Every Super Bowl 2023 Food Commercial, Ranked

Millions of Americans gather around the television yearly for a football game between two talented football teams. People gather to cheer on their team, savor snacks, drink, and enjoy the commercials and the halftime show. In fact, many relish the advertisements even more than the game itself. Companies know this, and over the last few years, competition between brands has ignited to develop the most humorous, heartbreaking, and exciting ads imaginable.

However, this airtime is costly. According to USA Today's ad meter, just 30 seconds of commercial time on the national stage costs roughly seven million dollars. This price has risen steadily over the years, but the price tag did not break one million until Super Bowl XXIX in 1995 when the average expense jumped from $900,000 the year before to $1.15 million. To put that into perspective, when the first Super Bowl aired in 1967, 30-second commercials cost companies an average of $37,500.

While we can't say whether 30 seconds of our attention is worth such a chunk of change, we're sure glad they keep the commercials rolling. We thought this year's food and drink ads were great fun.

25. Rémy Martin: Inch by Inch

Like many other beverage companies, Rémy Martin utilizes a celebrity to help sell its brand. In this ad, Serena Williams is speaking to a locker room of battle-weary football players. During her speech, we see scenes of different teams with Serena's speech about what it means to be a team player in the background.

This commercial has a great message, but it seems a little strange to have Serena giving this speech to a locker room of football players. Not to mention, we're not quite sure how it sells Rémy Martin. Clearly, the goal here is to sell a mindset or a mood for that brand.

24. Michelob Ultra: Full Swing Gossip

This short from Michelob Ultra is a 30-second ad spot that advertises Netflix's new golf docuseries, "Full Swing." The ad shows people gathered around a television that is inexplicably on a golf course. They are clearly enjoying the show. At the end of the ad, we get a line from Tony Romo about appreciating underdog stories and a scannable QR code to unlock advanced viewing of the first episode.

We liked that Michelob Ultra just happened to be around during the commercial, as though the actors were simple enjoying the drink rather than selling it. However, the combination of a new Netflix show and beer just seems a little odd to us.

23. Popeyes: Dieunerst Collin

Dieunerst Collin, the Popeyes Meme Kid, stars in this commercial for the Popeyes brand. He talks about the commercial having all the features it should have: a nice ride, puppies, and a great meal deal. This ad is supposed to be selling Popeyes' deal called "Eyes on the Fries (or Pies)," but we found that this message got lost in the commercial. The puppies were cute, and it was sweet to see Collin all grown up, but this one didn't quite hit it for us. It felt a little too rushed and stuffed full of features.

22. Avocados from Mexico: Make it Better

This Avocados from Mexico ad is less commercial and more a thought experiment. It imagines what the world would be like if Eve, played by Anna Faris, had had her apple magically replaced with avocado. Nudity is in, cab drivers play nicely, and avocado dishes abound.

Paradise, right? Well, the premise of the commercial feels a little off and certainly far-fetched, but the message here is clear: Add avocados to your food to make everything better. It's a humorous ad, but it won't go down as one of our favorites because the premise just felt a little out of place.

21. Oikos Yogurt: Deion Sanders and family

In a strength competition between the members of the Sanders family, Deion attempts to prove that he is the strongest, only to get overshadowed by other family members. Oikos is trying to show us that strength makes things better, but this message is odd when combined with what's happening on screen. Sure, they're both talking about strength, but Oikos is saying the Greek yogurt's strength is what makes it better, and the family is trying to show who is strongest. The two concepts don't really fit together. They're similar but not quite there. While we love Greek yogurt, we didn't love this commercial.

20. Planters: The Roast

In the style of a Comedy Central roast, the Planters commercial depicts a live roast of Planter's mascot, Mr. Peanut. They attack various aspects of peanuts and the mascot himself. It ends with a comment on how brutal the roast had been, alongside a quip that they should have just killed him off again.

This ad is a fun callback to the company that killed off its mascot, but this off-handed mention is nestled in a much larger scene in a commercial that is ultimately rather forgettable, considering the host of outstanding commercials this year.

19. Michelob Ultra: New Member's Day

Originally released in the summer of 1980, "Caddyshack" is a slapstick comedy featuring the talents of such comedic legends as Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray. For a delightful play on this classic movie, Michelob Ultra models one of this year's commercials on scenes from this movie.

The ad stars several athletes, including Serena Williams, Jimmy Butler, and even Tony Romo, who cracks a Michelob Ultra while sitting under a tree. However, the commercial is not much more than simply replaying scenes similar to the movie; even still, like the "Breaking Bad," commercial from PopCorners, it's exciting to join the scenes again.

18. Pepsi Zero Sugar: Ben Stiller

For Pepsi's Zero Sugar ad, Ben Stiller gives us a primer on what it means to be an actor. His job is to convince us that everything is real: emotion, relationships, and even the cold. But, then, in the end, he is the classic character Derek Zoolander drinking soda, and we're all left wondering: Is it good? Or is it just acting?

