Every Super Bowl 2024 Food Commercial, Ranked

The Super Bowl is essentially a holiday in its own right for many American families, complete with Super Bowl parties and traditions like diving into hearty bowls of chili, snacking on chips and salsa, and sipping on an ice-cold beer. Alongside the main event, there's the excitement of placing prop bets among friends and family, predicting everything from the game's outcome to the smallest details. But for some of us, the commercials aired during the game hold as much appeal as the action on the field and the spectacle of the halftime show.

With each passing year, a few brands stand out amidst a mix of advertisements for cars, beauty products, and the occasional public service announcement. While Budweiser has long been the undisputed king of Super Bowl beer commercials, thanks to its iconic Clydesdales and adorable puppies, the arena has become more competitive. Now, more brands are stepping into the spotlight, hoping to leave a lasting impression on the Super Bowl's massive audience. Among these, some commercials will be remembered as iconic, joining the ranks of the most memorable Super Bowl ads in history, whereas others might not achieve the same legendary status. 

23. Popeyes: The Wait is Over

Popeyes' debut Super Bowl ad is quite peculiar, featuring comedian and actor Ken Jeong, whom we know best from "The Hangover" movies. In the commercial, he is humorously depicted as being cryogenically unfrozen to sample the company's first-ever hot wings. Since these are the first wings introduced to Popeye's menu since its inception, the Super Bowl presents an ideal opportunity to unveil them.

However, the premise of the ad is bizarre. Clearly, Jeong has not been cryogenically frozen, making the scenario quite strange. Nonetheless, watching this fictitiously thawed Jeong explores modern marvels like robotic vacuums and tasting Popeye's new wings is entertaining.

22. Drumstick: Doctor on the Plane

In Drumstick's Super Bowl ad, Eric André suffers a stomach issue mid-flight, leading to a comedic twist when Dr. Umstick, symbolizing Drumstick ice cream, responds to a call for a doctor. Instead of medical aid, Dr. Umstick offers ice cream to passengers.

The ad balances humor with absurdity but ends with André's unresolved discomfort. The creative portrayal of Drumstick as a whimsical character leaves a funny yet incomplete story, our biggest beef with the commercial.

21. Pringles: Mr P

In this era of social media, the Pringles ad taps into our desire to share virtually every aspect of our lives, this time spotlighting an unsuspecting Chris Pratt. The ad humorously shows Pratt's face being plastered all over the internet, drawing parallels between his appearance and that of the Pringles mascot. This attempt to capitalize on the humorous likeness aims to resonate with the audience's desire for viral content.

However, despite appreciating the effort to inject humor, we found the ad didn't quite leave a lasting impression. It falls a bit short, with the humor coming across as forced rather than naturally entertaining.

20. Pepsi's Starry: It's Time to See Other Sodas

Pepsi's Starry ad bids former Sierra Mist fans to give Starry a try. In the ad, we see Ice Spice lounging on a couch with animated representations of a lemon and lime. When her former favorite lemon-lime soda appears, she expresses her need for something "more refreshing" and "more crisp," ultimately declaring her switch in loyalty. The rejection causes the ex to explode.

This commercial confronts the gaping absence left by Sierra Mist, and is a memorable piece for those who long for the discontinued drink. Yet, its impact might not be as significant for those less attached to the retired soda.

19. Poppi: The Future of Soda is Now

Poppi's Super Bowl LVIII commercial is an advertisement in the most traditional sense, focusing on conveying the product. The ad positions Poppi sodas as a groundbreaking innovation in the beverage industry, seeking to redefine perceptions of standard soda and its ingredients. It encourages viewers to reconsider their understanding of soda, presenting Poppi as a trailblazer in this space.

While it may not rank as our favorite Super Bowl ad, it effectively serves its purpose for those who are not yet familiar with Poppi soda. The commercial's straightforward approach to highlighting the unique attributes of Poppi sodas makes it a valuable piece for introducing the brand to a wider audience.

18. DoorDash: All the Ads

DoorDash's teaser videos had us on the edge of our seats with its promise of a contest offering the ultimate prize: delivery of items from all Super Bowl ads. This fascinating proposition piqued our interest, setting the stage for a potentially exciting Super Bowl ad.

