San Diego Vs SF: Which City Rolls The Best Burrito?

A San Diego chef and an SF chef face off about which city rolls the best burrito

It's a Northern versus Southern California smackdown.

San Francisco has the Mission-style burrito (a gargantuan version made via assembly line and wrapped in foil), while San Diego lays claim to several styles, including the California burrito, stuffed with beef and potatoes.

But which city is the wrap star? Two chefs weigh in.

"Straight off the bat, the San Francisco burrito is delicious, period. But it has the added benefit of being a super substantial meal that you can eat on the go. Here, we wrap our burritos in foil, so snacking on one can be a one-handed endeavor if you're skilled enough, leaving your other hand free to operate heavy machinery or hitchhike. As far as San Diego burritos go, I've never understood the sparse fillings. Why would anyone want less burrito?" —Wes Rowe, proprietor, WesBurger, San Francisco

"Though San Francisco can be credited as one of the nation's best foodie cities, San Diego definitely takes the title for the burrito capital of the U.S. There's no doubt that our proximity to the border is largely to blame for the city's amazing mix of authentic Mexican shops. Each one takes its own unique spin on the classics, but you can't go wrong when ordering the beloved California burrito. Originating from San Diego, the California is a city staple, traditionally served with beef, potatoes and lots of hot sauce."

—Alex Carballo, founder and partner, URBN St. Brewing Co., San Diego

Where's your favorite burrito?

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