Chicken And Pear Panini Sandwiches Are Perfect Alongside Your Favorite Fall Soup

Some recipes send your mouth watering before the plated dish even hits the dining room table, and Tasting Table's chicken and pear panini, developed by Michelle McGlinn, is one of them. Though the combination of grilled chicken, melty brie cheese, and seasoned pears might be a surprising ingredient list for a sandwich, after one bite of this delicious creation, you'll be looking for opportunities to sneak this onto your rotating menu list. And the autumnal months are the perfect time to do so. 

When served with your favorite bowl of soup — think creamy butternut squash, rich mushroom, or a hearty minestrone — this soup-and-sandwich duo satisfies bellies and palates in all the right ways. The crisp crunch of toasted bread dipped into a steaming curried roasted pumpkin and lentil soup is bound to have you leaving no crumb behind. Plus, the sweet and savory sandwich recipe can be put together in under 20 minutes, making the possible permutations of meal choices endless so you can tend to your cravings for not only the day but also the season. 

Bring the comforts of your favorite cafe home

From rich bowls of tomato soup garnished with bacon bits and toasted croutons to a fall vegetable soup packed with seasonal vegetables, you will have no shortage of options once fall temperatures bring heartier appetites to your household. Because this sandwich recipe is filling but not heavy, the flavors of the salty-sweet recipe can complement a variety of soup and salad options. 

Even during warmer months, the satisfying sandwich can be served with a salad. We recommend preparing some of the ingredients in advance — roast herbed chicken, stock your kitchen with fig jam, and be sure your fridge is loaded with fresh spinach — so you can assemble the panini on a whim and enjoy with your choice or soup, salad, or autumn-themed side dish like our broccoli bacon Brussels salad. Keep a few freshly sliced pears to garnish dishes and reserve some of the dried thyme to sprinkle on top of ladled bowls of soup and plated paninis. You may forget you're eating at home and not tucked away in a cozy cafe.