Burger King's Newest Side Option Is A Fries And Onion Rings Combo

Do you have trouble deciding between fries and onion rings when placing an order at Burger King? Well, the fast-food giant is letting you "have it your way" more than ever with its newest side: Have-sies, a combination of fries and onion rings in one cup. You can order a side of have-sies starting on October 12 for a limited time at Burger King locations nationwide. The new side is available a la carte and with your favorite combo meal in value, small, medium, and large sizes, according to a press release.

"We know Guests love our onion rings that they can't get anywhere else, but it's hard to give up on the classic French fry — so we're excited to offer both in true BK fashion," said Pat O'Toole, Burger King North America's Chief Marketing Officer.

Earlier this year, the new side order was tested as "Fries N' Rings" at locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, according to an email from the chain. We assume the combination performed well considering it's now a menu item at nationwide locations. And might we suggest you ask for its deliciously tangy zesty sauce as a dipper for the onion rings (and fries).

Have it your way with other new items

Have-sies are not the only new item Burger King has added to its menu lineup recently. In August, it added crispy chicken wraps in three different flavors: classic, spicy, and honey mustard. The new item was most likely introduced as a rival to the highly-missed snack wraps from McDonald's that we're still waiting to make a comeback.

Burger King also recently announced its limited-edition Halloween buckets available in select markets. There's also the new Ghost Pepper Whopper and Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries if you like a bit of spice during the Halloween season. The Ghost Pepper Whopper is a spin on the classic whopper with the addition of spicy queso sauce, crispy jalapeños, bacon, and ghost pepper cheese on an orange bun with black sesame seeds. The Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries are available in four, eight, and 12 pieces and are paired with your favorite sauce like BBQ or honey mustard. These new items will also be available on October 12, just in time to order your Have-sies too.