30 Popular Easter Candies, Ranked

When you think of Easter candy, there's a good chance you imagine some standard offerings like Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and maybe even some jellybeans. But Easter candy has evolved into so much more than these simple treats. In fact, the Easter aisles are so jam-packed with goodies you may actually be overwhelmed by all the colors and flavors.

Let's simplify the process a bit. While shopping for Easter candy, one of the biggest things to keep in mind is variety. You do not want an Easter basket made entirely of chocolate, for example. It's best to mix in some sugary treats and maybe even some sour ones. We've noticed a massive trend toward candies that include toys, and while this may be interesting, generally, it also means that the chocolate is not as tasty as you might hope for. On the other hand, some less popular options may very well become your new family favorites. So with an eye towards variety, be sure also to consider your family's candy preferences while being wise in your selections.

30. Galerie Candy's Milk Chocolate with Marshmallow

When perusing the Easter candy aisle, you will notice that some brands seem to have a strong hold on the collection of candy available. Galerie Candy is one of these brands. Most of its offerings are centered around fictional characters, and we were very intrigued by the Star Wars Mandalorian-themed milk chocolate egg with marshmallows. It has a cool presentation with a foil-covered, hollow chocolate egg with a marshmallow version of the character Grogu inside. It was cute, but it didn't taste great.

29. Finders Keepers

You can find several different Finders Keepers toys on Easter shelves. Inside a Finders Keepers box, you'll find a chocolate egg and a toy enclosed in a separate container. While the toy is cute and perfectly sized for little hands, the chocolate leaves something to be desired. It is not unique tasting and was rather dry and even felt stale. Your little one might enjoy it, but it's not worth comparing to other popular chocolate brands. Buy this one for the toy rather than the candy.

28. PEZ

PEZ candies were originally invented in 1927 as peppermint sweets to help curb a smoking habit. Today, they make excellent Easter candies since they provide both a dispenser and candies. We found a little bunny dispenser coupled with vanilla cupcake candies. While we thought the dispenser was adorable, the PEZ candies don't taste like a cupcake; we just taste a whole lot of sweetness. This one gets major points for being cute, but don't expect it to be the favorite treat in the basket.

27. Big Chewy Nerds Jelly Beans

We are always down for new flavors of jelly beans. However, we were admittedly disappointed in the Nerds variety. First off, in the bag, you only have three different flavors of jelly beans. While the purple and orange were pretty good, the yellow was pretty boring and not at all tart. Also, we couldn't quite get over the bumpy texture of the jelly beans. Before biting into them, we thought they might be a tightly bound collection of Nerds, but this isn't the case, and the bumpy texture of the candy is just odd.

26. Peeps

These standby marshmallow treats are nearly a requirement to include in your Easter baskets. A yellow Peeps Marshmallow is quintessentially Easter, and though there are other creative and better-tasting flavors available, there's something special about the yellow chick option. Plus, even if you have leftover Peeps at the end of your celebrations, these candies make great substitutions in your cooking. We especially love using them in rice crispy treat batches to add some extra color. For a fun twist on s'mores, you could also use them as marshmallows in your sweet sandwiches. As Easter treats go, though, they're pretty meh.

25. Stuffed Puffs

In an effort to get in on the Peeps business, Puffs offers its own version of a marshmallow Easter treat. These little marshmallows are light blue on the outside and covered with speckles of many different colors, making it look something like a robin's egg, only bigger. The fun part about these marshmallows is that they're actually filled with milk chocolate. While we like the concept, the feeling of biting into milk chocolate inside of a marshmallow is kind of strange and not something we particularly enjoyed.

24. Whoppers Robin Eggs

Aside from bunnies and chicks, the other prominent symbol for the Easter season is the egg. There are quite a few companies that offer soft-filled eggs, but there are others that specialize in crunchy eggs. That is the case with Whoppers Robin Eggs. Aside from the speckled exterior and egg shape, these taste exactly like the traditional Whoppers you can pick up at the movie theater. The malted chocolate taste is a classic one, and we enjoy a crunchy egg, but we tend to prefer some other hard egg candies more.

23. Cadbury Caramel Egg

You've probably heard of a Cadbury Crème Egg, but the Caramel Egg variety may be new to you. This milk chocolate egg is full of gooey caramel, and though we liked the chocolate shell, we found the caramel filling to be overwhelming. There's just too much of it, to be honest. The caramel vastly overwhelms the chocolate, so it is overly sweet and very messy to eat. Still, we're very impressed with how well the chocolate contained this large amount of caramel.

