The Last Thing To Do Before Throwing Out Glass Baby Food Jars

For parents in the baby stage, spending a lot of time around mashed fruits and vegetables is just part of life. And where there is baby food, there are usually baby food jars. If you currently have a lot of these little glass jars on your hands, you may be wondering if there's anything you can do with them besides funnel them straight into the recycling bin. And the good news is that glass baby food jars make for perfectly convenient, aesthetically-pleasing kitchen storage containers. 

Glass baby food jars shine as storage for spices in particular. These receptacles are usually short and wide, making them the perfect dimensions for dipping a teaspoon into. Glass jars much bigger than this are usually too large for the quantities in which you might buy most spices. Not only can repurposing these jars help organize your kitchen and cupboard space, but they look nice enough that you can have them on display on your counter, too.

How to repurpose baby food jars

The first thing you should do is wash and dry your glass baby food jars thoroughly. You should also remove the label from the exterior — this serves the dual purpose of making the jars look nicer and also making it easier to see what you have stored inside. Next, you can fill your jars with whatever spices you like to use regularly. If you buy your spices in bulk, these jars make it easy to access seasonings quickly.

Be sure to label your jars with what is inside as well as any known expiration date. This makes it so that you don't lose track of what spices you are storing. You can do this with a label maker if you have one, but a homemade label made with pen and tape works well, too. Once you've filled and labeled your jars, you can display them on your counter or organize them neatly in your cupboard.