Popeyes Super Bowl 2024 Ad Showcases Its Long-Awaited Wings

The Super Bowl isn't just the biggest sporting event of the year, it's also one of the biggest food days — and the perfect time for Popeyes to roll out a new ad for its popular chicken wings. While the massive event means lots of pizza, guacamole, nachos, and dips, wings are really the king of Super Bowl snacking. The National Chicken Council estimates that over 1.4 billion wings are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday — a truly staggering amount that has cemented them as the unofficial go-to food of the event. 

And of course, where Americans go, fast food companies will follow. Popeyes recently introduced wings to its permanent menu in a big rollout last November, and it's taking advantage of that serendipitous timing to roll out a new ad for Super Bowl 58 that will fully introduce its new item to the masses. According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, Popeyes' first-ever Super Bowl commercial will feature actor, writer, and comedian Ken Jeong sampling the new wings. 

The concept sees Jeong freezing himself 52 years ago, waiting for the moment someone has finally cracked the code for the best-tasting wings ever. Naturally, according to the ad's creators, those are Popeyes' wings, and the newly thawed Jeong takes in the new wing flavors along with other modern wonders like driverless cars and hybrid dog breeds. The full 60-second commercial can be viewed ahead of the game on YouTube, and a shorter 30-second version will air during the Super Bowl.

Popeyes' new wings are ready for their big Super Bowl moment

Popeyes made a few successful attempts at wings in the past but didn't release them as a year-round part of the menu until last year. The chicken chain put out Ghost Pepper Wings as a limited release in 2014 and 2020, before bringing them back as part of its full-time wing menu in 2023. Even more successful were last year's Sweet 'N Spicy Wings, which sold out almost as fast as the chain's popular chicken sandwich did back in 2019. That winning release ran directly into the announcement that wings would become a permanent menu fixture in five flavors just a few months later in November 2023. 

Popeyes' wings have been released to extremely positive reviews from online food critics, with particular praise coming in for the Sweet 'N Spicy rendition. As for why the chain waited three months for a full ad rollout? Sami Siddiqui, President of Popeyes North America, explained in the press release: "Football and wings is the all-American pairing, so we couldn't think of a better time to go all-in on launching our new wing lineup than during the Super Bowl." 

In addition to the Ghost Pepper and Sweet 'N Spicy flavors, Popeyes fans can grab Honey BBQ, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, and Signature Hot options as well, and the wings start at $5.99 for an order of six. If you are ordering wings for Super Bowl 58, and the stats say that you are, Popeyes might need to be number one on your list.