22. Russell Stover Eggs

We can always count on Russell Stover to offer adorably themed candies for each holiday. For Easter, you will find Russell Stover eggs in a few different varieties. We picked up the caramel and marshmallow filled and the chocolate truffle varieties. These eggs are flattened rather than in the full, rounded egg shape we see other Easter candies take on. We like these because the rounded egg shape gives too much room for filling. Of the two, we preferred the truffle variety, but the caramel and marshmallow one wasn't bad either. These were okay, but not great.

21. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Like the Whoppers Robin Eggs, these Cadbury Mini Eggs are shaped like little bird's eggs with a speckled pastel coating. Unlike the Whoppers, however, these are pure chocolate inside with a crunchy exterior. We like how snackable these are, and around Easter, you can find them in large bags or tiny ones like those we found. We especially enjoy this little bag of Mini Eggs because it fits perfectly in a plastic Easter egg.

20. Pop Ups Lollipop

Lollipops belong in Easter baskets, and though there are plenty of options out there, we love the Pop Ups brand. These little packages come with a holder that allows you to enjoy your lollipop while also preserving it between licks — if you don't finish it in one sitting, you can come back for more. We like the Peeps-branded one because it comes with a little yellow bunny on top, but the marshmallow flavoring here is a little strange.

19. Ring Pop

The Ring Pop is another fun spin on a lollipop. The benefit of these sweets is that they can sit right on top of your finger without you needing to hold a stick to enjoy that sugary sweetness. For Easter, you can get these in a small bag with the Ring Pop in individual wrappers, making them perfect for egg stuffing. Our bag said it included three Ring Pops, but our bag had four! We were also excited to see that it contained some exciting flavors like Fruit Punch, Very Berry Punch, and Strawberry Watermelon Splash. Not exactly Easter-themed, but tasty.

18. Cadbury Creme Egg

Cadbury Creme Eggs are another popular Easter candy, and the concept is pretty sweet too. Inside the chocolate shell, you will find yellow and white cream. Together, the colors resemble the inside of an actual chicken egg. The way that Cadbury can ensure the yellow stays perfectly in the center of the egg still blows our minds. While these Cadbury Eggs do not suffer from the same problem as caramel ones, there is still a fair amount of filling in these, which can be a turn-off

17. Sparkly Wild Berry Peeps

It's almost a given that an Easter basket will have some Peeps in it, but you can also switch up that inclusion by offering some specially flavored Peeps. The company comes out with new varieties each year, and we think the Sparkly Wild Berry Peeps would make an adorable and tasty addition to your Easter baskets. These light, purple Peeps are bunny shaped and have a glittery, slightly sour coating all over them.

16. Push Pop Toppers

Push Pops are a sweet spin on the typical lollipop. The premise of these candies is that the lollipop stick fits in a little cup that you push up with your finger as you enjoy it. The best thing about these Easter candies is that they also come with a toy topper. We picked up the one with a little Easter egg dressed up with a top hat. If you're looking for an interesting alternative to the typical lollipop, these are perfect.

15. Warheads Sour Jelly Beans

If gummy sour bunnies aren't quite enough of a kick for you, check out Warheads' Sour Jelly Beans. These little beans are oddly shaped compared to typical jelly beans, but since they have such a unique flavor, perhaps that is fitting. These jelly beans have a sour exterior, and the inside is a sweet jelly bean. However, since the outside is so sour, it really blends all the way through the jelly bean. That might be a detraction for some, but we liked it. 

14. Dove Dark Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate is great. But chocolate that comes with positive, uplifting sayings is even better, and that's where Dove chocolates come into play. To make its candies perfect for the season, Dove created delicious eggs made out of chocolate. While some other candy eggs are the entire shape of an egg, these are only half with a flattened bottom. As part of your egg, you also get a foil wrapper with an uplifting message on the inside. It may feel like Dove is going for something akin to a fortune cookie, but we adore the sweet notes.

13. Reese's Pieces Carrot

When candy favorites get dressed up for a holiday, everyone wins. You can purchase a candy you already know your recipient will love, but it's also perfectly on theme. That's the biggest perk of the Reese's carrot. This arrangement of only orange Reese's Pieces comes in a little triangle bag to make it look like a freshly harvested carrot. The Reese's Pieces are as delicious as they usually are, and we love the presentation of this one.

12. Warheads Hard Candy

For many people, looking at Warheads will elicit that super sour sensation. These little candies are sweet but extraordinarily sour on the outside. But, for whatever reason, we love these little guys, and seeing them arranged in a little Easter egg is absolutely irresistible. The little tin Easter eggs come with three different flavors of Warheads inside. Our little pack had two watermelons and one apple, which were both good, but we secretly hoped for a blue raspberry.

11. Sour Patch Kids Bunnies

If you're a fan of Sour Patch Kids, you'll absolutely love the Sour Patch Easter variety. These sweet and sour gummy treats taste exactly the same as the regular Sour Patch you'd get at a movie theater but are shaped like little bunnies. These Easter gummies do not come with blue pieces, but the other flavors are there. Of course, you'll only enjoy these if you love sour candy — and in case it wasn't clear by now, we're sour candy lovers.