This great question gives up just enough curiosity to give Pepsi Zero Sugar a try, and the use of Derek Zoolander is an apparent attempt to pull in millennial audiences who will recognize him as the titular character of "Zoolander," as well as the recent "Zoolander" meme resurgence that's been happening in Gen-Z spaces online.

17. DoorDash: We Got Groceries

DoorDash is typically known for picking up your favorite restaurant meals and delivering them to your home, but this ad shows viewers that they will also shop for your groceries. Chef Matty Matheson, The Chef from the Wu-Tang Clan, and Tiny Chef from Nickelodeon give a DoorDasher some tips on picking the best pineapple, watermelon, and cream.

This commercial has several things we love in a great Super Bowl commercial with celebrity appearances, a little silliness, and effectively doing its job of sharing the news that DoorDash also does groceries. We can imagine DoorDash will see an increase in grocery sales after the big game.

16. Heineken 0.0: Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

It's not often you see a commercial advertising alcohol-free beer, but that's just what Heineken does in its ultra-short, 15-second commercial. This one features Ant-Man, played by Paul Rudd, enjoying a drink before getting back to work, which we can do with Heineken's 0.0 beer. This ad was a fun way to incorporate a popular superhero character, and we love that Heineken includes its alcohol-free beer in ads. It won't go down as one of our favorites, but it's quirky and quick, and in the world of the expensive Super Bowl ad, sometimes that's for the best.

15. Sam Adams: A Brighter Boston

In this Sam Adams commercial, the focus finds himself swept away in a dream world of a brighter, more polite, thoughtful Boston. We see scenes of people offering parking spots, welcoming rival fans, aggressively recycling, and Kevin Garnett encouraging the spreading of love. Sam Adams' commercial ends as the man snaps back to the reality of his card being declined and the salesperson refusing the beer sale. 

When products redefine themselves, they don't always so openly acknowledge it as Sam Adams does. We thought this one was amusing, especially for those fans from Boston.

14. Bud Light: Miles Teller dancing

Commercials that best represent their consumer tend to have the most successful ads. For this reason, many brands try to reflect what they hope their customers feel about the products. That's exactly what's happening in Bud Light's ad. In this one, Miles Teller and his wife, Keleigh Teller, dance to hold music with Bud Lights in hand.

They find happiness in enjoying this little moment that could otherwise be frustrating. We like this ad for its simplicity and sweet message, and it also feels a little like a moral we can take away from the ad. Now there's a new quality in beer commercials.

13. Doritos: Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow, struggling to perfect a song, is inspired by the shape of Doritos to utilize the similarly shaped triangle in his work. Soon, the triangle sweeps the world, becoming the most popular percussion instrument since the cowbell. People absolutely go nuts for the metallic sound, and it seems to shape the future of contemporary and even future music.

We think this commercial is so much fun because there are plenty of celebrity cameos, and it is just believable enough to feel plausible while silly enough to be fantastical. Doritos often does an excellent job of treading that line, and this year is no different.

12. Mars' M&Ms: Maya Rudolph

This M&Ms commercial stars comedian Maya Rudolph. In an elaborate stunt to eliminate regular M&Ms, Maya attempts to replace them with candies filled with chewy, chunky clams. Plus, they even have her face on them. In the final scene, we see Red holding up a sign calling for help.

This ad is quirky and funny and odd, and it is exactly what we love to see from this brand. Candy should feel childlike, and this commercial perfectly does this. It may not have been our absolute favorite, but we did enjoy it. Maya Rudolph was super fun in this too; she perfectly played her character of replacing the candies (if even temporarily).

11. Mars' M&M: They're back for good

After Maya Rudolph turned out to be a terrible spokesperson for M&Ms, this commercial is announcing that the spokes candies are back for good. It shows all of the colorful candies lined up at what appears to be a live press conference.

This commercial is concise, but as an addition to Maya's commercial, it doesn't need to be long. We love the way M&M connected the commercials and are thrilled that the oddly polarizing candies are back to work.

10. Pringles: Best of Us

If you know nothing else about Pringles, you probably know it is one of the best chip brands out there, and that it comes in tubular packaging. This ad plays on the ease with which you can get your hand stuck in a Pringles can, and that it can happen to anyone, from judges to Meghan Trainor.

We thought this one was fun and liked the appearance of Megan Trainor. The idea of using a stuck hand in a Pringles can as a universally experienced phenomenon was also creative. This ad had been teased as being a major ad for Trainor, so to see her rather small role was a little disappointing.

9. Tillamook: Block Jams

In an ad that reminds us of the classic 90s compilation albums, Tillamook offers "Block Jams." The commercial shows various songs inspired by cheese that is, according to the commercial, "So good, it inspired a whole album."

