Every Chobani Coffee Creamer, Ranked Worst To Best

The massive brand that is Chobani began with founder Hamdi Ulukaya. Arriving in America in 1994 in New York, Ulukaya was afraid; he didn't quite know where to begin, but found inspiration from a facet of American culture his father saw as lacking: cheese. Together, two Ulukaya boys began the feta cheese company Euphrates in 2002. They were able to rack up sales reasonably quickly and soon began looking at the next opportunity. Seeing even further possibilities in an old yogurt facility, Ulukaya purchased an old plant from Kraft Foods for less than $1 million. He kept on a few employees that Kraft was planning to lay off and also hired a master yogurt maker. Together, they worked to create the yogurt that would eventually become one of our favorite Greek yogurts.

Seeing an opening in the market 11 years after it first began producing yogurt, Chobani turned its sights on a new part of the dairy aisle: milk, plant-based yogurts, and dairy creamers. The biggest difference between Chobani creamers and the ones already popular on grocery store shelves was the ingredients. While many other popular creamers had delicious flavors, there wasn't actually dairy within the creamer. Rather, most of them contained oil. Chobani's Dairy creamers promised to have five ingredients and are based in real cream. Only two years later, Chobani would also add plant-based creamers to its lineup. Here are the creamers, ranked from worst to best.

11. Plant-Based French Vanilla

This was certainly our least favorite in the Chobani collection of coffee creamers. While French vanilla flavored items typically have a more complex vanilla flavor with a little more going on than just typical vanilla, that's just not the case here. Unfortunately, whatever is going on with this Chobani flavor just isn't our favorite. We found some of the plant-based flavors to be quite tasty, but this one was a little on the disappointing side. It both smells and tastes a little sour, but not in an expired sort of way, but simply in an off-putting way. We felt like it was trying to be something and just not succeeding at it. One of the most appealing aspects of Chobani is its extensive range of coffee flavorings, catering to a wide variety of preferences. However, not every option is a winner, and this particular plant-based creamer falls short of greatness.

For those who favor a milder creamer, reminiscent of the traditional vanilla taste but with plant-based ingredients, there is a better alternative. Instead of settling for a less-than-stellar plant-based option, we highly recommend the plant-based Sweet and Creamy variety. This choice delivers the gentle and well-balanced flavor profile that you might expect from a traditional vanilla creamer, while still adhering to plant-based dietary preferences.

10. Sweet and Creamy Oat

After opening up a bottle of the Sweet and Creamy oat variety, you'll immediately notice the smell and color. At first glance, the color bears a striking resemblance to that of a comforting bowl of oatmeal. However, as you froth the liquid, agitating it to incorporate some air, the shade gradually transforms into a more milky white that is visually appealing. Though the color shift is intriguing, the scent remains constant and persistent throughout the process. The aroma is a peculiar, artificial sweetness, not unlike what one might encounter with a diet soda. This synthetic fragrance may be off-putting to some, especially those who seek a more natural and wholesome sensory experience from their non-dairy milk alternatives.

While we appreciate the oat milk offerings because they froth up nicely in both lattes and cold foam, this one just wasn't our favorite-tasting flavor. Instead, we found that it tasted artificially sweet, just like it smelled. Not to mention, there's an odd, lingering flavor left on your tongue after drinking this creamer. In terms of ingredients, this one includes rapeseed oil, an ingredient the dairy creamers happily state that they do not contain. The oat milk creamer also has Calcium Carbonate, and since there is no dairy in this creamer, it's nice knowing that the calcium from it still helps support bone health.

9. Plant-Based Chocolate Hazelnut

Grocery stores offer a vast array of products, but sometimes finding the exact item you're looking for can be challenging. In the case of this particular creamer, it proved to be the most elusive among the selection. However, we secured it through Amazon Fresh and discovered that some smaller, health-focused grocery stores also tend to stock this flavor.

When we first opened the bottle, one distinctive feature popped out at us: It's brown. Upon tasting, we found that the chocolate notes were subtle, allowing the hazelnut flavor to take center stage. Even still, we couldn't shake a yearning for a flavor experience that more closely resembled Nutella's decadent, luxurious taste. Despite this understated chocolate presence, the creamer's unique combination of flavors offered an interesting twist on the traditional hazelnut creamer. Although it didn't fully capture the essence of Nutella, the blend of chocolate and hazelnut still provided a pleasant and distinctive flavor profile that could be enjoyed by those seeking a slightly different taste experience in their coffee.

