The NYC Chicken Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich That'll Fill You Up For The Day

New York City is famed as a metropolitan foodie's Eighth Wonder of the World, and some might say it's because of the restaurants. Indeed, NYC is home to a whopping 465 eateries recognized by Michelin Guide in 2022. But locals know NYC's global gastronomic fame is truly thanks to the bodegas. How many mornings have you thrown on a coat, dragged yourself to the corner bodega, and shouted "Baconeggandcheese!" across the deli counter? Every time, there's a hot sandwich with your name on it — and, often, it's a killer bite.

So, what happens when you combine the elevation of a brick-and-mortar restaurant with all the comfort of your favorite local breakfast sammy bodega? That's exactly what's happening at Comfortland in Astoria, Queens — except its sandwiches put bacon egg and cheese on a bagel to shame. Comfortland describes itself as "No-Holds Barred Comfort Food," and it's a fitting moniker. The restaurant's Instagram is filled with photos of towering sandwiches and other reimagined comfort foods, like the Space Cowboy burger with bacon and onion rings and the Freaky Friday: a Big Mac-style sandwich double-stacked with fried chicken cutlets. (It's like a foot tall.) But today, we're talking about one particular item in Comfortland's oeuvre. Here's the NYC breakfast sandwich that'll fill you up for the day.

The Chicken Biscuit Buddy is your new daily-rider

Introducing: the Chicken Biscuit Buddy, the BEC's cooler older brother. It's stacked with fried chicken, bacon, egg, American cheese, maple tabasco, and chipotle aioli, all for $13. Most of Comfortland's sandwiches fall in the $10-$14 range. Plant-based eaters, don't despair: Comfortland has a stacked vegan menu, too. If you go on down to 30th Ave., you can also get your hands on one of the milkshakes in the restaurant's massive lineup or check out its full bakery that cranks out donuts, cakes, and pies.

Last week, NYC food and lifestyle Instagrammer Nicolas Heller (aka @newyorknico) made a reel about Comfortland's Chicken Biscuit Buddy, "the new breakfast sandwich for New York," and fans have already taken to the comments section to express their awe. Celebrations include, "Need, "Yes x100," and "Astoria we upppp." Many of the comments mention the gastronomic athleticism that finishing this sandwich would require. One person said they're planning to try the Chicken Biscuit Buddy on a Sunday when they have "nothing to do all day." Another fan writes, "Here for a good time, not a long time." But, for foodies up to the challenge, Comfortland is delivering an ideal opportunity to flex your culinary muscle — and there's a good chance it'll be very worth the effort.