The 18 Best Spots For Macaroni & Cheese In NYC

Mac and cheese is one of the most nostalgic and classic comfort foods known to man. Between its creamy texture and cheesy flavor, mac and cheese is the ultimate side dish. However, while standard boxed options from the likes of Kraft macaroni and cheese are ideal for making at home, several notable New York City restaurants have put an upscale spin on the simple kid-friendly meal. From truffle-infused sauces to toasted breadcrumb toppings, the NYC restaurant scene has taken mac and cheese to the next level.

Whether you're ordering it as an appetizer, side dish, or main course, finding a solid dish is an exciting discovery on any menu. Classy seafood joints and steak houses have even been known to add proteins like lobster or crab to the beloved pasta, proving that the possibilities are endless. That said, we've rounded up the 18 best spots for macaroni and cheese in New York City!


Located in a charming corner shop in the heart of Manhattan's East Village, S'MAC is a one-of-a-kind, casual spot specializing in variations of macaroni and cheese. Chef, owner, and "Chopped" champion Sarita Ekya opened this local favorite in 2006 with a mission to transform mac and cheese from a classic side dish to a beautifully executed main course. Each element of the mac and cheese experience at S'MAC is made in-house and cooked fresh daily, ensuring quality and flavor across the board.

There are several varieties and add-ins to enjoy with the macaroni and cheese at S'MAC, some of which might just catch you by surprise. Patrons are able to build their own creations and choose their bowl size, up to two kinds of cheese from the list of 15 options, add in some herbs, proteins, veggies, or condiments, and top with optional breadcrumbs. Alternatively, choose from one of Chef Sarita's signature creations ranging from the classic All American to more unique takes like the spicy Cajun or Masala mac!

Murray's Cheese

Murray's Cheese is the ultimate one-stop shop for New York City cheese lovers. The impressive Greenwich Village storefront has expanded from its original cheese shop model to include two delicious restaurants. Murray's also offers fun cheese tasting and pairing experiences as well as cheese-making classes along with other cheese-centric events.

If you catch a craving for a gourmet take on mac and cheese, head over to the fast-casual Murray's Mac and Cheese pop-up restaurant in the West Village. Executive chef David Elkins has created a menu designed to highlight not only the most popular cheeses that Murray's has to offer but also high-quality Sfoglini pasta and other ingredients in his gourmet creations. The classic mac keeps things simple with a perfectly balanced blend of secret Murray's cheeses. Check out the French onion mac for an inspired combination of two cheese-forward favorites made with gruyere, fontina, bacon, and caramelized onions.


Since its opening in 1982, Shopsins has become a popular brunch joint for locals in the Essex Street Market area on the Lower East Side. This diner meets old-school general store boasts a unique and vintage New York City-style charm, fusing flavors and ideas from across the world in everything from the decor to the business model to the menu.

Each dish at Shopsins takes every typical expectation and turns it on its head. While the menu features both traditional and spicy mac and cheese as wonderful side dishes, they make the perfect accompaniment to the more innovative mains. The collection of Slutty Stuffed Pancakes steals the show, featuring pancake pockets that are stuffed with house-made mac and cheese. Other breakfast staples include fried eggs, bacon, chorizo, hatch chilis, and more. You can also make the dish vegetarian-friendly by removing the bacon and substituting the chorizo with veggie sausage.


Looking to cure your craving for mac and cheese while dining in Brooklyn? MacShack is another solid spot dedicated entirely to the art of macaroni and cheese. Sourcing most of the ingredients from local vendors, one of the things that make MacShack stand out is the dedication to high-quality and fresh ingredients in each dish. Whether you're ordering a classic staple or seasonal creation, freshness is a top priority.

The menu at MacShack is pretty diverse yet consistently cheesy. The crowd-pleasing fried mac and cheese balls make for the perfect appetizer. It is best described as a breaded and crispy bite-sized version of the classic MacShack mac and cheese. When it comes to entrees, the options are almost limitless. Check out the seafood lovers' mac and cheese for an elevated combination of salmon, shrimp, lobster, Monterey jack, and gouda cheese. MacShack even offers vegan and gluten-free variations of the most popular dishes, ensuring every guest is able to enjoy something on the menu.


Schnipper's is a family-owned and operated all-American restaurant that was founded in 2009. Since opening, it has expanded with locations in Times Square and Midtown East and also has two new takeout and delivery locations opening in the near future. The menu showcases an array of American favorites, such as the rich and hearty Sloppy Joe, bold burgers, salads, and of course, macaroni and cheese.

At Schnipper's, the food is no-nonsense and undeniably crave-worthy. The Super Creamy Mac and Cheese is an easy-to-love dish that the entire group will want a bite of. The traditional elbow-shaped noodles are coated in a generous amount of cheddar-based sauce that gives a whole new meaning to creamy. For the full Schnipper's experience, patrons can order the Mac and Joe which is a unique creation that fuses the signature Sloppy Joe sandwich (minus the bun) with the super creamy mac. This all-American classic allows diners to relish in the bold flavors of Shnipper's without having to choose between two of the most popular menu items offered.

