Christina Tosi Predicts The Next Big Baking Trend Of 2023 - Exclusive

Food trends really made a splash this year, with everything from floral lattes to an espresso martini making their way to drink menus. We are hoping Baked By Melissa's green goddess salad sticks around, along with that Italian beef boom courtesy of Hulu's hit restaurant series "The Bear." Yet as 2022 comes to a close, we can't help but wonder: What's in store for the food and beverage industry in 2023? While Pinterest predicts the apothecary aesthetic for cakes will take off, Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi foresees an up-and-coming baking ingredient on the horizon.

During an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Tosi revealed Milk Bar's holiday plans, which include a giant cookie swap with employees. Though we might be a bit jealous that we can't be a part of this festive activity, there are plenty of other Milk Bar projects to be excited about, given the brand's recent Fruit of the Loom partnership. With the collaboration featuring classic baked goods, peppermint flavor, and an iconic clothing brand, Tosi's work brings back all sorts of nostalgia. During our conversation, the chef also predicted that the nostalgia trend is here to stay in 2023, and she is most likely right. 

According to an annual trend report by Klarna, nostalgia was the key shopping theme for 2022, with items coming back from the '80s, '90s, and so on (remember the return of Oreo Cakesters that left the internet in a tizzy?). With that concept in mind, Tosi also sees room for one ingredient — that can provide a flavor twist on old classics — to rise through the baking ranks next year.

Tosi thinks black sesame will become popular

When forecasting the next baking trends for 2023, Christina Tosi told Tasting Table, "I think we're going to continue to use nostalgic vehicles like cookies, cake, pie, [and] ice cream, and continue to push the boundaries of flavors that we know, but combining them in an interesting way or bringing new flavors into the kitchen."

The nostalgia marketing tactic isn't the only thing that Tosi sees for 2023, as black sesame in pastries is slowly shining through as a trendy ingredient to watch. Healthline describes black sesame as a tiny, oily seed that is a type of sesame seed (like the ones on a fan-favorite bagel). "Black sesame has always been one of my favorite flavors," Tosi said. "It gives very much the flavor of peanut butter — which we all love; we love peanut butter and jelly — but it's in a new, deeper, more exotic way, though it still has a delicious nostalgic point of reference."

So how can you use black sesame in baking? Well, it works for pretty much any type of dessert you are able to think of. A black sesame cake, cookies, and brownies are all possibilities, in addition to the everything bagel that we all love so much. Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning really left its mark on 2022, so it will be interesting to see where else black sesame will take our taste buds in the new year.

You can purchase from the Milk Bar x Fruit of the Loom collab on the Milk Bar website. Check out Christina Tosi's Instagram page to keep up with her latest baking projects.