Porcini Mushroom Powder Is The Key To Earthy, Umami-Packed Steak

To bring an even richer, more satisfying kick of umami to your next serving of steak, consider adding porcini mushroom powder to your meal. Ground-up pieces of this woodsy mushroom can build depth and add flavor to the steak rub you make at home. When placed on top of a juicy flank of meat, porcini powder helps create a meal that won't easily be forgotten. Simply blend dried porcini mushrooms in a food processor or blender until fine, then add your choice of seasonings and herbs. 

Porcini mushrooms are known to be thick and filling, offering a meaty ingredient substitute for vegans and vegetarians, so you may want to keep a few on hand for when you're accommodating dinner guests who prefer plant-based meals. The flavored mushroom powder that you make can be kept and stored for later use. This flavorful, woodsy powder also works well when sprinkled onto side dishes of baked vegetables and hand-cut fries. 

Building meals for every dietary preference

Porcini mushrooms can maintain their shape and texture when cooked but, when ground into a fine powder, you'll be left with all of the umami flavor in a condensed, versatile form. Let raw steaks marinate in the flavored-packed powdered before placing them on the grill or in the oven, and save a bit of the extra porcini powder to top finished pieces for an added burst of flavor. 

Any leftover mushroom powder can be used to create a satisfying mushroom stew that can be served to the meat-adverse guests at the dinner table, or you can sprinkle the mushroom powder into homemade mushroom pâté to serve alongside crusty pieces of toasted French bread. The fresh herbs you use to make the pâté can double as garnish for your plates of steak or be added to the stew to offer a filling meal that provides choices for every diner regardless of dietary preferences.