If nothing else, this commercial gives Tillamook the opportunity to become a memorable name for customers the next time they go to choose cheese for their meals. This one was fun, but it felt like too much was packed into a single 30-second ad spot. We would have liked the album ad to breathe a bit.

8. Hellmann's Mayonnaise: Who's in The Fridge

As this Hellmann's Mayonnaise commercial opens, we see Brie Larson and John Hamm in miniature form among leftovers in a fridge. John tries to figure out what he and Brie are doing there and eventually figures out that they are amongst the food because they share names with food items. Soon, Pete Davidson opens the door and says he's going to eat them.

The scene cuts to Pete making a sandwich in a panini press with brie cheese and sliced ham. In the end, Pete compliments how tasty John and Brie are, and Johns says what we're all thinking: "That's weird." This commercial is just quirky enough to be funny and uses celebrities uniquely.

7. Pepsi Zero Sugar: Steve Martin

Steve Martin's version of Pepsi's Zero Sugar ad, opposite of Ben Stiller's, has the exact same premise as Stiller's. However, since the two comedians appeal to different audiences, Pepsi clearly is trying to draw in different groups of people and sell to a broad audience.

We found this commercial funnier than the Stiller edition, but your preference will probably come down entirely to your taste in comedy. That said, we love that Pepsi designed an ad with two different comedians in mind because it will speak to a wide audience, and everyone can get a good chuckle.

6. Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Blue Moon: High Stakes Beer Commercial

You don't typically see more than one beer advertised in one commercial, and that's precisely why Miller, Coors, and Blue Moon chose this method. In a crazy fun and intricately choreographed commercial, Miller and Coors fight for the spotlight in this ad. Then, in the end, Blue Moon outshines them all. All three brands are owned by the same parent company of Molson Coors, but it's an entertaining idea anyhow.

We liked this commercial because it reminded us of the extraordinary fight scenes we sometimes get out of Hollywood, and it felt like a mini-movie.

5. Budweiser: Six degrees of Bud

In this smooth, thoughtful ad, Budweiser represents the different people who drink Budweiser, showing the viewer that it's appealing to the masses. Not only that, but it is a connection between us all. The narration plays off the idea that all people are connected by only six degrees, or, in this case, a six-pack. In the end, we are handed the final bottle in the six-pack with the slogan, "This Bud's for you." We thought this ad was clever and sweet, and since Budweiser has made some of the best liquor commercials of all time, we were surprised to see this departure in style. Even still, it works.

4. Busch: Shelter

In this short, 30-second ad spot, a rugged-looking man in flannel shares the "The Busch Guide" to survival. He explains that one needs three things to survive in the wilderness: food, drink, and shelter. When he reveals the drink, it's not water as one may expect, but Bush beer pulled from a stream. Then, with shelter, the tent side gets pulled back to reveal Sara McGaughlan, reprising her role as a spokesperson for helping shelter animals.

The commercial appeals to its intended, beer-drinking audience while simultaneously poking fun at the classic commercials McGaughlan was in. However, instead of crying to the music, we're now giggling.

3. Crown Royal: Dave Grohl

In the days leading up to this year's Super Bowl, Crown Royal teased its ad by having Dave Grohl list off a bunch of seemingly unrelated items. Now, we know what he was doing. On this particular Sunday, Dave and Crown Royal wanted to thank Canada for all kinds of things: poutine, canola oil, and football, among other odds and ends.

The appearance of Dave and his overall tone really makes this ad great fun. Of course, part of the enjoyment here is Crown Royal celebrating Canada on the day of the big game in America.

2. Dunkin: Starring Ben

Dunkin's ad features Ben Affleck, who's famously a real-life fan of Dunkin', working at a Dunkin drive-through window. He's playing himself and seems to have a job approaching something closer to standard when compared to his acting gig. He enjoys messing with customers, and when Jennifer Lopez, his wife, comes through, he says she's embarrassing him in front of his friends.

We really liked this one because the concept is simple, and the execution is great. Not to mention, the play between Lopez and Affleck is an entertaining addition. We especially enjoyed the quip about Ben being embarrassed. Not to mention, we really got throwback vibes to the hidden camera shows, since the customers seemed to be everyday people rather than paid actors.

1. PopCorners: Breaking Bad

From 2008 to 2013, AMC ran a top-rated show called "Breaking Bad." Between its scandalous premise and excellent characters, fans fell in love with the duo of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and their bizarre story.

This year, PopCorners rehashed a few scenes of this show, replacing the methamphetamine the pair cooked and sold with PopCorner's White Cheddar Popcorn. Also, to match the blue color of the drug from Breaking Bad, PopCorners even features its blue bag in the commercial. We thought this was a clever way to promote the brand while also being a fun callback to a beloved show.