13 Best Subscription Boxes To Taste Snacks From Around The World

Subscription boxes are convenient, fun, and make perfect gifts or special treats for family, friends, or yourself. The excitement of a package showing up on the doorstep and the thrill of cracking into the box to see what is inside has even inspired the viral unboxing trend that spread across social media. Food-centered subscription boxes are exceptionally popular, including gourmet meats and cheeses, prepared foods and meal kits, or sweet and savory snacks. Meal kits and food-centered subscription boxes are projected to continue to grow over the next several years as consumers seek out the convenience, variety, and cost-saving potential they offer.

According to the annual State of Snacking report by snack giant Mondelez International, global consumers are increasingly replacing meals with snacks and consider snacking to be a staple part of their day. From Flamin' Hot Cheetos to the latest flavor of Oreo, the United States has some pretty epic popular snacks, but there is a whole world of delicious chips, crackers, cookies, and candies to explore. Subscription boxes are an interactive way to taste international snacks and explore global treats from home. With each box, you can learn about different cultures, sample new flavor profiles, and experience unfamiliar ingredients. Whether you are interested in snacks from a particular country or want to try an array of global treats, here are the 13 best subscription boxes to taste snacks from around the world.

Universal Yums

Combining cultural exploration with a variety of sweet and savory treats, Universal Yums brings the distinct flavors of a different country to your doorstep each month. Founded in 2014 by Monique Bernstein and Eli Zauner, the young couple dreamed of traveling the world through snacks. Since then, Universal Yums has shipped over 5 million boxes with past selections featuring products from Italy, Indonesia, Scandinavia, the Philippines, and more. With three different box sizes to choose from ranging from about $15-41, each package includes a specially-curated selection of snacks along with a booklet of history, trivia, and games showcasing the highlighted country. Fall in love with the decadent chocolate hazelnut truffles from France or the zesty Ukrainian summer fruit jellies? You can order your favorite items from the Yum Shop.

The company's website boasts rave reviews from couples who unboxed their snacks for date night, families who used the games and educational activities to teach their kids about different cultures, and corporations who brought international flair to the office break room. Reviews across platforms positively noted the adventurous feeling of receiving a new box, quality customer service, and timely delivery. Although there were occasional complaints regarding a stale item or delayed arrival, most reviewers were delighted with their adventure in a box.

Try the World

Featuring a selection of sweet and savory gourmet snacks, Try the World has been praised for the impeccable quality and authenticity of its products. Showcasing premier items from the featured country of the month, each box contains eight or more unique snacks for $35 monthly, $30 per month for three months, or $25 per month with a six-month subscription. Try the World also offers a Gourmet Box with an assortment of artisanal products including local snacks and regional ingredients with recipes.

Launched in 2013 by Kat Vorotova and David Foult, Try the World strives to partner with small, family-owned businesses that specialize in traditional and sustainable methods. Sample rich, butter cookies from the north of France, bold Sriracha banana chips from Thailand, or zesty yuzu gummy candies from Japan in this thoughtfully-curated box. Honest Brand Reviews rates Try the World highly for product quality and customer service. Negative reviews mentioned issues with shipping or delayed delivery. Although a little pricier than other subscription snack boxes, travel-loving gourmands will adore Try the World for its quality, variety, and authenticity.


Earning buzzy reviews from outlets such as USA Today and WIRED, SnackCrate began in a Pensacola garage when engineering student Kyle Roarke decided to change paths and launch his own business. The son of a marine, Roarke was inspired by packages of treats his father sent home from abroad. Receiving waves of positive feedback, SnackCrate had generated $15 million in revenue by 2018. As the company grew, it was able to focus on including more unique and hard-to-find treats from around the world, curating an authentic experience with each box.

SnackCrate highlights a different country each month with three different box sizes available. The Mini option includes 5-6 snacks and starts at $16, the Original offers 10-12 snacks beginning at $26, and the Family box delivers 18-20 snacks at $46. There is also a drink upgrade available for about $6. What sets this box apart from other similar services is the focus on sourcing unique and rare items that are difficult to find in U.S. stores. The company also has a shop called CandyBar where you can purchase snacks individually or in a curated bundle. While there are many happy customers who have reported a positive experience, some subscribers were disappointed with the customer service experience, shipping issues, and the navigability of the website.


For those in search of variety, MunchPak offers a wide selection of items from all around the world. Rather than highlighting one country with each box, customers receive an international collection of full-size candies, chips, gummies, and more. MunchPak also includes a travel guide with fascinating facts about the snacks and their countries of origin. There are three sizes available with a choice of 5+, 10+, or 20+ items ranging in price from about $13 to $47 with individual gift and monthly subscription options available. Upgrades include a soda add-on as well as the unique ability to personalize your selections for an additional cost. New snacks are rotated into each box and favorites can be purchased in the online store. 

