Best Chocolate Bars From Around The World

Belly up to these bars

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As much as we love our s'mores-ready Hershey bars and ever-venerable Butterfingers, once you cross the U.S. border, there's (literally) a whole new world of international, milk chocolate-covered sweetness to discover.

From bars studded with jelly beans and Pop Rocks to crispy chocolate-wrapped wafers filled with hazelnut cream, these are the world's reliable versions of gas station confections that, luckily for you, can get mailed straight to your door—for a price. (Though we're not going to stop you from going on an international, candy-sampling chocolate crawl.)

Violet Crumble


A thin milk chocolate enamel gives way to an airy core of honeycomb toffee—the type that shatters and sticks inside every crevice of your teeth in a way only the freshest of Butterfingers can.  

Candy Warehouse, $24 for a 12-pack

Coffee Crisp


Two flaky, crisp wafers lovingly sandwich a coffee-cream center before being enrobed in chocolate—perfect for mornings when candy is the only way you'll make it past breakfast., $14 for a 12-pack 

Photo: Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons



Milk chocolate might get flak from cocoa-nib purists, but for the rest of us, Milka bars are here to satisfy our lowbrow pleasures. A higher dairy ratio means these creamy bars—which come in varieties including Oreo, Chips Ahoy! and hazelnut—have a meltingly fudgy and gooey texture., $10.31 for a variety four-pack

Photo: Milka via Facebook

Túró Rudi


Insanely popular in Hungary, the Túró Rudi consists of a center of sweetened dairy curd dipped in dark chocolate. The fresh, cheese-like core means the bar needs to be kept refrigerated and has an expiration date just a tad shorter than "one year past Halloween.", $11

Double Decker

Ireland/United Kingdom

The next time you need a sugar-fueled meal replacement, ditch the Snickers and reach for this behemoth of a bar, composed of a thick nougat layer perched atop a bedrock of crispy cereal., $7 for a 10-pack

Photo: Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons



More affectionately known as Cow Chocolate (each square is stamped with one), this Israeli staple comes in a variety of sweet flavors, including bars filled with berry cream or studded with hazelnuts., $27 for a 12-pack

Kinder Bueno


It may not be as mystically foreign as it used to be, but we'd be stooges not to include this addictive bar made by Ferrero—the sugar demigod who brought Nutella into the world. A delicate, chocolate-covered wafer shell comes filled with a creamy hazelnut filling., $11 for a 10-pack

Photo: Kinder Bueno via Facebook

Matcha Kit Kats


Of all the high-end, zany-flavored Kit Kats Japan taunts us with, it's the grassy, green tea version that has us the most envious of all., $11 for a five-ounce bag

Cherry Ripe

New Zealand/Australia

A bona fide cult favorite from Down Under, this bar has juicy candied cherries and coconut flakes that are balanced out by a crackly layer of dark chocolate.

Caletoni, $5

Photo: Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons

Hany Milk Chocolate


It may be tough to find outside its home country, but once you come across a bag, it's not hard to eat every one of these individually wrapped, thumb-sized bars of Philippine peanuts ground into chocolate, milk and sugar.

Peppermint Crisp

South Africa

A fiber-optic network of fluorescent mint toffee is encapsulated in creamy milk chocolate, making it perfect for this pro-move candy bar hack: Bite off both ends and use the bar as a giant drinking straw., $30 for a six-pack

Photo: Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons


United Kingdom

It may deceive you as just an ordinary candy bar on the surface, but crack an Aero open and you'll be met with a bubbly center of aerated chocolate. Spring for the mint version and never look back., $11 for a six-pack

Jelly Popping Candy

United Kingdom

Cadbury's signature milk chocolate surrounds an Easter Bunny-approved trail mix of jelly beans, Pop Rocks and mini M&M's for something we can only dream of for our annual egg hunts., $22 for three