order the veggie-packed vegetarian egg white scramble or the vegan tofu scramble. The line can get long, and Community Food & Juice doesn't take reservations, but online orders are a great option in a pinch.


(212) 665-2800

2893 Broadway, New York, New York 10025

2. Buvette

Buvette is a historic West Village spot serving French-inspired favorites with ingredients sourced locally. Alongside buttery pastries, cheesy croques, unique drinks, and specialty cheeses and meats, diners will find a twist on scrambled eggs that is sure to please. Buvette's steamed eggs yield ultra-creamy curds that are lighter and fluffier than traditional scrambled eggs and are sure to please even the pickiest egg eater.

The steamed eggs are served for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch and plated over freshly toasted bread with a variety of toppings. Meat lovers can choose the Jambon Cru topped with delicate prosciutto and shaved Parmesan, while seafood fanatics can opt for the Saumon Fumé with smoked salmon and créme fraîche. For something vegetarian-friendly, the Chèvre toast has a creamy scoop of goat cheese, juicy sundried cherry tomatoes, and capers piled high. Buvette is walk-in only, so expect a wait during busy times.


(212) 255-3590

42 Grove Street, New York, New York 10014

3. Reunion

The bright and airy Israeli cafe has a cozy dining room and a large outdoor patio area to enjoy Middle Eastern favorites like Shakshuka, Schnitzel, and hummus. New Yorkers are usually first drawn to Reunion for the breakfast platter. Guests can choose either salad or potatoes and get a plate full of two scrambled eggs, creamy labneh, and a homemade Jerusalem bagel.

But regulars know the real showstoppers on the menu are Reunion's twist on classic dishes. Among a deconstructed Sabich sandwich in bowl form and the New Age Baba, a roasted eggplant plated with sauces inspired by Baba Ghanoush, diners will find the breakfast pita. Bite into a fluffy homemade pita filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, feta, and harissa aioli for Reunion's play on a classic bacon egg and cheese that's perfect for scrambled egg aficionados.


(718) 599-3670

544 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11211

4. Hutch and Waldo

With two locations on the Upper East Side and Gramercy Park and a third on the way in Battery Park City, Hutch and Waldo is quickly becoming a go-to spot for New Yorkers. The Australian-inspired coffee shop serves breakfast and lunch favorites on the go, with scrambled eggs taking center stage in many breakfast sandwiches and bowls.

The breakfast burrito, arguably one of the best in the city, packs scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa, beans, and crispy tater tots in a soft tortilla. Another crowd-pleaser is the fresh ciabatta slathered in chipotle mayo and Hutch roasted tomato chutney with scrambled eggs, baby kale, and onion jam in the brekkie sando. For a simpler pick, guests can choose from multiple breakfast bowl options of scrambled eggs plated alongside a variety of cheeses, breads, meats, vegetables, and sauces, like the scramble bowl, nude bowl, scrambled eggs on toast, and big Aussie.


Multiple locations

5. Friend of a Farmer

Country-style pancakes are often the star at Friend of a Farmer's two locations in Gramercy Park and the Upper West Side, and the Boomer Special ensures you can enjoy the fluffy flapjacks alongside buttery scrambled eggs. Each order comes with a choice of French toast or buttermilk, blueberry, apple, or pumpkin pancakes, scrambled eggs, and a choice of meat or smoked salmon.

While dining inside the restaurant's cozy farmhouse-style space, you can also order one of the egg skillets served with homefries and featuring a variety of mix-ins. If you can't decide, the Working Farmer includes a variety of meats, vegetables, and cheeses for a little bit of everything. Another great option is the Southwestern twist on scrambled eggs — a tortilla filled with cheesy eggs, sour cream, and guacamole. Lines can get long, so it's best to make a reservation in advance.


Multiple locations

6. Veselka

One of Anthony Bourdain's favorite spots to eat and drink in New York City is also an excellent establishment for some scrambled eggs. The flagship location in the East Village is an institution, but you can grab Ukranian bites on-the-go in Grand Central Terminal or in Brooklyn at Essex Market, and, soon, Williamsburg. Beyond Ukrainian specialties like pierogies, borscht, cabbage rolls, latkes, and blintzes, you can get scrambled eggs, served all day long.

For a basic breakfast, Veselka offers a platter of two scrambled eggs with kasha, potato pancake, or tomato and challah bread or toast. Or, opt for the homemade corned beef hash with two scrambled eggs. If you want your scrambled eggs and pierogies, too, Veselka offers a breakfast special with both and a side of meat and salad. Perhaps the most unique dish, though, is the brunch pierogi — a bacon, egg, cheese, and potato-stuffed dumpling.


Multiple locations

7. The Smith

The Smith is a breakfast and brunch favorite for families, large groups, and celebrations. Stop by one of its four locations — NOMAD, Lincoln Square, Midtown, or East Village — for elevated comfort classics that always hit your cravings, like pancakes, Benedicts, French toast, and a fantastic raw bar.

