When You May Want To Avoid Ordering A Frozen Drink At The Bar

Bartenders are human beings, and sometimes their jobs are harder than most of us realize. Sure, it's their job to bring you a drink, but they're often slinging drinks for the entire busy restaurant, and there are times when a patron who can read the room can help make everyone's evening more pleasant. For instance, by not ordering complicated cocktail orders. Frozen drinks are notorious for being high up on the list of bartenders' least favorite cocktails to make, and GoLocalProv explains that's at least partly because unless your bar specializes in frozen drinks, most bars only have one blender. 

And that means washing the blender in between every different cocktail, making a time-consuming beverage even more arduous. As one bartender told the outlet, "In the time it takes to make two frozen drinks, I could have made six or more standard cocktails." That said, frozen cocktails are incredibly delicious. They're refreshing, tons of fun, and yes, they look great on Instagram. When you're craving a frozen margarita, nothing else will do. So what's the key to balancing your desire for a frozen drink with being considerate of your bartender? It's knowing when and when not to order one. Fortunately, we can help you decide.

When should you avoid ordering a frozen drink?

Rebecca Riddle, experienced bartender extraordinaire and Tasting Table contributor, explains that if a bar is busy, it's best not to order a frozen drink, and for those who've never tended bar, she asks readers to imagine trying to make 10 different smoothies for 10 different people, all while they're staring at you. BuzzFeed agrees with Riddle, adding that when folks at a busy bar see a frozen drink arrive, they all seem to want one, compounding the problem for the busy bartender.

If you've happened to hit the bar during a slow time, feel free to order that frozen drink, though, and if a bar has a frozen drink machine behind the bar — the ones with the drinks ready-made — order away! Interestingly, Market Watch points out that bars and restaurants may have trouble replacing or repairing these frozen drink machines due to the double whammy of supply chain problems, coupled with the popularity of frozen drinks. If you're uncertain whether to order a frozen drink, scope the scene, see if your bartender is already slammed or if there's a handy drink machine filled with piña coladas ready to go, and order accordingly.