Krispy Kreme And Hershey's Team Up For New Valentine's Day Donuts

The forever sweet of Valentine's Day may be chocolate, but why limit yourself when Krispy Kreme and Hershey's can give your special someone chocolate and donuts? That's not to say giving someone chocolates is a bad or boring thing — there are a lot of great chocolates out there and its delicious decadence makes it very understandable as a Valentine's Day staple. But, when it comes to the holiday, a little extra thought and creativity can go a long way. It might take the form of some nice red wine to pair with your sweets or it could mean ditching the dessert entirely and searing a great steak. Either way, there are a lot of options for tasty and meaningful Valentine's food that isn't chocolate.

If you do want to skip past the obvious chocolate, but still gift someone, or yourself, a Valentine's Day sweet treat, our nation's sugar purveyors have got you covered. Whether it is populist favorites like Insomnia Cookies, or more specialized shops like Milk Bar, chains have embraced Valentine's Day seasonal specials wholeheartedly. Even within that increasingly crowded space of limited-run holiday items, Krispy Kreme has made a bit of a name for itself, with Food & Wine reporting that the donut shop has put out special releases for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even Independence Day. 

Now, they are back with a new Valentine's line and a partnership with an iconic holiday mainstay.

Krispy Kreme and Hershey's are releasing four new Valentine's Day donuts

Krispy Kreme hasn't just become known for its limited-edition flavors, but as one of the most enthusiastic collaborators in fast food. The beloved donut chain just released a line of Biscoff donuts in the U.S., and Insider notes they have partnered with brands like Butterfinger in the past. According to CNBC, they are even in the process of testing out a partnership with the godfather of all American chains, McDonald's, which could be in response to Krispy Kreme's post-pandemic struggles. Now, the company has announced yet another new partnership, this time with Hershey's — and just in time for Valentine's Day.

The Krispy Kreme and Hershey's collab includes four new flavors of heart-shaped donuts, featuring various Hershey's products. The special donuts include not just a classic chocolate flavor topped with Hershey's kisses, but also flavors glazed with Hershey's caramel icing and one filled with Hershey's strawberry Kreme. In addition, Business Wire reports that anyone ordering the special dozen will get their donuts in a limited-edition pink "Choc-Full-of-Love" box. The combo includes two of each Valentine's Day specials, and four of Krispy Kreme's beloved classic glazed donuts. 

What better way than donuts to tell someone in your life you love them? Plus, with a dozen to choose from, there should be a few leftovers to gift yourself.