On weekdays, order a plate of the Ranchero Scramble topped with all of your Mexican-inspired favorite flavors like beans, avocado, cheese, salsa verde, and jalapeños. For weekend brunch, the iconic smoked salmon toast is a must-order. The crispy brioche toast is elegantly layered with salmon caviar, scallion cream cheese, and everything spice for an Instagram-worthy dish. If you're looking for something more straightforward, order any of the four steak and egg combinations, and request the eggs served scrambled instead of sunny side up.


Multiple locations

8. ComfortLand

Served from a window in a tiny Astoria establishment, diners can order all-day breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Between loaded breakfast burritos and tacos and a dupe on the McDonald's favorite called the McGruffin Biscuit Sandwich, ComfortLand has everything a scrambled egg lover craves.

The bacon, egg, and cheese with a coffee deal for only $8 is a true steal, but if you're willing to spend a couple of extra bucks, we recommend the chicken biscuit sandwich that'll fill you up for the day. The sandwich features perfectly fried chicken, crispy bacon, gooey American cheese, a fluffy egg, and sauces. And be sure to check the specials list for a rotating selection of sandwiches and bring your plant-based friends to try the vegan options using Old Bay tofu scramble.


(347) 642-9932

4009 30th Avenue, Queens, New York 11103

9. Bogota Latin Bistro

Latin food lovers flock to this Brooklyn-based Columbian spot. After ordering the stellar boozy brunch deal and starting off with some signature empanadas, try one of the brunch specialties. If you've ever had traditional migas before, the Migas de Arepa is an innovative twist scrambled with white arepa and Columbian chorizo with a side of guacamole, tostones, and garlic sauce.

Guests can also choose from one of two breakfast platters, the Colombian or Latin breakfast, including scrambled eggs with South American-inspired additions, like calentado, a rice dish made with beans, pork, and tomatoes, arepas, queso blanco, maduros, and more. Other scrambled selections include breakfast tacos, egg nachos, and steak and eggs. Plus, diners can swap in a tofu scramble if looking for a plant-based option.


(718) 230-3805

141 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11217

10. Mom's Kitchen & Bar

The Astoria and Midtown locations of Mom's Kitchen and Bar are well known for a bar full of crazy shakes and cocktail slushies, a comfort classics menu with some of the best macaroni and cheese in New York, and all-day brunch favorites. Though you can order two scrambled eggs alongside any dish, there are a few must-try items on the menu.

The Pancake Burrito is perhaps the most epic menu item and requires a pretty strong stomach. All of your favorite breakfast foods, like scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese, are wrapped burrito-style in a pancake and topped with maple syrup and crispy bacon. For some lighter options, order the breakfast sandwich served on a toasted everything bagel or the Gymbod Breakfast with egg whites, turkey bacon, avocado, spinach, and 12-grain toast.


Multiple locations

11. Court Street Grocers

Across four locations in Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, Williamsburg, and Greenwich Village, Court Street Grocers serves Italian-inspired sandwiches at the old-school counter with fun names, like Ollieflower, Droopy, The Jawn, and SPF 2000. The shop is massively popular for favorites like the best roast beef sandwiches in New York and a transcendent tuna cranberry sandwich New Yorkers love. But locals know to stop by for breakfast, too.

Court Street Grocer's serves up five breakfast sandwich selections, available all day. Each sandwich includes classic soft scrambled eggs and cheese with variations that include arugula, bacon, chorizo, salsa verde, smoked sausage, or Taylor ham. So, whether you like your scrambled eggs meaty, cheesy, veggie-packed, saucy, or simple, there's a breakfast sandwich for you.


Multiple locations

12. Chocobar Cortes

The Puerto Rican restaurant serves traditional dishes alongside its famous hot chocolate and coffee in the South Bronx. But what better dish to dig into alongside Coquito hot chocolate, Moctezuma chili hot chocolate, frozen hot chocolate, and spiked hot chocolates than scrambled eggs?

If you love a solid breakfast sampler, try the Huevos, Mangu, y Chorizo with eggs, mashed plantains, Spanish chorizo, and onions. If eggs, pancakes, meat, fruit, and toast feel like a better fit, opt for the huge breakfast platter. Other options include the breakfast veggie wrap with optional meat additions, the vanilla-chocolate waffles with a side of scrambled eggs and bacon, or the Puerto Rican-style egg, ham, and cheese served on Mallorca bread.


(718) 841-9310

141 Alexander Avenue, South Bronx, New York, 10454

13. Golden Diner

This Asian-inspired restaurant serves New York diner classic breakfast dishes all day — with a unique twist. Sit up at the counter and sip on a large array of cocktails infused with Korean spirits while digging into plates of the popular honey butter pancakes, green tea coffee cake, lemongrass avocado toast, chicken katsu club, and kimchi tomato soup.

