Shake Shack's New Line Of Merch Takes A Page From The Academia Aesthetic

Shake Shack has surprised fans with non-food merch collabs in the past (the conceptual "Burger in the Park" artisanal scented candle, to name one). And now, the beloved burger chain has dropped new merch, and it's less a novelty souvenir than a complete apparel collection. The new Shack merch features a varsity-inspired collegiate vibe. Fans can wear the word "SHACK" screen-printed and embroidered on tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, and socks, toting a cream and forest green color scheme.

Leading the pack is the varsity-style crewneck ($65) emblazoned with the word "SHACK" in capital boldface, available in cream or pine. There's an analogous Varsity Tee ($36), which also comes in cream or pine, and a matching faded black sweatsuit that looks like something you might spy at the merch table of a concert tour ($62 for the sweatpants and $68 for the hoodie).

Shake Shack's fashion team (which feels a little weird to say) didn't forget about accessories, either. There are two hats, a forest green knit beanie with a subtle lighter green Shake Shack logo patch ($35) and the Burger Patch Dad Hat ($35). Fans can choose between the Sporty Burger tube socks ($25) and the burger-oriented Icon Socks ($22). There's even a black baby onesie printed with the phrase "small fry" for the burger-loving academic prodigy in your life ($20).

The new Shake Shack apparel line dropped on November 20, just in time for the holiday season, and the products are exclusively available through the shoppable Shake Shack website.

Burger lovers also love varsity-inspired leisurewear, apparently

Thrilled fans have already taken to social media to express their excitement, brainstorming future merch ideas like a Shake Shack scarf for winter. According to an Instagram update from the company, even though the merch just dropped, it's already selling fast. The company has not yet definitely announced whether the items will be restocked once they sell out. 

Michael McGarry, Vice President of Brand, says that making apparel that fans would actually want to wear beyond the gimmick appeal was key in the company's design. "We wanted to create something our guests would absolutely love and that fits into their everyday style so they can go out rep Shake Shack everywhere," McGarry explained in a statement, via QSR. "And if you're wondering if people can expect more from us in this space moving forward — the answer is absolutely yes." Part of this strategy included opting for high-quality fabrics, which might explain the steep price tags on the items. The crewneck, for instance, is made from 80% cotton and 20% recycled polyester anti-pill fleece.

Shake Shack's new merch line demonstrates a keen ability to maintain relevance. The "dark academia" aesthetic went TikTok viral last year and a crop of cozy varsity-inspired leisurewear has emerged from fashion industry leaders like Urban Outfitters. This "everyday wear" apparel line in conjunction with the fast food chain's demonstrated history of social media proficiency fosters a sense of brand loyalty and personal engagement with younger customers.