The Hanger Hack For Storing Chips In The Pantry

Every time you open a bag of chips, you're starting a countdown on an invisible clock. It won't be long before this open bag of crisp and crunchy chips becomes stale or brittle. The handy chip clip, probably one of the best ways to keep a bag of chips fresh, is just half the battle. Trying to keep a pantry of half-bags of things usually leads to disorganization and confusion.

Fortunately, there's a useful kitchen hack for keeping your chip bags fresh and organized – and you'll find everything you need for this hack in your bedroom closet. Pants hangers — hangers with clips on each side, designed for keeping pants unwrinkled — are perfect for organizing your pantry. You can clip your chip bag in place, and then hang the hanger in your pantry. Similar to how these hangers make it easy to find fresh pants to wear, this system keeps your open bags visible, fresh, and easy to sort through.

How to hang your chips

This hack is easiest to pull off if you have wire rack shelving in your pantry. The gaps in the wiring are perfect for attaching the hangers, and you can create a little row for however many open bags you have. The added bonus here is that it also frees up shelf space, so you have plenty of room for canned foods, dried goods, and anything else you keep in your pantry.

But if you don't have wire rack shelving in your pantry, don't give up yet. A quick trip to the hardware store will fix this for you. You can install hooks to display your hangers or even a hanging wire. Another option, if you have the space, is to get a towel rack, the kind you might affix to a wall in a bathroom. This gives you a go-to bar for hanging up your chips, snacks, or any other open bag that could benefit from this system.