Earl's Beer and Cheese

Within the undeniably luxurious Upper East Side lies Earl's Beer and Cheese, a world-renowned bar and restaurant that is both cozy and casual. Most known for its unique menu items and critically-acclaimed craft beer, there is no better place to stop for an ice-cold brew and piping hot macaroni and cheese than Earl's Beer and Cheese. Earl's is a solid spot to visit during any time of day, serving the full menu until 11 p.m. daily, as well as an impressive brunch menu that has been ranked as one of the best brunches in New York City.

The mac and cheese at Earl's is an exciting departure from the classic elbow noodle and yellow cheddar sauce. This elevated take features giant rigatoni noodles tossed in rich and herbaceous goat cheese and rosemary sauce. Pair with one of the signature beers for a picturesque meal at the bar.

Heidi's House

Since opening in 2011, Heidi's House By The Side Of The Road has been a local hotspot for good food, good drink, and good company on the Upper East Side. Owned by a couple Heidi and Ed, this small yet mighty bar exemplifies the best elements of any locally owned and operated spot. The service is attentive, the drinks are flowing, and the food has been mastered. The ambiance is a refreshing contrast from the typical bustling sports bar as Heidi's House replaces big-screen televisions with jazz music and social vibes.

The chef-driven menu created by chef Cipriano Pita offers an array of elevated dishes in addition to an impressive craft beer, cider, and wine collection. The mac and cheese at Heidi's house is hot and fresh out of the oven with a broiled layer of cheese every time. Allow 25 minutes for this delicious dish to be cooked since it is handmade from scratch. Rest easy knowing that the wait is well worth it.

Cheese Grille

As the name suggests, Cheese Grille is the place to be when craving virtually any kind of cheese-forward dish. This Lower East Side spot is owned and run by acclaimed chef and cheese fanatic, Tia Keenan, who takes great pride in her menu creations. Sourcing local and artisan ingredients also plays a huge role in the quality of each recipe. Since Cheese Grille is open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, it is the perfect spot to grab a bite with friends at the end of a night out when out on the town!

With such a passion for cheese, it comes as no surprise that the mac and cheese at Cheese Grille is so popular. Each of the six mac variations is dynamic, full of seasoning, and of course, loaded with high-quality cheese. Check out the Mac and Cheese Garden Melt, which is an inspired combination of freshly cooked elbow pasta with chevré, Asiago, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and basil, then topped with buttered bread crumbs.

Thursday Kitchen

With a mission to pull delicious food from across the globe into a cohesive menu, chef and owner Kyungmin Kay Hyun has created an innovative tapas-style menu at Thursday Kitchen. Chef Hyun expertly fuses her South Korean background with her classical French training and throws in a passion for Spanish-inspired food to create a dynamic dining experience that knows no bounds at this East Village hot spot.

The tapas-style menu allows guests to mix and match a variety of dishes to share, ensuring maximum exploration of flavor in a single visit. The mac and cheese is baked and made with pasta in a rich combination of white cheese and truffle oil. The crispy crust atop a creamy and rich sauce results in the ultimate contrast of textures. The sauce is also finished off with broccoli and micro basil, giving the dish just the right amount of herby flavor.


Launched in 2012 by chef and creator Dom Tesoriero, MacTruck has evolved from a refurbished pizza truck in Upstate New York to one of the most popular food trucks in all of New York City. With a background in fine dining, Tesoriero works to bring restaurant-quality pasta and cheese to the streets of the city, creating a unique and accessible food experience. MacTruck now operates three state-of-the-art mac and cheese trucks across the city and serves some of the city's most exciting events including the Governors Ball, NYC Comic Con, AfroPunk, and more.

Although the menu changes often, there are always countless mac and cheese options available on the MacTruck for diners to enjoy. You can't go wrong with the classic, which combines elbow macaroni tossed in a creamy cheddar sauce and baked to perfection. The BBQ pulled pork is another favorite, topping the classic base with smoky and sweet pulled pork shoulder.

Mom's Kitchen and Bar

Mom's Kitchen and Bar is a lively neighborhood joint perfectly designed to gather and enjoy drinks, bites, and exciting community events. With ample space for large groups of friends to gather, a full bar and bar-top seating available, and an exciting all-American brunch menu available all day, Mom's Kitchen and Bar is a vibrant hub for diners. There are two locations, with one in Midtown and the other in Astoria.

Unlike most restaurants, there is more than one way to enjoy mac and cheese at Mom's. Of course, the side of classic mac and cheese is consistent and reliable. The side dish is $8, as of publication, and is served in a piping-hot skillet filled with elbow macaroni, a cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, and parsley. For something a little more exciting, check out the mac and cheese pancakes served with a spicy and sweet Cholula honey and a house-made béchamel sauce.


With eight locations across New York City, a delicious bowl of mac and cheese from Westville is never out of reach. This health-conscious menu features an impressive range of items from quick takeout salad lunches to delicious sit-down dinner plates. There is even a full bar serving a list of signature cocktails, wine, and beer. The happy hour available from 5 to 7 p.m. at Westville is ideal for diners seeking quality food and beverage at prices that are almost unheard of anywhere else in the city. Where else can you get an cocktail and bites to match for such a low price?

