20 British Chocolate Candies, Ranked Worst To Best

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You may think of the candies you grew up with as a universal dessert reality for the entire world, but in reality, every country boasts its very own treats. In the U.S., we might have Snickers, Reese's, and Twix, but across the pond, the UK has its very own suite of chocolate candies that kids and adults alike go wild for — some of which are easy to snag in the States, and others that are hard to find outside of England.

Some of these chocolates are borderline life-changing: They combine different, unexpected flavors and textures to create a dessert that's undeniably delightful. However, the same can't be said for every single chocolate candy that comes out of the country. In fact, some of them leave a lot to be desired.

If you're wondering how you're going to successfully navigate the world of British candies, we've got you covered. We're ranking some of the most commonly seen British chocolates from worst to best. Let's see where your favorite lands on the list.

20. Milkybar

There are few things in this world that are more disappointing than opening up a candy bar only to realize that it is not, in fact, dark chocolate. For many of us, milk chocolate is a step down from the dark stuff, but we'll still take it. But when it comes to white chocolate? We want to forget about it completely. That is, unfortunately, why the Milkybar has snagged the worst spot on our list.

This chocolate candy is especially bland, with nothing much going for it other than an overwhelming level of sweetness. If you have a relentlessly strong sweet tooth and don't particularly care about getting a toothache from all the sugar, go for it. Otherwise, there are much better British chocolates to choose from.

19. Terry's Chocolate Orange

Terry's Chocolate Orange is one of those candies that's traveled the globe, and it's not uncommon for kids in other countries to receive these as a holiday treat. The best part of the chocolate is its shape — it actually looks like a real orange. You then smack it on a hard surface, and the pieces of the orange fall apart, leaving you with small, bite-sized servings that, yes, look like slices of orange. It's an undeniably fun dessert, but when it comes to the flavor? We're not huge fans.

When you think of chocolate, you're probably dreaming of a rich, intense flavor. When you want citrus, on the other hand, you're often after something more refreshing. Mix these two flavors together, and you're left with a strange combo that somehow doesn't fulfill either craving. We'll have to pass.

18. Galaxy Smooth Milk

Listen, we love simplicity, which is why we can never truly badmouth the Galaxy smooth milk bar. But when it comes to the hierarchy of British chocolate candies, this plain Jane chocolate bar just can't cut it. Is it smooth? Yes. Is it creamy? Yes. But it's also very, very sweet. That means that you can have about two pieces max before you reach your absolute limit. We like a candy that's a bit more snackable than this one, but it's not the worst thing to have on hand if you need a quick chocolate fix.

Galaxy does offer some slightly more interesting flavors than its smooth milk, but nothing really makes this chocolate candy stand out to us against the other candy bars in our lineup.

17. Nestle Smarties

If you first experienced colorful sugar-coated chocolate candies in the form of M&M's, you may be tempted to regard Nestle Smarties as a cheap knockoff of the original. But according to Chutters, Smarties (not to be confused with the powdery American candies) were actually created a few years before American M&M's ever came onto the market. They do have a slightly different shape, and Smarties are a bit bigger than their Mars counterparts, but overall, the flavor profile is very, very similar. There's just not a lot you can do to alter the flavor of sugar-coated milk chocolate.

This candy is fun to snack on, probably because of its bright color and small size. However, when it actually comes to flavor, there are much, much better chocolate candies on the British market. We certainly wouldn't turn these down, but we wouldn't go seeking them out either.

16. Cadbury Twirl

When you're looking for texture in your candy bar, you can't go wrong with a Twirl. The popular Cadbury candy is known for its ribbon-like shape that folds in on itself, creating an airy, texturally rich candy bar that offers something tantalizing to the tongue. We'll admit: It's definitely fun biting into one of these bars because the texture is so unexpected. Who knew little ribbons of chocolate could yield such a fun experience?

But when it comes to the flavor, the Twirl falls somewhat flat. Of course, the milk chocolate isn't bad, but it's very plain. After the chocolate ribbons melt in your mouth, you're left with a vague sweetness that's easy to forget about. Trying a Twirl is definitely worth it if you've never experienced it before, but it could never be one of our favorites.

15. Cadbury Double Decker

One thing that we love about Cadbury Double Decker is the fact that they really tried to be creative, and for that, we're grateful. This chocolate bar features a crispy cereal interior that's complemented by a soft nougat filling. Milk chocolate covers the concoction, bringing it all together. Essentially, the idea is that you're getting two different chocolate bars in one easy, convenient package.

While the idea is solid, the execution could be better. This chocolate bar is too sweet, with every element delivering an overpowering amount of sugar. The combination of textures also seems forced — there's nothing that brings the different elements of the dessert together. Yes, it's lovely in an indulgent way, but it's not something we could stand to eat more than maybe once a year.

