Does Your Pet Have What It Takes To Be 2022's Cadbury Easter Bunny?

When you think about it, Easter may have the most bizarre holiday mythology of all. Sure, Santa Claus and his flying reindeer are kind of weird, but they've got nothing on a rabbit who hops around the world delivering eggs. How did this bunny even get the decorated eggs? Did it steal them, or is it somehow in cahoots with the chickens who supplied them? According to the German immigrants (who brought the whole Easter Bunny concept to the U.S. back in the 18thcentury, according to the History Channel), the Osterhase actually lays the eggs itself ... we think we'll be sticking to Easter candy, thank you very much.

When it comes to chocolate eggs, Cadbury makes some of our favorites, and they also sponsor the very best Easter promo. Bunny, schmunny, the folks at Cadbury USA say! Instead, each year they hold a contest to determine a new spokesanimal to reign over the Easter season. We're not talking mythological beasts, either, but real-life furry friends (and even a few finny or scaly ones, too). Last year's "Cadbury Bunny" was, in fact, a frog, while the prior year's candidate was an adorable two-legged dog. So cute!! Almost as sweet as your own little pumpkin, right? 

Well, if you were thinking of giving your furry friend a chance at the spotlight, 2022's Cadbury Bunny contest is about to begin.

How to nominate your pet as the 2022 Cadbury Bunny

There are several steps in the process of entering your pet in Cadbury's Bunny Tryouts, all of which must be completed by February 21. You'll first need to supply your email address, although you don't have to opt in to the marketing emails Cadbury would undoubtedly like to send you. You'll then be taken to a page that asks for all your personal details and makes you type in a Captcha code. Once you get past that gateway, that's when the real work begins.

You can't just submit any old pet photo, since your pet needs to be sporting bunny ears. Cadbury does, however, allow you to Photoshop, draw them in, or use the provided digital bunny ear stickers, just in case you can't find a pair tiny enough to fit your goldfish. Your Photoshop skills alone won't guarantee a win for Fang the Fishy, though, since you'll also need to write a short essay about why your piscine pal deserves to be on TV.

Should your photography and writing be sufficiently compelling to move your pet on to the semi-finals, the contest rules require you to submit an audition video by February 28, with the winning video to be determined by popular vote. The new Bunny will be announced on March 29, with fame (a TV commercial) and fortune (a $5,000 check) to follow.

Good luck, and may the best pet win! (Well, next-best, after yours, of course.)