It's Official: Starbucks Is Getting Rid Of Its Raspberry Syrup

Sadly, all the rumors are true — Starbucks has finally confirmed to outlets like Today that the chain will slowly be phasing out its beloved raspberry syrup. As fans are still trying to process the unfortunate news, the brand has made a few things clear. It's addressing the reasons why the fruity syrup is disappearing from the drink roster and what that means for menu items that feature the iconic flavoring. Here's everything that you need to know about the soon-to-be-gone syrup.

Characteristic of drinks like the velvety Raspberry Chiffon White Mocha, Starbucks' raspberry syrup has become a drink customization mainstay. With its farewell, fans must say goodbye to off-the-menu creations like raspberry-flavored iced teas, lemonades, and lattes. Not to mention the even crazier concoctions like the Red Velvet Frappuccino that'll no longer be available for tasting.

Naturally, with numerous personalized drinks being eliminated in the process, many have taken to platforms like TikTok and Twitter expressing extreme distress and desperation over the matter, wondering what will replace their go-to orders. Yet, while some are hopeful that the syrup will eventually make a resurgence as it once did years before, will that be the case this time around?

Out with the old, in with the new

Only a few short weeks ago, reports had been circulating online about the possibility of the raspberry syrup being permanently discontinued, with many speculating the reasons as to why. But while some sources like Parade suggested issues within the supply chain, Starbucks has since confirmed to Today that the syrup will be phased out based on in-store product performance. However, it's not all bad news. 

On a more promising note, a spokesperson from Starbucks did confirm that in lieu of the fruity syrup, customers can instead expect new flavored syrups in the very near future. As for what they may be and when they'll hit stores, that continues to remain a big question mark. In the meantime, however, a spokesperson from the coffee chain also shared that customers can still find the raspberry syrup in very limited quantities throughout retailers up until the end of the month. 

While goodbyes are never easy, it's time to face the facts, the days of Starbucks' raspberry syrup are numbered. So, let this news be your PSA to savor as many raspberry-riddled drinks as you can before the syrup vanishes for good — or maybe it's your sign to start perfecting a DIY substitute!