When the moment arrived, and the ad finally played in the last quarter, the excitement quickly turned to confusion. The task at hand — to input a ludicrously long promo code for a chance at the prize — felt like a ridiculous hurdle. Despite the ad's attempt to stand out with a fun and unique premise, it ultimately fell flat, failing to leave a lasting impression or deliver an enjoyable experience.

17. Oreo: The Oreo twist with Kris Jenner

The Oreo Super Bowl ad introduces a quirky twist on enjoying Oreos: It suggests using the cookie's twist as a decision-making tool ─ like flipping a coin. This concept, while inventive, prescribes a specific way to engage with Oreos, straying from the brand's usual celebration of simple pleasure.

Featuring scenarios from the whimsical, like the Trojan Horse entering Troy, to the contemporary, such as Kris Jenner's executive decision to make her family the focus of a reality TV show, the ad positions the Oreo twist as a universal decision aid. Despite its creativity, we felt this approach limited the diverse ways people enjoy Oreos.

16. Budweiser: Old School Delivery

Budweiser's ad taps into its signature storytelling, featuring Marc Menchaca and a herd of Clydesdales delivering beer to a power-out pub during a storm, a nod to traditional methods amidst modern challenges. The inclusion of a guiding labrador adds a classic touch, blending nostalgia with the iconic duo of dog and horse.

While the ad charms with its nostalgic elements, it doesn't reach the emotional heights of past Budweiser Super Bowl spots, missing the deeper impact often associated with the brand's ads.

15. Doritos: Dina & Mita

The Doritos commercial, featuring Jenna Ortega with her grandmothers Dina and Mita in a supermarket, stands out for its humor. It showcases the grandmothers going to great lengths for Doritos, especially the rolled tortilla chips, highlighting their unexpected antics.

While Jenna Ortega adds star power, her role feels secondary to the grandmothers' comedic endeavors. Her inclusion brings extra appeal but the spotlight remains on the grandmothers' quest for Doritos. Nevertheless, Ortega's presence, though not crucial, enhances the ad's charm.

14. Reese's: Reese's Cups Big Game

Reese's ad cleverly taps into the fear of change with its announcement of an update to the iconic Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, a tactic that resonates with anyone wary of alterations to beloved snacks. By playing on these fears, the ad effectively captures attention.

The commercial, however, reveals a twist rather than a concern: It announces a new version of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with a caramel layer between the peanut butter and chocolate. The exaggerated reactions of a roomful of people to the news serve as a humorous way to introduce this change, addressing consumer fears while intriguing them.

13. Nerds: Nerds Gummy Clusters with Addison Rae

Nerds Gummies, the chewy center counterparts to the classic hard Nerds candies, are highlighted in this Super Bowl ad. The commercial creatively features an animated gummy core dancing and initiating a downpour of Nerds candies, reminiscent of the iconic "Flashdance" scene, showcasing the fun combination of crunchy shell and chewy center.

Despite Addison Rae's brief appearance towards the ad's conclusion, enjoying the candy on a sofa, her role, previously emphasized in a teaser, adds celebrity appeal to the playful promotion, albeit in a minimized capacity within the main ad.

12. Lindt Lindor: Life is a Ball

The Lindor advertisement is delightful, featuring a red wrapped Lindt truffle whimsically bouncing along to the lyrics of "Round and Round," a song by Perry Como from 1957. As the truffle hops across the screen, it weaves through scenes of people reveling in life's simple pleasures, perfectly embodying the song's cheerful tune.

This ad captures our hearts with its charm and simplicity. The choice of song infuses the commercial with a sense of lightness, while the visual of the chocolate truffle effortlessly inspires a craving for the sweet treat. It's a beautifully straightforward piece that encourages viewers to indulge in the small joys, much like savoring Lindor truffles.

11. Coors Light: Chill Train

For those familiar with the nerves of introducing a new partner to their family, the beginning of this commercial might strike a chord. It opens with a young woman and her presumed new beau entering her family's home, him wearing a jersey starkly contrasting with the team colors favored by those gathered. An immediate awkward silence ensues, but the woman quickly tries to defuse the tension by offering everyone a Coors Light.