14. Galaxy Ripple

It seems like the British are all about their textural chocolates, so it's no surprise that Galaxy has put out the Ripple bar. This one is very similar to Cadbury's Twirl, with that same, ribbon-like shape that allows the chocolate to perfectly melt in your mouth. You may be wondering why this one ranks above the Cadbury version, then. If you ask us, the quality of the chocolate is slightly better when you opt for this brand. It's creamier and a bit lighter in flavor.

That being said, is this our favorite British chocolate candy? Not exactly. While the texture is solid and the chocolate has a lovely, understated flavor to it, the bar falls flat after a few bites. It's more of a novelty than a regular treat.

13. Aero

Here's another textural chocolate candy found in the UK, and we're actually pretty big fans of this one. It's the Aero bar, and it's unique for the little air-filled bubbles that form tiny pockets in the interior of the chocolate. The result is a light, almost buttery texture that's unlike most other solid chocolates you've ever tried. Some of the Aero flavors are super interesting, like the caramel and the mint.

But when it comes to plain milk chocolate, there could be more going on to make this chocolate more interesting. It's definitely a candy you have to experience at least once in your life. However, if you're looking for the best of the best on the British candy front, there are still so many other options to choose from.

12. Fry's Chocolate Cream

There's something to be said about being the first ever anything, and Fry's Chocolate Cream takes the title of the first mass-produced chocolate bar, according to The Candy Encyclopedia. And although it may be simple, it's a really lovely combination of flavors that we could come back to time and time again. The rich dark chocolate encapsulates the smooth cream fondant center, offering plenty of sweetness and just the right amount of contrast.

While some chocolate candies overdo it on the novelty, we love how simple Fry's Chocolate Cream keeps it. There's nothing gimmicky about it: just great ingredients paired well in the perfect proportions. After decades upon decades on the market, some more interesting products have appeared, but Fry's Chocolate Cream will have a place in our hearts forever.

11. Buchanan's Chocolate Caramels

If you're the kind of person who can never decide what kind of candy they want, then you have to try Buchanan's Chocolate Caramels. That way, you technically don't have to decide. It all starts out with a toffee caramel that they then dip into creamy chocolate, creating an ultra-sweet and extra-rich flavor profile that you have to taste to believe. You really only need one or two of these things to meet the needs of your sweet tooth.

Alas, with any kind of caramel candy, you have to worry about it sticking to your teeth. The addition of chocolate makes this particular candy even messier, which isn't great if you don't want to have to brush your teeth immediately. However, these things are so good, we think it's worth the extra hassle.

10. Mars Maltesers

In the world of chocolate candies, there are brands that play it safe and deliver, more or less, a kind of bar. Then there are others that branch out and try to offer something new to their customers. That's what you get from Mars Maltesers. These spherical candies contain a kind of textured, malted milk center that delivers an unbelievable amount of creaminess. If that weren't enough on its own, they're then covered in chocolate.

Just a warning that this chocolate is really, really sweet. It's not for the faint of heart or tooth enamel. But it's worth risking your oral health to experience the unabashed joy that is Maltesers. They're tiny, and they taste very light (apart from the high sugar content), which means you can keep snacking on these for maybe too long.

9. Cadbury Dairy Milk

We're not usually fans of what seems to be just plain milk chocolate. After all, when you could have something more exciting, why would you opt for such a bare-bones choice? You can feel that way until you've experienced Cadbury Dairy Milk for yourself. Most milk chocolate is relatively bland, but this chocolate bar really is exceptionally creamy, perhaps from the "fresh milk" advertised by Cadbury. This chocolate is delicious on its own, but because it has such a neutral flavor, we sometimes like melting it and using it in other desserts as well (though it's not a particularly great choice for baking, per se).

When you're looking for simplicity in a British chocolate bar, it's hard to beat what you'll get when you opt for a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. There are definitely more interesting chocolate options to choose from, but for those who like to keep things simple, this may just be your best bet.

8. Cadbury Flake

One of our favorite ultra-textured chocolate bars has to be Flake. This one is somewhat similar to Ripple and Twirl, but Flake has a crumbliness to it that makes it irresistible. It's made of super-thin layers of folded milk chocolate that fall apart before they even make contact with your teeth. The result is a light-tasting bar that's still incredibly rich. Would we like this chocolate bar more if it were made with dark chocolate? Perhaps. But we can't complain when we get the privilege of understanding just how flaky chocolate can be.

One of the interesting things about a Flake bar, according to Science Focus, is the fact that it will never melt, even if you keep heating it up. Put it in the microwave for too long, and it'll simply burn.