MunchPak has appeared on numerous lists of best subscription boxes for good reason. Affordability, quantity, and variety are some of this box's top selling points along with the option to customize for a small upcharge. Some reviewers noted MunchPak might be best suited for children or those with a sweet tooth since the selections included more candy than other snack subscription boxes. Reviews were divided on the quality of customer service, and while most commenters were happy with their purchase, a few mentioned shipping issues. With its global range and customization option, MunchPak features a dynamic assortment of trendy snacks from around the world with something to suit every palate.


While many of the other subscription boxes are only available in North America or ship to certain countries, Treats can be sent all around the world. Previously featured boxes include a diverse array of countries such as Brazil, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, Croatia, and more. There are two subscription options, a Standard Box of 5+ snacks at $14.95 per box and a Premium Box with 10+ snacks for $25.95 per box. Each box includes trivia, recipes, and a postcard from the spotlight country.

The highlighted country is a surprise each month, so there is a chance international recipients could receive a box from their home country. However, the Treats website notes that customers can email the company to ensure they do not receive a box from their home country. Reviewers highly praised Treats' customer service for their quick responses and professional demeanor. The Treats box is an interactive way to learn about different countries through the fun variety of snacks, trivia, and recipes.

Munch Addict

Packed with a variety of sweet and savory snacks from around the world, Munch Addict is one of the top-rated subscription boxes for exploring international treats. Enjoyed by all ages, this affordable box offers lots of options to find the right choice for everyone. Whether a gift for a friend or family member or a morale-building treat for the office, Munch Addict perfectly blends personalization with the element of surprise. Boxes are available in sizes of 5+, 10+, 15+, or 60+ snacks, which consist of four each of at least 15 different snacks. Prices start at $15 per box. Customers can upgrade their box with a drink add-on and favorite items can be purchased individually from the company's massive online Snack Store.

Unique from other brands, Munch Addict recipients can sign up for their rewards program to earn free snacks and discounts with their purchases. Reviewers across the board praise the variety of snacks in the well-packed boxes they have received along with the responsive customer service experience. Other commenters shared stories of the fun, interactive experience they had while tasting the international assortment of snacks with their partner, their friends, or their family. 


The beautifully curated Bokksu snack box captures the spirit of Japan with a collection of thoughtfully selected products that support small, family businesses and regional traditions. Japanese flavors have long intrigued the American palate including colorful snacks ranging from delicately sweet to rich with umami such as chewy mochi and savory salted eggs. When Bokksu founder Danny Taing returned to the U.S. in 2015 after living in Japan, he brought back a suitcase packed with Japanese snacks to share with friends and family. Lamenting the inability to procure the local specialties at home, Danny decided to find a way to share Japan's delicious treats with the United States.

With a goal of bridging cultures through food, Bokksu elevates the subscription box experience with a focus on authenticity, quality, and cultural sustainability. Each month celebrates a different side of Japan through a focus on flavors, festivals, holidays, and more. Previous boxes highlighted the sakura festival in Kyoto, the Japanese New Year, and winter in Hokkaido. Bokksu is one of the most culturally immersive snack box subscriptions featuring 20-22 snacks, candies, and teas sourced from traditional makers as well as a 24-page cultural guide detailing the products, flavors, and region. Subscription options range in price from about $40-$50 per month and customers can earn discounts or donate points to support a cause through the reward program. Highly rated across the board, Bokksu customers love the quantity and quality of the snacks, the overall value of the box, and the positive customer service experience. 


MexiCrate celebrates the vibrant world of traditional and trendy Mexican snacks. Created to showcase the country's rich heritage, MexiCrate showcases Mexican culture through unique and authentic candies, snacks, and surprises. Curated monthly to a unique cultural or flavor-inspired theme, boxes are available in three sizes ranging in price from about $10-$33. Favorite spicy, sweet, or salty treats can also be purchased online in the company's elaborate Dulceria.

Great for adventurous snackers looking for something new or those who already have a love for Mexican-style snacks, MexiCrate adds a fun taste of Mexico to the average snack lineup. While most reviewers enjoyed their Mexican treats, some were disappointed by the proportion of candies to savory snacks as well as the amount of items that featured chili powder or chamoy, a popular addition to many Mexican-style candies. Some customers reported issues involving shipping or customs and damaged packaging. MexiCrate is ideal for those interested in exploring the intriguing combinations of spicy, salty, and sweet signature of traditional Mexican treats.