As if summoned by the mountains themselves, the iconic silver Coors train emerges, racing down the mountainside toward the house. On its way, it bulldozes through various scenes — a photo shoot, a wedding, a couple having a romantic beach day, humorously suggesting it's displacing a rival beer, presumably Corona. Crashing into the house like a character from a Kool-Aid commercial, the train brings a chill vibe to the gathering. Revealed as the train's conductor, LL Cool J steps out, and "Love Train" starts playing. The combination of celebrity cameo, sports reference, and the brand's gimmick gives this commercial all the makings of a classic Super Bowl ad, albeit one that might not prove memorable in the long run.

10. Oikos: Hold My Oikos

As the Oikos ad spot opens, we're greeted with the amusing sight of a golf cart submerged in a pond on a golf course, with Martin Lawrence and Shannon Sharpe seemingly contemplating their next move. Lawrence, nonchalantly enjoying his Oikos, hands the yogurt to Sharpe before wading into the pond to retrieve the stranded cart. As the camera pans back to the fairway, we witness Lawrence successfully hauling the cart onto the green, demonstrating an impressive display of strength fueled by his snack of Oikos yogurt.

The ad showcases celebrity star power and cleverly resonates with golfers familiar with the chaos of a runaway cart. Martin's effortless recovery of the cart injects a comedic element into the scenario. Though it may not have been our biggest giggle of the night, the combination of a relatable golfing mishap and light-hearted humor makes this Oikos commercial memorable and amusing.

9. M&M's: Almost Champions Ring of Comfort

This is yet another Super Bowl commercial where the famed Dolphins quarterback of the past, Dan Marino, appears, this time sharing how M&M's supposedly crafts a ring of comfort for those who have nearly, but not quite, won a Super Bowl.

Through a humorous take on pseudoscience, we see peanut butter being transformed into diamonds, which are then bestowed upon nearly Super Bowl champions. The commercial features cameos from Terrell Owens, Bruce Smith, and even Scarlett Johansson, who has her own tales of near victories. The ad also includes the M&M characters, adding a familiar charm to the star-studded line-up. It's a funny and empathetic nod to the bittersweet experience of almost reaching the pinnacle of success in football.

8. Silk: Feel Planty Good

In January of 2023, Jeremy Renner experienced a severe accident involving a snowplow, leading to a lengthy recovery period due to his injuries. Addressing any concerns about his condition, the Silk commercial presents Renner in remarkable form, engaging in stunts within his kitchen setting, all sparked by a sip from a carton of Silk.

This advertisement is particularly striking given Renner's recent recovery, showcasing Silk's clever strategy in leveraging his resilience to embody the brand's uplifting spirit. Moreover, Renner's enthusiastic response to the product's taste at the commercial's beginning could persuade those typically hesitant about plant-based beverages to consider trying them, adding a compelling layer to the ad's impact.

7. Hellmann's: Mayo Cat

Hellmann's commercial brings together Kate McKinnon, a talking cat, and the universal theme of leftovers in a delightful concoction. The ad kicks off with McKinnon trying to whip up a meal from the contents of her kitchen, only for her cat to point to the mayonnaise in her refrigerator and utter, "may-o." This simple utterance catapults the cat to overnight fame.

The cat's newfound celebrity status is humorously depicted through appearances on morning shows, signings, keynote speeches, and photo shoots. It's both amusing and endearing, ultimately circling back to McKinnon and the cat in the kitchen, their moment in the spotlight seemingly concluded. While the ad doesn't focus on the quality of the mayo, the humor derived from the cat's "may-o" — eerily reminiscent of a regular cat's "meow" — is what makes it stand out.

6. Stōk Cold Brew: Sir Anthony Hopkins' Inner Wred Dragon

The commercial begins with what appears to be Sir Anthony Hopkins delivering a solemn lecture on the art of acting, setting the stage for a serious tone. However, the ad quickly takes a turn as we discover Hopkins is actually portraying Wrex, the dragon mascot for Wrexham AFC. The mascot energetically engages the crowd, roaring with enthusiasm. It's only in the ad's conclusion that Hopkins reveals his secret energy source: cold brew.

