Shake Shack Debuts 3 Holiday Milkshakes Inspired By The New Trolls Movie

'Tis the season of fun desserts, and Shake Shack's holiday milkshakes have finally arrived. But the chain isn't just launching any old holiday shakes this year. Instead, they've partnered with the latest "Trolls" movie, "Trolls Band Together," to release flavors inspired by the movie's main characters and classic holiday flavors, per a press release sent to Tasting Table. The film won't be in theaters until November 17, but you can get Shake Shack's three latest milkshake flavors at nationwide locations (except for those in airports and stadiums) starting November 1.

If you're a fan of pink-haired troll Poppy, you may want to try the Poppy's Sugar Cookie Shake, which includes a hand-spun sugar cookie frozen custard with bits of cookie dough pop candy mixed in and a topping of whipped cream and pink and blue cotton candy — aka "Trolls hair," said Shake Shack's Senior Manager of Culinary Innovation, Nick Wuest; the resemblance Poppy herself is uncanny. If you want a little more spice, however, opt for Viva's Cinnamon Roll Shake, which features cinnamon roll frozen custard, gold frosting swirls, whipped cream, and gold confetti on top — all of which pair perfectly with the troll's bright yellow locks. And to celebrate his new coupledom with Poppy, Branch's Chocolate Peppermint Shake gets in the holiday spirit with vanilla and chocolate frozen custard, mint fudge mixed in, whipped cream, and mint candy crunch.

Shake Shack is turning its focus toward brand partnerships

When you order one of the new Shake Shack holiday milkshakes, you'll get more than just a sweet drink. Each shake comes with a "Trolls"-themed takeout bag, cup, and tray liner, per the press release. And if you order online, through the chain's app, or at an in-store kiosk for pickup, you can use the code "FAVESHAKE" to get a second shake free from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. until November 30. Poppy's Sugar Cookie Shake costs $7.49 while the other two go for $7.29.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can give yourself the gift of a "Trolls"-themed experience by visiting the West Hollywood Shake Shack location. The collaboration features an interactive musical experience with songs from the new movie, giveaways, and "Trolls" characters perched on the store's roof.

"We're excited to partner with Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation to bring the world of "Trolls" from the big screen to life in our Shacks," said Jay Livingston, Chief Marketing Officer at Shake Shack, per the press release. "It was so much fun taking inspiration from these colorful, beloved characters to create a trio of shakes, and can't wait for our guests to get a taste of "Trolls" magic this holiday season, sparkles included." Based on the success of the chain's previous collaborations, including one with "Super Mario Bros" earlier this year, Shake Shack plans to continue to focus on brand partnerships soon.