7. Nestle Yorkie

When you want a no-nonsense chocolate bar that delivers the optimal amount of sweetness and a creamy texture that will keep you going back for more, you shouldn't look further than a Nestle Yorkie. It's been around since back in 1976, so it clearly has staying power. With its creamy, approachable texture and basic but delicious flavor, it's no wonder it's been such a hit.

Unfortunately, we can't rank the Yorkie bar any higher than we have because of its terrible marketing scheme, which boldly proclaims that Yorkie bars are, in fact, for men... as if there's a difference between chocolate designed for men and women. In fact, Business Insider claims that Yorkie is the first openly sexist chocolate bar — not exactly a great legacy.

6. House of Dorchester Fine Milk Chocolate Bar

If you love creamy milk chocolate but aren't beholden to the patriarchy, you may be better off finding yourself a House of Dorchester Fine Milk Chocolate Bar. This chocolate is one of our all-time favorites, even though we're not the biggest milk chocolate lovers in the world. However, when milk chocolate is done well like it is in this House of Dorchester creation, it can be really, really lovely.

First of all, there's the texture. Creamy doesn't even begin to describe this bar. Take a bite, and it coats your whole mouth with its luscious texture. Then comes the flavor. While, yes, this chocolate bar is definitely very sweet, the first thing you'll notice when you take a bite is the flavor of the milk — it's very pronounced in the best possible way.

5. Lion

Can't decide whether you want to eat breakfast or just indulge in a candy bar instead? Well, that's where the Lion bar comes in. This is one of our all-time favorite candy bars ever, and it all comes down to the fact that the bar is made of a variety of cereals. These pieces of a cereal pack a serious crunch, and they make the dessert quite a bit lighter than what you'll find from other chocolate bars. Add in the caramel for an extra touch of sweetness and finish it all off with some chocolate, and it's no wonder why Lion is one of our absolute favorites of the bunch.

If you've never tasted one before, just imagine a chocolate-covered Rice Krispies treat that's also been doused in caramel. Don't you want to try a Lion bar for yourself now?

4. Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne Truffles

Sometimes, you can settle for a humble square of milk chocolate. Other times, you need something a bit more alluring, a bit more interesting to tease your taste buds. And when you're craving something sweet, Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne Truffles seem to get the job done just right. Yes, these chocolates are flavored with real champagne. You can definitely taste it, but it's not an overwhelmingly alcoholic flavor — it should appeal even to those who don't like champagne (but who doesn't like champagne?).

The truffles, which are made with milk chocolate along with strawberry and whipping cream, are then dusted with a pink blush to make them look more appealing than they already are. You're left with chocolate candies that are perfect for any gift — and perfect for indulging on your own.

3. Montezuma's Black Forest Cherry Dark Chocolate

There are some flavor combinations that make the world go round, and cherry and chocolate has to be one of them — that's why we think Montezuma's Black Forest Cherry Dark Chocolate bar is so special. First of all, this bar starts out with super dark chocolate at 70% cocoa. That's not overwhelmingly bitter, but it does offer enough of a bite to keep things interesting. But the real magic comes in with the cherry. That cherry features the perfect amount of tartness and acidity, which contrasts well with the bitter and sweet flavors of the chocolate. Additionally, you get a little hint of fruitiness with the addition of cherry as well.

It all comes together in a perfectly balanced dessert that's easy to keep in the pantry. This is seriously one of our all-time favorite chocolates.

2. Fry's Peppermint Cream

Now, you know that we're already fans of Fry's Chocolate Cream. It has a lovely texture and a flavor that's sweet but ultimately still delicious. But what if that candy were taken to a whole new level? That's what you're going to get when you try Fry's Peppermint Cream. First of all, we love that this chocolate bar starts out with dark chocolate, which makes things slightly more bitter but a lot more interesting.

Then, the candy is filled with the same fondant filling you'll find in the chocolate cream. But this time, that fondant is flavored with a touch of mint to give the candy a coolness and complexity that's often overlooked. If you're not a mint person, you're not likely to be a fan of this candy bar, but if you're like us and you love it, it's hard to find a better British chocolate option around.

1. Bounty Bar

Calling all Almond Joy and Mounds lovers! You're going to go wild for the Bounty bar. The base of this chocolate bar is shredded coconut. This coconut adds a lovely fattiness to the chocolate bar that makes it stand out from the competition, and the light, tropical scent makes it even more alluring. Add to that the creamy milk or dark chocolate (depending on which version you want to try), and you'll suddenly understand why this is our all-time favorite British chocolate candy.

There are few combinations on this earth more glorious than that of tropical fruits and chocolate, and the Bounty bar incorporates both elements in a supremely flavorful way. Sure, we might have similar candies in the U.S., but we think that the Bounty Bar trumps them all.