No visit to any Westville location would be complete without ordering the smoky mac and cheese. The Cellentani (spiral-shaped) noodles are mixed with a blend of gourmet cheeses before being baked in the oven. This creates a thin crust layer on top that gives way to a photo-worthy cheese pull once you break into the gooey inside.

Boulton & Watt

Boulton & Watt is a stylish spot for both food and drinks on the East Side of Manhattan. With a sizable bar top seating area as well as ample table seating in the spacious dining room with a beautiful brick wall interior, Boulton & Watt is a great place to grab a drink or a bite with friends. The outdoor patio is just as charming as the interior, featuring sweeping string lights and colorful tables.

Regardless of where you end up sitting, the menu is the star of the show at Boulton & Watt. From a wildly popular weekend brunch to a more elevated dinner menu, the food and drink caters to a wide variety of tastes. Thankfully, the mac and cheese is available on every Boulton & Watt menu, and it is a must-try for any cheese lover. The sauce is a rich and creamy blend of cheddar, gouda, and pecorino, and is topped with generously seasoned garlic breadcrumbs.

Elite Williamsburg

Elite Williamsburg is much more than a traditional bar or restaurant. This lively Brooklyn spot is a dynamic and exciting hybrid of delicious food, one-of-a-kind cocktails, and a vibrant hub for nightlife. In addition to the standard restaurant dining area, there is also a lounge area that is both stylish and moody. However, the special Igloo Bubble dining experience on the roof is where diners can enjoy sweeping city views from the warmth and privacy of a personal igloo-like shelter from the elements!

Whether you are cozying up in one of these unique spaces or just looking for a bite to pair with one of Elite's signature carved watermelon cocktails, an order of mac and cheese for the table is a must. The three-cheese combo coats the spiral noodles for a rich and satisfying bite. With options to add lobster or spicy cajun fried chicken, there is a drool-worthy mac and cheese option for every occasion at Elite Williamsburg.

Parker & Quinn

Located inside the beautiful Refinery Hotel, just steps away from the famed Bryant Park, Parker & Quinn is serving up rustic yet refined American dishes with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. With a mission to reflect the timeless nature of New York City, both the menu and the decor include homages to the rich history of the old factory building, as well as contemporary influences that highlight the character of the current hotel and its guests.

Parker & Quinn is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks daily. The noteworthy mac and cheese is available at both lunch and dinner and is a beautifully balanced dish that is perfect to share as an appetizer. That said, it is a decent portion and can also be enjoyed on its own. The shell-shaped pasta is coated with a blend of Grafton cheddar, taleggio, and gruyère and is topped with buttered crumbs, resulting in a blistered and crisp top.


Since 2004, Freemans Restaurant has been serving simple, rustic American food in a colonial-inspired tavern at the end of a quiet and unassuming alley. With both food and drink menus that change seasonally, there is always something new and locally-sourced to try. From decadent entrees to delicate small bites, the quality of ingredients shines in every dish. Luckily for cheese-loving diners, the mac and cheese can be found on the menu year-round and is available to enjoy on both the daily brunch and dinner menus.

The macaroni and cheese at Freeman's offers a blend of five gourmet variations of cheese and is baked to a charred crisp on top before being served in a small cast iron skillet straight out of the oven. The long bar list features over a dozen hand-crafted signature cocktails, vintage wines that are available both by the glass and the bottle, craft beer, and other refreshing libations.

Cask Bar & Kitchen

Situated in the heart of Murray Hill, Cask Bar & Kitchen serves new American cuisine in a rustic and weathered setting. The menu features everything from refreshing salads to classic burgers and sandwiches. Though the menu is on the smaller side, there is something for every kind of craving or diet, including vegetarian options. One of the more popular vegetarian small plates is none other than the mac and cheese which can be ordered as a shareable appetizer or side dish for $15, at the time of publication.

The mac and cheese at Cask Bar & Kitchen is made with a classic cheddar cheese and a creamy béchamel sauce. It is then topped with toasted garlic breadcrumbs, creating an enticing contrast in texture between the soft and creamy pasta and the crispy topping. If you're a carnivore looking to up the ante, you can also add bacon. The fried Brussels sprouts are a tangy and tasty appetizer that is also worth ordering.


OTB is a trendy and modern bar and restaurant located in Brooklyn. The cozy interior is met with tufted booths and an exposed brick wall behind the bar, creating a cool atmosphere that invites guests to unwind with a craft brew or smoky cocktail. The mac and cheese is located under the small plate portion of the menu, making it a great appetizer or side to your main meal. It is well priced and made with a rich gruyere cheese that packs a flavorful punch.

However, the true highlight of OTB's mac and cheese is the truffle salt that is sprinkled on top. The decadent truffle flavoring pairs perfectly with the bold gruyere. This take on mac and cheese can definitely be seen as a more upscale version of the nostalgic classic. Another buttery favorite on the menu is none other than the escargot, which is served alongside a French baguette.