As a standalone product, the creamer's flavor was quite enjoyable. However, when combined with coffee, its appeal diminished quickly. While it surpassed a few other options in terms of taste, it didn't quite make it to the top of our list of favorites. We wonder if a dairy-based version of this creamer wouldn't work better with coffee and have better chocolate and hazelnut taste overall.

8. Salted Caramel

Typically, we are huge fans of anything salted caramel. Between that glorious richness of the caramel and just that little tingle of salt, it's one of our absolute favorite sweet flavors. So we saw that Chobani offered a salted caramel dairy-based creamer, we were pretty certain it was going to be absolutely delicious.

Unfortunately, we found that this was actually one of our least favorite creamers that we tried. While the plant-based caramel macchiato option is absolutely divine, the Salted Caramel option just falls flat. In fact, this salted caramel flavor has much more of a fake caramel taste than the caramel macchiato flavor did. This is, of course, so ironic, because caramel is certainly not plant-based. Though, in a perfect world, these flavors do a wonderful job of playing off one another, we found this salted caramel lacking in both saltiness and sweetness. These tastes rely on one another so much, when one or the other is missing, the effect is lost. When they are both missing, you have a creamer that just doesn't seem to know what it is. It is creamy, but it doesn't deliver on its promise. We also found that this one had a rather strange aftertaste to it. All told this was our least favorite of the dairy-based creamers.

7. Vanilla

Other than the sweet cream options, the next most straightforward flavor is vanilla. We love this classic and versatile flavor for its ability to provide a harmonious and reliable foundation upon which to build a rich and satisfying coffee and flavor experience. Vanilla's subtle yet distinct taste profile offers an elegant canvas for those seeking a well-rounded base that complements and elevates other flavors, without overpowering them. Its delightful aroma and gentle sweetness have an almost universal appeal, making it a steadfast choice for nearly anyone, and perhaps that's why we found this one a little disappointing.

Upon opening this bottle, we found it intriguing that it immediately smelled like Chobani yogurt. Of course, the ingredients in this one do not make it yogurt; rather, it has all the elements of the Sweet Cream dairy flavor, plus vanilla extract. This makes the ingredients nice and simple. While we appreciate this aspect, the vanilla extract simply doesn't do enough of the heavy lifting to flavor the creamer.

This particular creamer exhibits a subtler sweetness and a delicate vanilla taste that doesn't seem fully integrated. Its understated nature is too mild, barely making an impact on the overall flavor. In comparison, we found the plant-based sweet and creamy flavor to be more satisfying. We initially envisioned this creamer as a fusion of the sweet cream dairy base with a gentle touch of vanilla essence, but unfortunately, that just isn't what we have rocking here.

6. Plant-Based Sweet and Creamy

For its most basic of flavors, Chobani offers three different varieties. The plant-based creamer has a slightly more complex ingredient list than the original dairy version, yet water remains its primary ingredient. This checks out with our experience that this plant-based creamer exhibits a milder flavor when compared to the oat milk and dairy versions. It's interesting to note that the oat milk creamer features rapeseed oil, but sunflower oil is in this plant-based alternative.

The plant-based creamer also stands out from the oat milk version's flavor profile. Whereas the oat milk creamer displays a strong, somewhat artificial sweetness, the plant-based creamer provides a more genuine and natural taste. Consequently, this creamer represents an excellent basic, plant-based option for those looking for a substitute for conventional dairy creamers. Even though it wasn't our favorite among the plant-based creamers we tasted, we still appreciated its enjoyable and delightful impact on our beverages.

5. Vanilla Oat

While we really didn't enjoy the oat milk sweet and creamy creamer, the oat milk version of the vanilla flavor is actually better than the vanilla dairy option. We're thrilled because this provides a fabulous oat milk flavor to enjoy for those moments when we're just looking to avoid dairy but want a simple version.

In addition to the dairy-free appeal of this creamer, we were pleasantly surprised to detect a subtle hint of peanut butter in its taste profile. While we don't believe this was the intended outcome of the vanilla flavor, the result is quite enjoyable. We suspect that the peanut butter-like taste may be attributed, at least in part, to the inclusion of sea salt in the creamer. Not to mention, the oat base itself contributes to this unique flavor, as it imparts a mellow, oaty undertone to the creamer.