Turkish Munchies

In addition to a tantalizing collection of regional snacks, Turkish Munchies levels up the fun factor of their subscription box with the option of a one-of-a-kind snack-based card game that invites you to play with your food. Game snack boxes range in price from $35 for an annual subscription to about $43 for a single month. While you can play the game with just one box, subsequent boxes include additional cards that bring more intrigue to each round of the game. Turkish Munchies also offers a wide selection of snack boxes without the Yummy Battle Game from retro snacks to traditional treats with a price range of about $15-$30 depending on size and theme. Each box includes stories and information about each snack as well as a special surprise.

Customers enjoyed the novelty and balance of sweet and savory treats in their Turkish Munchies boxes and noted the items were full-size. Sadly, Turkish Munchies does not yet have an online store to purchase favorite items individually.


Relatively new to the snack box scene, IndiFix delivers vibrant Indian snacks while working to diminish childhood hunger. While studying in Wisconsin, New Delhi native and IndiFix founder Zain Ali discovered a salve for her homesickness in the snack aisle of a local Indian grocery store. Sparking childhood memories and bringing Zain a warm sense of home, IndiFix was created to bring authentic Indian treats to America. In addition to sharing the delights of Indian snacks with her friends in the U.S., Zain wanted to give back to her home community. With each purchase, IndiFix donates at least one meal to a child in need.

IndiFix boxes are available in two sizes, an Original Fix box featuring 12+ snacks or a Super Fix box containing 20+ snacks starting at $35 or $49 respectively. Unlike some other international snack subscription boxes, IndiFix is geared more to those who may be familiar with the products inside instead of curious foreigners. There are no description cards or information pamphlets included in the box. Regardless of the customers' prior familiarity with the snacks, reviewers loved the aesthetics of the box and the well-packed variety of sweet and savory treats. The IndiFix team also offers personal touches to gift boxes such as custom messages and handwritten notes. 


From K-Pop and Squid Game to an explosion of interest in Korean dishes such as sweet and spicy fried chicken or chewy tteokbokki, Americans can't seem to get enough of all things South Korean. Seoulbox showcases distinctly Korean snacks in a thoughtfully curated assortment of snacks balancing a variety of tastes and textures. The idea for Seoulbox came to founder Suji Sohn when Sohn's parents sent a care package while she was living in the United Kingdom. With a focus on authenticity, Seoulbox uses themes to tell stories of Korean culture with each box and includes a monthly magazine filled with cultural insights and snack information.

Seoulbox offers two unique snack options including Seoulbox Signature and Seoulbox V which features vegetarian treats. Both box choices are packed with 14 snacks plus surprises like Korean beauty products or plushies. Customers enjoyed the variety of snacks along with the unique additions of K-pop and K-beauty items, but were disappointed by the customer service and dealt with some shipping challenges, especially during the holiday season.

British Candy Box

Created by the sibling team behind YouTube sensation This With Them, the British Candy Box showcases authentic sweet and savory snacks from the United Kingdom. British Candy Box offers both subscription and one-off boxes that make fun and unique gifts. Notorious for delicious chocolate candies and unique flavors of crisps, British snacks are surprisingly interesting and diverse.

The British Candy Box is available in three subscription sizes including the Great British Box, British Snack Box, and Ultimate British Box featuring 10+ items and starting at £20 GBP or approximately $25 USD. Customers can earn rewards with purchases and referrals. Because the boxes ship from the U.K., shipping costs can be high and boxes are sent based on when the order is made rather than according to a monthly shipping calendar. Although the company is young and not many reviews have come in, positive or negative, the British Candy Box is worth a try for anglophiles and curious foodies in search of tasty international treats. 


EuropeCrate brings a continent of unique snacks to your doorstep all in one box. Despite the diverse languages, cultures, and tastes across the countries of Europe, this unique box highlights the common love they share for sweet treats and savory snacks. Fadi, the travel-loving founder of EuropeCrate, sought to capture the incredible variety of European snacks by curating boxes of the most intriguing offerings from each country. Each box includes an assortment of snacks from all across Europe starting at $35 for a one-time purchase or as low as $26 for an annual subscription.

The EuropeCrate snack box includes 8-12 European treats that are not easy to find abroad along with a brochure filled with country facts and quizzes, interesting destinations, and a EuroTreats Guide featuring a European country and showcasing one of their local dishes. EuropeCrate offers free worldwide shipping, minimizing the sticker shock that sometimes comes with international shipping costs. This company is still growing and hasn't received many reviews, but the variety and price make this an international snack box worth checking out.