Popeyes Adds Chicken Wings To The Permanent Menu In 5 Savory Flavors

The wing business is clearly soaring at Popeyes. The fried chicken purveyor has been on a hot streak since the release of its now famous chicken sandwich back in 2019, and the chain has parlayed that success into a string of new menu items and popular limited releases over the past few years. The Popeyes sandwich was chopped up into well-received chicken nuggets in 2021, which have become a staple of the menu, and the company has also released limited-time Ghost Pepper Wings that were popular enough to be brought back earlier this year. The love for those wings was clearly noticed, as Popeyes put out what was initially billed as another seasonal flavor a few months ago with Sweet 'N Spicy Wings. Well, fans have apparently liked them even more than anticipated, because they are now being added to the permanent menu, along with four other wing flavors.

According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, Popeyes' new wings will be going on sale just in time for Thanksgiving on November 22. In addition to the existing Sweet 'N Spicy and Ghost Pepper Wings, the three new flavors will be Honey BBQ, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, and Signature Hot Wings. The chain says its wings "are marinated in just the right amount of distinct Popeyes flavors and spices to add that extra flavor and juiciness." They will be available at participating locations nationwide, and priced at $5.99 for six wings.

Popeyes chicken wings include new flavors and old favorites

The new wings flavors at Popeyes run the gamut of different styles from sweet to hot to savory. First released in 2020, The Ghost Pepper Wings are marinated in a dry spice blend. Despite being named after one of the world's hottest peppers, they aren't too spicy, but they have been consistently popular and well-received. The Sweet 'N Spicy Wings that are staying on the menu are tossed with chili, garlic, and ginger.

Of the three new flavors, the Signature Hot Wings will be most familiar to Popeyes fans. It's the chain's classic fried chicken in wing form, tossed with its hot sauce and a little added sweetness. The Southern-inspired Honey BBQ Wings are slathered with a barbecue sauce of tamarind, honey, and smoky molasses. The Roasted Garlic Parmesan flavor may stand out the most on the Popeyes menu; it offers up a buttery taste that includes caramelized garlic with parmesan and asiago cheeses.

If you want to try any of the new flavors you'll have the perfect opportunity next week. Starting on November 27, Popeyes will be giving away a free 6-piece order of wings with any purchase over $10. All you have to do is enter digital codes like STOPWINGS, NOTTHATWILD, OPENSUNDAY, and ONLY1WINGFLVR on the Popeyes app or its website. That kind of confidence will certainly inspire a lot of people to be checking out Popeyes' new wings.