The oat milk vanilla creamer is a highly satisfying option if you aim to steer clear of dairy products while still enjoying great flavor in their coffee. We found the unexpected fusion of flavors not only enhances the overall taste experience but also provides added depth and complexity. As a result, it stands out as our top choice for those exploring oat milk options, appealing to both taste and dietary needs or preferences. The oat milk vanilla creamer proves that it is possible to maintain a rich and enjoyable coffee experience, even when avoiding dairy products, by offering a unique and delightful flavor combination.

4. Hazelnut

Following the underwhelming experience with the chocolate hazelnut creamer, we were bracing ourselves for a similar letdown with the hazelnut flavor. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case. Chobani offers a hazelnut flavor as a traditional option for those seeking a classic addition to their coffee.

Much like the other dairy-based creamers in the Chobani lineup, this one boasts a smooth and sweet profile. The hazelnut flavor is subtle yet delicious, providing a gentle nuttiness that complements the coffee perfectly. If you're in search of a creamer with a hint of nutty goodness, this is an excellent choice. Unlike the chocolate hazelnut variant, the hazelnut creamer is enjoyable both on its own and when mixed with coffee. While it's unlikely that one would often consume creamer by itself, this characteristic is an important aspect of a coffee creamer's appeal. With its delightful taste and versatility, the Chobani hazelnut creamer proves to be a winning option for those seeking a classic and flavorful addition to their coffee experience.

3. Plant-Based Caramel Macchiato

While the vanilla plant-based flavor may have been our least favorite among the options, the plant-based caramel macchiato creamer was a delightful surprise. Its aroma is reminiscent of a delicate vanilla base, complemented by a rich and indulgent caramel topping. The taste follows suit, delivering on the promise of its enticing scent. As with many other Chobani flavors, the aroma accurately reflects the taste experience, and in this case, it is a definite advantage.

When ordering a caramel macchiato from Starbucks, you typically find caramel drizzled on top of the drink, accompanied by vanilla syrup mixed with milk and espresso as the majority of the drink. This combination creates a sweet but not overwhelming beverage and Chobani's caramel macchiato creamer successfully replicates that balance. Although we found the creamer slightly sweeter than its namesake drink, the two still share a close resemblance.

We wholeheartedly endorse the plant-based caramel macchiato as the best among the plant-based offerings. If you're searching for a delightful creamer option without dairy, this creamer stands out as an excellent choice. We believe that even those who have no issues with dairy consumption will find this variant to be a delicious and satisfying addition to their coffee.

2. Sweet Cream

Chobani's sweet cream coffee creamer is the most general of the flavors available and is quite simple. It is also one of our favorite flavors. It's simply a creamer and dairy mixed together. It's about as basic and pure as a solid creamer gets. In fact, its ingredients are very limited, with only milk, cream, cane sugar, and natural flavors making up this sweet liquid. Because it is so simple and has all the necessary pieces, we have found that you can enjoy this one with your coffee without the addition of sugar.

We find that this one tastes very creamy and smooth. The sweetness of the creamer actually reminds us of a delicious vanilla ice cream even more than the vanilla creamer does. If you're looking for a delightful balance of sweetness and smoothness, it froths up nicely for a cold foam on your iced coffee and would elevate a cup of black coffee perfectly. Plus, you can steam it for a delicious latte. If you enjoy this flavor as much as we do, you'll probably enjoy the cold brew Chobani offers prepared with the sweet cream creamer. We love this one because it is perfectly balanced and ready to drink.

1. White Chocolate Raspberry

When Starbucks recently announced that it was doing away with raspberry syrup, raspberry coffee-loving fans were devastated. Many began wondering and searching for how in the world they would possibly get their fix of raspberry syrup. We present to you a possible alternative: white chocolate raspberry creamer.

This dairy-based creamer does a marvelous job of balancing rich white chocolate with tart raspberry. It is by far our absolute favorite Chobani creamer of the mix, and we are a little more than unsettled to see it leave at the end of springtime. Right on the bottle, it claims to be exclusively a spring batch flavor, but we hope Chobani continues to keep it around for long after that.

You may not expect that raspberry would melt as well as it does with your morning coffee, and we admit that we wondered if fruit made sense here, too, but the combination is nothing short of delicious. This combination goes excellent in hot coffee, mixed in with iced coffee, and even as a vibrant cold foam for your favorite cold brew. When companies try to make fruit-based coffee items a thing, they aren't always super successful, but that couldn't be further from the case here. The white chocolate raspberry is so tasty, you may find yourself stockpiling bottles on the off chance you can't find it in stores. We admit that more than a couple are hanging out in our fridge.