The Cooking Method That Makes Dorado-Style Burritos Unique

To those unacquainted with Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, a burrito to you may just be ... well, a burrito: a simple mixture of beans and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. But, we're here to inform you that there are many burrito varieties beyond this simple and classic style that you should know about. From San Francisco's completely-packed mission-style burrito, which is stuffed with rice, beans, and every Mexican condiment imaginable, to a trusty breakfast variety, to a myriad of frozen burritos, there's definitely no shortage of types of this tasty meal.

However, the Dorado-style burrito, also originating in San Francisco's mission district, may just be one of the most noteworthy burrito varieties out there. These burritos originated as an off-the-menu item at a popular joint in the city, La Taqueria, and have since become a go-to way to order burritos all across Southern California. While some may argue that this variety is similar to others, it's made with one unique cooking method that sets it apart from all the other burrito varieties out there.

We're only ordering crispy burritos from now on

Dorado-style burritos don't showcase the typical soft tortillas that are notable of most burrito varieties. Rather, this type of burrito is known for its golden and crispy exterior. When making the Dorado-style burrito, once the fillings are safely wrapped inside the flour tortilla, the dish is browned on a hot and oiled plancha (a type of griddle) until the exterior is perfectly crisp. The burrito can then be cut or bit into to reveal the perfectly gooey and warm inside.

Serious Eats notes that the originators of this burrito, La Taqueria, were inspired by tacos dorados, meaning golden tacos. Tacos dorados is a type of taco shell, usually made from corn tortillas, that are pan fried to get that perfect golden crispiness. As we mentioned, this ingenious way of making burritos has since caught on and grown in popularity across SoCal. 

So, next time you're visiting the Golden State, make sure to order your burrito to match: golden!