Barilla Is Giving Away Heart-Shaped Pasta Kits For Valentine's Day

Anyone who doesn't associate pasta with romance has clearly never seen "Lady and the Tramp." Wide-eyed, bashful lovers sharing a plate of spaghetti, along with the last meatball, is an iconic expression of new love. And when it comes to a passion for pasta, there's perhaps no family more ardent than Barilla. Bell Italia notes that Barilla Pasta, founded in Parma Italy by Pietro Barilla in 1877, is one of the world's largest producers of pasta.

Barilla Pasta, which is still headquartered in Parma, has offices and production facilities in countries all around the world, a fact that prompted a class-action lawsuit in late 2022, alleging that Barilla Pasta is exploiting the prestige associated with Italian-made goods even though some of their product is made in the United States. For now, though Barilla's focus is all hearts and pasta, with a side of the care and attention that goes into lovingly prepared meals.

Barilla Love is heart-shaped rigatoni

In a press release, Barilla announced a brand new, limited release of a heart-shaped version of its Blue Box mezzi rigatoni pasta. Barilla Love won't be available for sale in stores, though; it's available only as part of the Barilla Love Pasta Kit, which will be shipped to randomly selected winners who enter the Barilla Love giveaway. To enter, visit Barilla's website, share some information, and explain, in 250 words or less, "how Barilla brings you closer to a loved one."

Not only can winners of the giveaway receive the Barilla Love Pasta Kit with recipes and swag intended to highlight the ways in which cooking can be an act of love, but one lucky winner will win a trip to Italy. The trip for two includes airfare, lodging, tours, and plenty of pasta. The entry cutoff for the Barilla Love pasta giveaway is February 1, 2023, but you can start planning your meal for the heart-shaped pasta by trying our recipe for rigatoni with spicy salami and tomato. Though only lucky winners will be able to enjoy the new heart-shaped pasta, it does prove that you can't put a price on Barilla Love.