Chobani Is Welcoming Fall With A New Oatmilk Pumpkin Spice Drink

Summer heat may still be baking most of the country, but Chobani is already dreaming of autumn with a new oatmilk beverage. Fall has actually started early this year for a lot of brands, with 7-Eleven, Starbucks, and Krispy Kreme jumping into pumpkin spice season months before the first leaves change color. We don't know if this is part of some Christmas-style escalation that will end with more companies launching their fall lines in May, but Chobani is more than ready to join the fray itself. The company has a host of fall flavored drinks and yogurts lined up this year, with the highlight being a new pumpkin spice oat drink.

While Chobani may be best known for its Greek yogurt, it expanded into the growing oatmilk market back in 2019. The new pumpkin spice iteration is a fully drinkable beverage, not just a creamer, and joins vanilla as one of the company's two flavored oatmilks. In a press release, Chief Innovation Officer Niel Sandfort says, "Fall beverages are in demand earlier than ever this year," and that Chobani is looking "to bring newness and excitement to this highly anticipated time of year" with their limited edition beverage. Like Chobani's other oatmilks, the pumpkin spice flavor is vegan-friendly, with no lactose or dairy. It's available now at a suggested retail price of $4.29.

Chobani's pumpkin spice oatmilk is joining a big lineup of existing fall flavors

If you aren't interested in a classic oatmilk, but still want some of that fall flavor, Chobani already has a wide range of pumpkin spice products, which are relaunching for the season alongside its new drink. Chobani's flagship yogurts have two pumpkin spice options available, with both a zero-sugar version and a standard Greek yogurt flavored with real pumpkin and seasonal spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. There are also two coffee creamers available in pumpkin spice. One is a classic dairy creamer with real cream and milk. The other is a non-dairy, gluten-free oat-based creamer. And if you want a little snack with your pumpkin spice, there is a Pumpkin Harvest Crisp pack that mixes pumpkin-flavored yogurt with oatmeal pastry pieces, frosting chunks, and cinnamon frosted cookies. Looks like Chobani has all your pumpkin spice bases covered this year.

Chobani's expansion into a new oatmilk flavor is in line with its recent ambition, as the formerly yogurt-centric brand has been looking towards global expansion. After conquering the U.S. yogurt market, the company expanded in Australia, and has been trying to grow by releasing new products like probiotic beverages and ready-to-drink coffees. While a new pumpkin spice drink may not be something an entire expansion is hinging upon, along with Chobani's undeniable growth, it does suggest we should be looking out for more and more new drinks from the company in the near future.