Milk Bar Brings Back Fan-Favorite Sweets Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day approaches, and Christina Tosi's Milk Bar is stocked full of love letters in cake and confection. While some of us might show our love by preparing a meal featuring heart-shaped pasta or we might seek out a special bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate romance, Milk Bar is taking a more traditional route by bringing back some desserts fans have swooned for before as well as throwing a few new treats in the mix.

Tosi and her crew at Milk Bar have already been busy in 2023, stacking up decadent layers of theĀ Pancake Cake, which was so popular it sold out in just three short days during its previous release, according to the company's website. While Tosi might be ensconced in her kitchen experimenting with the ingredient she thought would be hot for 2023 (okay ... we'll let you in on the secret ... it's black sesame), we're excited to share the mouthwatering treats Milk Bar has on offer for Valentine's Day. As you might expect, there are some delightfully indulgent desserts.

What's back for Valentine's Day 2023?

Milk Bar's press release about the desserts returning to the menu for Valentine's Day 2023 promised some swoon-worthy treats, starting with the decadent Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake, described as "layers of double chocolate red velvet cake and frosting, cheesecake filling, and red velvet crumbs." Milk Bar fans are stoked about the cake, which one Instagram follower called the "best Valentine's Day gift I've ever received (from me, to me)."

Also returning is the play on New York's signature black and white cookie, presented in cake form, sized for two. The Mini Black and White Cake stack layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, held together by cookies and cream frosting and accented with shortbread crumbs. "SIGN ME UP, TAKE MY WALLET," said one Milk Bar Instagram fan. Both of these Valentine's Day treats, along with enticing Red Velvet Cheesecake Truffles, are available only for a limited time, both in Milk Bar bakeries and for order online. If you have a lot of love to send, Milk Bar is offering free shipping, also for a limited time, for orders over $100.