And while you can add two eggs or a tofu scramble to any dish on the menu, the Chinatown egg and cheese sando is a staple for scrambled egg gurus. This dish includes eggs, American cheese, and a hashbrown patty sandwiched between a freshly made scallion milk bun. The two eggs platter and breakfast burrito also offer great classics, and each has the option to make it vegan for plant-based diners.


(917) 472-7800

123 Madison Street, New York, New York 10002

14. Sarabeth's

This New York institution serves breakfast and brunch favorites at the Upper West Side, Central Park South, Park Avenue South, and Tribeca locations to tourists and locals alike. No breakfast at Sarabeth's is complete without the platter of two eggs any style served with sausage or bacon and the iconic preserves with a choice of muffin, scone, or toast.

The popovers are also a must-try for scrambled egg lovers. The freshly baked rolls are topped with eggs and delicious additions like wild mushroom, truffle oil, and Borsin cheese or smoked salmon and cream cheese. And, of course, you can order any of the delicious veggie, cheese, and meat omelets as a scramble, too. Reservations are recommended, as the lines can get long.


Multiple locations

15. The KOVA

This cozy Staten Island all-day cafe boasts a menu full of decadent coffee drinks, hearty sandwiches, and breakfast staples. Guests can enjoy any of the pancakes, French toast, or Belgian waffle plates with an extra side of eggs for a full breakfast.

The ultimate KOVA breakfast has everything you'd want to start the day — eggs, Canadian bacon, salad, grilled tomatoes, dressing, and toast. Or, order one of the three veggie omelets as a scramble and enjoy it alongside the complimentary home fries, or add a variety of veggies, meats, cheeses, or smoked salmon to any dish to make it your own. The space is small, so plan to wait for a table, dine solo, or take your food to-go.


(646) 577-5500

1775B Richmond Road, Staten Island, New York 10306

16. Tom's Restaurant

After a morning roaming the Brooklyn Museum or Botanic Garden, stop by Tom's Restaurant. The bright space is a true old-school New York diner, complete with counter seating, booths, and classic delights like egg creams and fluffy pancakes. The lines can get long, but takeout is always an option, and staff are known for divvying up free bites to patient patrons.

The best option at Tom's is to choose one of the "eggceptional combinations." Diners can order scrambled eggs alongside steak, chicken cutlets, pastrami, crab cakes, meatloaf, and more, or try the special two-by-two combo to try the well-known pancakes alongside some scrambled eggs and meat. Of course, an extra side of eggs is available for order alongside any dish on the menu.


(718) 636-9738

782 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11238

17. Egg Shop

Specializing in eggs, the Williamsburg and Nolita locations of this one-stop shop have everything scrambled eggs lovers are looking for. The cocktails are elite (especially the Pretty Woman, which features egg whites), but the sandwiches, burritos, and plates are what people line up for.

Start with the Egg Shop's take on bacon (or avocado or sausage), egg, and cheese, and then move on to some of the more unique takes on scrambled eggs. The ricotta scramble is possibly the most iconic sandwich that has extra creamy, cheesy eggs and fresh pops of chili flakes and chives. Breakfast burrito lovers will adore the El Captain burrito and the Pepper Boy sandwich is essential for anyone who craves bold flavors, like pepper bacon, gruyere, and caramelized onion aioli.


Multiple locations

18. Peaches

Inspired by Chef Marietta Cade's Southern upbringing, Peaches celebrates Southern cuisine with all-day brunch delights in the heart of Crown Heights. Beyond Southern classics like shrimp po'boys, smoked chicken and sausage gumbo, shrimp and grits, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese, Peaches offers an array of scrambled egg options.

The two eggs, any style is a simple platter with toast and the spot's grits, with the option to swap in brunch potatoes if grits aren't quite your thing (but most regulars would argue they're a must-try). For a larger way to start your day, add a side of French toast and bacon in the Jim Cade Breakfast or the steak and eggs breakfast made just the way you like.


(718) 942-4162

393 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11233

19. Cheryl's Global Soul (Prospect Heights)

Food Network star Chef Cheryl runs this little cafe serving up soul food in Prospect Heights. And while Cheryl's Jerk wings, fried fish and chicken sandwiches, globally-inspired bowls, and regular live jazz shows keep customers filling tables at night, the breakfast options are equally as impressive.

One of the best parts about Cheryl's is the endless options to customize your dishes. Order a side of two eggs with any of Cheryl's well-known bites — like pancakes and crispy fried chicken or brioche French toast. Or try the breakfast sandwich with the option to create your own scrambled eggs with additional add-ons, like bacon, mushrooms, or tomatoes. The three eggs your way is a great option for someone looking to enjoy the basics with meat, toast, and home fries.


(347) 529-2855

236 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11238