Cities With The Best Vegetarian Food

4 cities that meet your no-meat requirements

Whether you're just trying to stick to a #MeatlessMonday plan or keep up a daily vegetarian (or vegan) diet, traveling can throw a wrench into your typical meal prepping plans. So what's a jetsetting vegetarian to do? With no shortage of plant-based restaurants and locally sourced ingredients, these four veg-friendly cities deserve a spot on your must-visit list this year.

Tel Aviv, Israel

More than 25 percent of Israel's population keeps a vegetarian diet—10 percent of which is vegan—making Tel Aviv one of the world's most exciting cities for meat-free options. Local spices like za'atar, turmeric, paprika, mint and sumac bring out the best of the city's many naturally plant-based dishes including hummus, shakshuka, falafel and Israeli salads.

Where to Eat: HaKosem, Carmel Market, The House of Hummus

Portland, Oregon

Well-regarded for its coffee, beer and wine scenes Portland also doesn't fall short on the plant-based restaurant spectrum. According to HappyCow, Portland is home to 27 vegetarian restaurants, 40 vegan restaurants, and 154 'veg-friendly' spots. From artisanal cheeses and gourmet pizzas to bakeries and grocery shops, this West Coast destination has you covered.

Where to Eat: Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli, Back to Eden Bakery, Farm Spirit

Tbilisi, Georgia

All you have to do to find vegetarian cuisine in Georgia's capital is walk into any wine bar, restaurant, or food stand—many of Georgia's signature dishes are plant-based from the start. Khachapuri (cheese boats), nigvziani badrijani (walnut-stuffed eggplant) and jonjoli (pickled/fermented sprouts) are good places to start.

Where to Eat: Cafe Leila, Sakhli, Hummusbar

Paris, France

When it comes to vegetarian food, Paris has had a relatively bad reputation—that is, until recently. Finding vegetarian fare is now just as simple as finding steak-frites. Try the veggie burgers (and pizza) at Hank, and you'll find that staying away from paté has never been easier. And when all else fails? Grab a baguette, a bottle of wine and a brick of comté from any fromagerie and have a snack by the Seine.

Where to Eat: Coinstot Vino, Café Ginger, Le Potager du Marais