Easter Candy Taste Test

Welcome to the Peep show

Before we ignite the anger of sugar-dusted marshmallow lovers everywhere, let's make one thing clear: There's really no such thing as bad Easter candy. Popping open those plastic eggs to reveal adorable egg-shaped confections is one our favorite holiday traditions, even if it means finding strands of plastic grass strewn about the house for the rest of the month.

Even though we're an equal opportunity employer when it comes to Easter sweets, we can all agree your basket deserves only the best. So to help you achieve bunny day greatness, we took on the arduous task of taste-testing and ranking all the bunny-shaped, pastel-colored candies we could get our paws on.

Our Top Five 

⑤ Reese's Easter Eggs

An ever-dependable candy-aisle choice, these foil-wrapped eggs had only one factor keeping them from stealing the show: the slightly underwhelming amount of peanut butter compared to the golden ratio in their standard cup-shaped form. 

④ Cadbury Creme Eggs

The sweet, molten icing hiding inside this pick's milk chocolate shell might not be for everyone, but those in favor here were passionately adamant that Easter isn't Easter without indulging in at least one of these hearty sugar bombs.

③ Hershey's Milk Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs

The sleeper hit of the bunch. We weren't expecting to love these chewy chocolate-enrobed 'mallows as much as we did. One editor pointed out how the candy's perfect balance of marshmallow and chocolate prevented the candies from falling into the overly sweet zone, while others appreciated how exquisitely Hershey's nailed the texture.  

② Starburst Original Jellybeans

After the massive amounts of chocolate we ingested—we know, poor us—there was only one word for these extra-fruity jelly beans: amazing. Tasters found them to be much more refreshing than the average Jelly Belly, cementing their role as a necessary Easter basket palate cleanser.

① Cadbury Mini Eggs

Maybe it's their delightfully snappy shells, ideal snacking size or sweet-but-not-too-sweet chocolate interiors, but we can't help but love these little classics. And despite being on the verge of chocolate comas and sugary hangovers, we couldn't stop ourselves from mindlessly grabbing just a few more of the addictively crunchy eggs as we walked by.


The Runners-Up 

Whoppers Easter Robin Eggs

If Easter candy suddenly became the topic of your family's Easter brunch conversation, then these malted milk balls would be the day's most divisive hot-button issue. In the words of one editor, you either love them or "you really, really dislike them."

Reese's Clusters

These seasonal clusters stash peanut butter, caramel and nuts underneath a blanket of milk chocolate, and while they're arguably fine candy specimens, they lack the satisfying salty element found in a regular Peanut Butter Cup. "If you're a Reese's fan, you might be disappointed," one taster pointed out.

Hershey's Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs

Despite the fact that Hershey's also produces this taste test's winning candy, our editors agreed that the chocolaty insides of this version just didn't taste as complex as their Cadbury counterparts.

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Eggs

Though we wouldn't exactly complain if someone stuffed these into our plastic Easter eggs, there are better choices out there, as these are essentially Hershey's Kisses in egg form.

Marshmallow Peeps

You might be shaking your fists at us for not including these venerable treats in our top five, but these sugar-dusted cotton balls are simply less exciting than their fellow sweets. Though we will concede that these sparkly chicks are undeniably the faces of Easter.

Nestlé Butterfinger Eggs

Although these eggs reminded one editor of "a mashed-up Kit Kat" (in a good way, really), they lacked the superbly crunchy, stuck-in-your-teeth crispiness that defines our beloved Butterfinger. 

Hershey's Carrot Cake Kisses

The moment you unwrap the orange foil and get a whiff of these Kisses' strange cream cheese aroma, you know you're in for something very, very different. And while these elicited varying reactions from our group, anyone who's ever snuck a spoonful of frosting straight from the container should pick up a pack, stat.