Shake Shack's New Candle Collab Smells Like Fast Food, But Fancy

The worst part of treating yourself to a meal out is when you're finished and have to leave. Luckily, fast food chains have been rolling out merch to bring your favorite food experience home with you -– and the products have been getting progressively more creative. Fast foodies seem to be eating it up: KFC's over-the-top 2020 Crocs footwear collab, priced at $59.99, sold out in less than 30 minutes, reports USA Today. And who could forget Wendy's 2019 Dungeons & Dragons-style tabletop roleplaying game, via Forbes? And of course there is Dunkin'. Famous for its devoted fan base, the chain has released countless merch partnerships — from E.L.F makeup to its most recent Carter's clothing collection.

Well burger fans, buckle your seatbelts. Shake Shack just announced a new product for the house, and it's in collaboration with another New York company, Brooklyn-based candle connoisseurs Apotheke. That's right: introducing the Shake Shack X Apotheke candle pair, featuring fragrances "Burger In The Park" and "Shake & Fries." 

Shake Shack nose what you're hungry for

According to Apotheke, candle scent "Shake & Fries" features top notes of sea salt and pastry cream; middle notes of fried potato, sugar, and malted milk; and a dry amber and vanilla finish. "Burger In The Park" is a bit more conceptual, with top notes of grass, tomato, and griddle smoke; middle notes of Shackburger and florals (yes, really); and a dry oak, rose, and moss finish. The aroma, Apotheke says, is intended to evoke the experience of chowing down on a Shackburger in Madison Square Park, the location of the world's first Shake Shack. 

How is it possible for that burger aroma to be captured in a candle? The secret, Apotheke says, is ScentTrek technology. The way ScentTrek works, per Food & Wine, is a granular powder absorbs fragrance from a sample of air pulled from whatever object the candle is meant to emulate. The candle company's slogan "inspired by life's simple moments" is accurate in the most literal sense. Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti noticed the brand's uniqueness, and sent a DM to Apotheke founder Chrissy Fichtl in 2021 to make the collaboration happen, says Food & Wine.

The $42 candle set was officially released May 12, and supplies are limited. But, if you can't get your hands on the Shake Shack X Apotheke set, fret not: Shake Shack also launched a partnership with Maker's Mark at the beginning of the month to create a bourbon-themed menu, reports Thrillist, so we're sure more collabs are right around the corner.