The Clever Way A Shower Mat Can Serve Useful For Kitchen Storage

Sometimes, effective kitchen storage consists of finding creative applications for things that were never designed for the that space. This could range from using pants hangers in the pantry or storing spices in baby food jars. And for delicate dishware that needs better traction and a padded surface, look to a unique and unconventional solution: the shower mat. All it takes is a little imagination, and you can elevate your kitchen for ease of use and aesthetic sensibility. 

When you put glass dishes on shelves, whether they are fancy special-occasion plates, long-stem wine glasses, or everyday cups and jars that may be on the thinner side, there is always a concern that they can knock around or break. You can go to the store and buy some shelf liner for better traction, but it might not prevent breakage if whatever is on the shelf tips over onto its side. 

Keeping breakable items safe

If you put a mat in your shower to keep yourself from slipping, it should work for your dishes too, right? This hack works because they are generally thicker than store-bought liners, giving your shelves more cushion and your dishes more security when they are stacked and propped against each other. Shower mats are typically made from sturdy materials like vinyl or rubber. 

If you want to use this kitchen storage hack, buy a new, clean shower mat from somewhere you can get an affordable one, like the Dollar Tree. The ideal size is however deep your shelves are, and you may find that the mat doesn't fit perfectly on your shelves, and that's okay — use scissors to trim your mat into shelf-sized strips if needed. Once you determine the size and amount you need, you can buy several and not spend more than a few dollars doing it.