This advertisement is a fun addition to the Super Bowl lineup, bringing a soccer element to an event predominantly focused on American football. The initial setup cleverly misleads the audience, suggesting a deep dive into acting, only to reveal a lighthearted and entertaining twist.

5. Dunkin': The DunKings

Dunkin's commercial was packed with stars, featuring Ben Affleck alongside his wife Jennifer Lopez, with cameos from friends like Matt Damon and Tom Brady. The ad's narrative centers around Affleck's efforts to reinvent himself by forming a musical group. They debut their act, named the DunKings, in a dazzling yet somewhat less-than-stellar performance for JLo, music producers, and their crew.

This advertisement was funny and positively extravagant. While admittedly over the top, the blend of comedy and star-studded appearances made it an enjoyable watch.

4. Uber Eats: Don't Forget Uber Eats

With such a star-studded lineup, this commercial seems to have a celebrity for everyone, playing on the humorous premise that to learn something new, they must forget something crucial to their identity. We see Jelly Roll puzzled over his tattoos, Posh Spice scratching her head at the notion of the Spice Girls, and Jennifer Aniston seemingly oblivious to her "Friends" fame.

The brilliance of this ad lies in how it brings together an eclectic mix of celebrities, each facing a whimsical dilemma that's central to their public personas. This ad, with its memorable concept and engaging execution, is not something we are likely to forget anytime soon, unlike the celebrities' conveniently misplaced memories within the commercial itself.

3. Bud Light: Easy Night Out

The Bud Light Super Bowl commercial starring a genie was simple yet captivating. A Broncos fan discovers a Bud Light genie inside a bottle that refuses to open, who then offers to grant any wish without limitations. The ad cleverly unfolds through various vignettes where wishes are granted, ranging from the expected — like invisibility or super strength — to the more personalized, such as Peyton Manning becoming someone's best friend, or Post Malone joining a party.

The commercial culminates in fulfilling a wish to attend Super Bowl LVIII, after showcasing a series of unconventional desires, including a T-Rex appearing at a party. Then, once the ad ended, we see the stars of the ad in the stands at the actual Super Bowl, holding cans of Bud Light. This ad stood out for its creativity and the way it depicted characters who felt they could be part of our own Super Bowl watch parties, making it relatable and enjoyable.

2. Mountain Dew: Aubrey Plaza Having a Blast

"Parks and Rec" fans will instantly recognize Aubrey Plaza's unique monotone and deadpan delivery. In a clever ad that leverages her iconic persona, Plaza finds herself in various mundane or extreme situations — from being at a child's birthday party to wrestling, getting stuck in an overcrowded elevator, engaging in video games, attending a party, and even experiencing an alien abduction. Despite these scenarios, she consistently claims to be "having a blast," all while holding a Mountain Dew Baja Blast, playing on the drink's name with her signature lack of enthusiasm.

The commercial gains an extra layer of appeal for "Parks and Recreation" viewers with a surprise cameo from Nick Offerman. Offerman ties the ad back to the beloved show, making it significantly more memorable by appearing on the back of a dragon and enjoying a Baja Blast. This clever wordplay, combined with the reunion of Plaza and Offerman, crafts an advertisement that not only amuses with its humor but also resonates deeply with fans of the series.

1. Michelob Ultra: Superior Beach

To us, some of the best Super Bowl ads are those that seamlessly blend faces we love seeing with the product being pitched. This Michelob Ultra ad does just that, featuring Leo Messi, the famed Argentinian soccer player. Messi and his two friends walk up to a beachside bar to order Michelob Ultras. After the first two pints are poured, the keg runs dry, and the bartender has to get a new one. In the meantime, Messi engages in a soccer game on the beach.

The game has a featured spot for Jason Sudeikis, who seems to reprise a Ted Lasso-like character, while Dan Marino comments from a yacht just off the beach and throws the soccer ball back to land when it ends up on his boat. In the end, Messi gets his beer, and the soccer ball returns to the players on the beach, where a goal is scored. It's a nice balance between celebrity and product, showcasing how an ad can entertain and promote simultaneously.