Cadbury Is Searching For A Rescue Pet To Be 2023's 'Bunny'

The Cadbury bunny is about as iconic as food mascots get. For decades, the rabbit was the spokesanimal for Cadbury Creme Eggs, which are one of the most popular and recognizable holiday candies in the world. Although the product first hit the market in 1971, the bunny didn't debut until the '80s, clucking like a chicken before revealing a nest of Creme Eggs. The most memorable commercial featuring the bunny aired a few years later, showing a range of animals auditioning for the part of Creme Egg guardian while wearing rabbit ears. Behind its silly, simple premise and adorable star, it is one of the few commercials in an ever-changing market that remained unchanged for over three decades.

The famous ad was finally replaced in 2019 by a new campaign that carried on the same theme but embraced a new generation of social media users and online voters: the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts. The brand's "bunny" is now chosen from a group of fan-submitted entries, with participants sending in photos of their pets donning the classic bunny ears. Past winners have included a tree frog from Florida as well as last year's champion — a therapy dog named Annie Rose. As Easter approaches, the time has come for the latest edition of this cute competition.

The new face of Cadbury Creme Eggs

While past Bunny Tryouts have been open to all kinds of animals, Cadbury is using the Easter campaign to celebrate a special type of pet this year. The company stated in a press release that for the fifth anniversary of the competition, it will focus on rescue pets for the first time. Owners of any kind of rescue animal are welcome to submit their pet into the contest. The winner will earn a spot in the newest Cadbury "bunny" commercial and a $5,000 cash prize, and the brand will donate $5,000 to the animal shelter of the winner's choosing.

People who are interested in entering their best rescue friend into the competition can upload a photo of their pet wearing the Cadbury bunny ears at by February 23. The top 10 picks will be chosen on March 6, and then fans will be able to vote on the winner until March 14. Beyond supporting a good cause, it's an amazing opportunity for your furry — or scaly — animal companion to star alongside an iconic Easter candy.