10. Jelly Belly Spring Mix

When it comes to jelly bean flavors, Jelly Belly has some of our favorites. We love that the company offers ultra-unique flavors, and though the little box of spring mix jelly beans isn't filled with the most unique offerings Jelly Belly has, they're still delicious. You'll get to try Island Punch, Bubble Gum, Sour Apple, Sunkist Tangerine, Berry Blue, Cotton Candy, Orange Sherbet, Lemon Lime, and Sunkist Lemon. Our favorite of these flavors is the Sour Apple, and we love that these little boxes are the perfect size for stuffing large plastic eggs.

9. Ferrero Collection Crispy Eggs

We find that many times, caramel filling is too gooey. However, these Ferrero Collection Crispy Eggs are full of a creamy, buttery smooth caramel filling. Plus, after the chocolate egg exterior, there is a little wafer-like crunch before you even get to that soft center. These surprised us, and we really enjoyed them. They feel like a nice compliment to the runny center in many filled eggs you typically find in the Easter candy aisle.

8. Nerds Rope

The concept of the Nerds rope is an interesting one. It's basically a long licorice strand with Nerds attached all along it. For the Easter variety, the Nerds are all pastel colors. We really enjoy the Nerds Ropes candy because it is much simpler to eat than traditional Nerds, which are all strewn about. The flavor is ultra sweet, a little tart, and a great compliment to an Easter basket that is mostly chocolate.

7. Trolli Sour Brite Gummi Bunnies

If you love sour gummy worms, you know how delicious these are. Though they aren't shaped like the slimy little slithers, Trolli Gummi Bunnies are crave-worthy, binge-worthy, and the perfect plastic egg stuffer. With them being smaller than the typical gummi worm, it's very easy to eat one right after another. Plus, all of the flavors are great, and there are quite a few in each bag: cherry, orange, lemon, grape, lime, and strawberry.

6. Ghirardelli Chocolate Bunnies

If you enjoy the Ghirardelli caramel chocolate squares as much as we do, you'll adore these little chocolate bunnies. The chocolate is rich and the caramel is perfectly sweet. While we love the taste of these and like that two come in the little package, the individual bunnies are quite small. They're not super exciting for a child's basket, but they would make a sweet seasonal treat for an adult. Either way, they are great egg stuffers.

5. Reese's Peanut Butter Egg

If you enjoy a classic Reese's peanut butter cup, then you probably also enjoy the different shapes Reese's offers for the holidays. Around Easter, you can get egg-shaped ones, while the winter season offers an evergreen tree shape. Mostly, these Reese's tastes almost identical to the classic Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. But without the ridges presenting the same way, the texture and chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio can be quite different. As it turns out, we preferred the rounded edges and ratio of the Reese's egg to the rough edges of the classic peanut butter cup.

4. Starburst Jellybeans

There are so many companies making jelly beans now, but each does it in a slightly different way. Companies like Jelly Belly go out of the way to produce extremely unique flavors like buttered popcorn, but some companies take a more traditional route. This is the case when it comes to Starburst jelly beans. However, don't let these traditional flavors fool you — they are some of the best when it comes to the classic.

3. Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny

When it comes to chocolate bunnies, we are a big fan of the Lindt Chocolate variety. This sweet little bunny comes wrapped in gold foil and though it is hollow in the middle, like many other chocolate bunnies, the taste more than makes up for it. Generally, these chocolate bunnies come in a wide variety of brands, shapes, and even flavors, but try not to get swayed by the different options available for chocolate bunnies. You might as well go with the best.

2. Kinder Joy

This candy may get the nod for the most surprising and effective packaging. A Kinder Joy Egg comes apart in two pieces. On one side, you get your sweet cream with these delicious chocolate bites on top. Then, on the other side, you have a toy. The two halves are divided entirely by the covering on each of them. In the middle of the two, there's even a little utensil with which to enjoy this treat. We absolutely loved this one for all of its charm and how sweet and chocolatey the candy was.

1. Kinder Happy Hippo Crispy Wafers

With as much as we enjoy Kinder Joys, we just had to get the Kinder Happy Hippo Crispy Wafers a try. In the box, you get five hippos in their own foil wrapping that are perfect for Easter eggs. Each has a crispy exterior with eyes, eyebrows, a tail, and even a little nose, and each is full of milk and cocoa. Just like Kinder Joys, we were surprised by these little hippos. We thought the crispy wafer might have too much of a crunch, but it works perfectly with the filling. The texture, taste, and convenience make it the perfect addition to any Easter basket or egg hunt.