Krispy Kreme's Biscoff Donuts Have Just Landed On US Soil

Creating donuts inspired by fan-favorite desserts is a pattern with Krispy Kreme, and we are here for it. In February 2022, the donut company collaborated with Twix to make three limited edition versions of a Twix donut. A few months later, in celebration of summer, the brand collaborated with Popsicle and Good Humor to create donuts inspired by fan-favorite frozen treats like the firecracker and creamsicle (via Food Business News).  

To kick off 2023, the donut chain has just announced a partnership with Biscoff at participating stores across the United States, per a press release. If you don't know what Biscoff cookies are off the top of your head, think of the last time you had a cookie on an airplane, and it was most likely a Biscoff cookie. These cookies have a distinct flavor featuring warm spices, a delightfully crunchy texture, and a rounded, oblong shape. 

Typically, you can enjoy your Biscoff cookies plain or with coffee — but, with Krispy Kreme's collaboration, you can alternatively savor your cookie on and in a donut. 

Two desserts in one

New year, new donuts. Krispy Kreme has kicked off its first donut collection of the year with a trio of Biscoff-inspired donuts. All three options are similar, but utilize Biscoff products in various ways.

The first of the options is the Biscoff Iced Donut: a glazed donut covered in Biscoff cookie butter icing. If you'd rather enjoy a filled donut, however, Krispy Kreme also offers the Biscoff Cookie Butter Kreme Filled Donut, which, as the name suggests, is packed with Biscoff flavor. It's topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate frosting and some cookie crumbles. 

The last option brings yet another dessert to the cookie-and-donut table. The Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake Donut comes with Krispy Kreme's classic glaze, as well as — you guessed it — cookie butter icing. With the addition of cream cheese frosting and a cookie crumble, this is a donut as creative as it is delicious.

These limited edition donuts just launched in the United States on January 9 and are available through January 29, but they aren't new to global donut lovers.

"Our doughnuts made with Lotus Biscoff are popular around the world and it's definitely time for our U.S. fans to get a taste," Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme's Global Chief Brand Officer, said via a press release. "Both doughnut and cookie lovers will be amazed by this delicious combination."