An Adorable Therapy Dog Was Just Named 2022's Official Cadbury Bunny

Whether your pet is covered with fur, scales, or feathers, they can win the chance to become the honorary Cadbury Bunny. Animals of all species participated in this year's tryouts to don a pair of rabbit ears, cluck like a chicken, and become the iconic spokesperson for the signature Easter holiday treat. According to a press release by the Hershey Company, an adorable and deserving English Doodle named Annie Rose was picked this year — with a little help from previous winners and the American public.

After the Cadbury team narrowed the entries to 10 finalists, they turned to a panel of judges made up of previous winners. According to People, Betty the Tree Frog, Henri the English Bulldog, and a special needs pup named Lieutenant Dan sat on the panel, and their owners offered up sage words on how to enjoy and succeed in winning the coveted commercial spot. Henri's owner suggested practicing patience and enjoying the fun opportunity. If you're worried about your unique animal putting up with bunny ears, Betty's owner said because they couldn't buy bunny ears for their frog, they made their own. Cadbury also offers digital ears for animals who can't handle costumes. Lieutenant Dan's owner brought favorite toys to the photoshoot and reminded applicants to share their pet's extraordinary story in the written portion of the contest application.

Once the panel of judges weighed in, the vote went to the American public. This year, according to Hershey, thousands of people voted, and Annie Rose was chosen to don the ears.

English Doodle Annie Rose is the newest Cadbury Bunny

Even a global pandemic that shut down nursing homes for months couldn't keep Annie Rose, a sweet and fluffy therapy dog from Ohio, from bringing joy to the residents she regularly visits, per a Hershey press release. The friendly English Doodle kept care facility residents smiling by wagging outside their windows, and her local fans returned the love by supporting the cuddly canine when her owner entered her into this year's Cadbury Bunny tryouts. After putting on some rabbit ears, wrapping her buck teeth around a basket of Cadbury Creme Eggs, and telling her story of community service, it's no wonder that Annie Rose was chosen as the 2022 Cadbury Bunny.

According to Therapy Dogs, therapeutic visitation dogs like Annie Rose can reduce anxiety and depression in residents of care facilities while spreading their ever-positive canine attitude to patients who are comforted by and benefit from their companionship. Dogs are very sentient creatures, and Annie Rose's owner, Lori R., believes Annie Rose truly enjoys making people happy.

The Cadbury brand incentivized the vote this year by donating $5,000 to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) plus $5,000 per every 5,000 votes received during the contest. Cadbury's total donation to the ASPCA was $20,000. Annie Rose gets to take home $5,000 as well, but her owner said that what they're most excited about is seeing their sweet dog in those iconic bunny ears.