Cadbury Debuts 2 New Luxurious Chocolate Eggs For This Easter

The Easter bunny may already be en route thanks to Cadbury's latest announcement. According to Delish, the chocolate brand has just launched two seasonal eggs, and both are certain to start off the Easter season earlier than expected. Sure, a January candy debut may very well be a strategic marketing ploy, yet what better way to think ahead — and spring forward, one egg at a time. Plus, isn't chocolate as timeless as it gets?

Cadbury's latest release is on par with the brand's fun flavor reveals. Over the years, the chocolate company has unveiled all kinds of funky and seasonal treats. In 2022, the company even launched two mystery bars, which were ultimately revealed as a blue raspberry slushie flavor and a rhubarb and custard flavor.

In 2023, however, Cadbury is sticking with more traditional flavors. The latest launch embraces the sweetness of spring, as well as a bulkier chocolate shell. Per Delish, Cadbury's latest eggs are thicker than the standard chocolate eggs, offering a sturdier vessel for all your chocolate cravings. Both are available for £12 so why not hop to it and try them for yourself?

Cadbury's oreo and milk chunky eggs give a whole new meaning to Easter eggs

Cadbury's latest candies come in thick shells, adding a new texture to the brand's signature chocolate flavor. The first egg, called the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunky Egg, takes its name seriously; it has an ultra-thick chocolate shell and amounts to roughly 400 grams. If you'd rather get some cookies with your chocolate, the Cadbury OREO White Egg has a shell made of white chocolate filled with oreo cookie pieces (via The Grocer Official on Instagram). 

Cadbury is no stranger to utilizing Oreos as inspiration. The company also sells a Dairy Milk Oreo Bar that features milk chocolate filled with vanilla and crunchy Oreo bits (via Cadbury's website). Its latest egg puts a new spin on that classic Oreo flavor. 

It's currently unclear whether Cadbury's latest eggs are only available in the United Kingdom or will eventually extend to the United States. For some us, we'll just have to wait and see if we can get our hands on these new flavors. Still, they're certainly two treats worthy of any Easter basket.