The Best Frozen Cocktail In Every State

With the hottest days of summer upon us, icy treats are the best way to beat the heat, and fortunately for America, there's no corner of the country devoid of frozen cocktails. While classic drinks like frozen margaritas and tiki-style painkillers have long been menu mainstays, recent years have seen the rise of frosé, friesling, and even boozy ice pops. Bars across America continue to innovate the genre in their own unique ways whether it's updating timeworn staples or whipping up something wholly original and deeply refreshing. 

Be it a boozy slushy, a glass of frosé, an ice cream cocktail, a spiked milkshake, or a drink made with literal glacial ice, America's frozen drink landscape is as diverse as its actual landscape with beverages that come in a miscellany of colors, flavors, and styles. From the Florida panhandle to Juneau, Alaska, and the coast of Maine to the shores of Waikiki Beach, these are the best frozen cocktails in every state.

Alabama: Frozen Kentucky Coffee at Neon Moon

Any place that describes itself as a "five star dive bar," with whimsical menu items like PB&J shots and menus decorated with Britney Spears, TLC, and Tonya Harding is bound to have a few interesting icy drinks.

Indeed, Neon Moon is tavern-like bar in downtown Birmingham that boasts two slushy machines to beat the Alabama heat, including an invigorating Frozen Kentucky Coffee. Made with bourbon, coffee, and vanilla, the drink tastes like a boozy iced latte, with the perfect balance of bracing bitterness and creamy sweetness.

Alaska: Blue Bear at The Narrows

It's worth venturing to the final frontier for the chance to see polar bears and venture beyond the arctic circle. It's also worth venturing to Alaska to sip a drink made with glacial ice. While thankfully devoid of polar bears, the seaside city of Juneau delivers on the latter, as at the rustic, wood- and brick-filled bar The Narrows.

Located a stone's throw from the Gastineau Channel amidst Juneau's charming downtown side streets, the bar makes something called the Blue Bear, so named for the region's abundance of both blueberries and bears (not the polar kind, but still). While not technically a frozen drink (Alaska's typical forecast probably doesn't usually lead to cravings for frozen cocktails, after all), this one gets points for its usage of glacial ice, an element that feels distinctly Alaska. Made with Bacardi Gran Reserve 10 Year, fresh mint, lemon juice, and housemade wild Alaskan blueberry syrup, the fruity refreshment is topped with Fever Tree ginger beer, and poured over a fistful of crushed glacial ice (via The Manual).

Arizona: Prosecco Pop-Pop at Lovecraft

In Arizona, especially around the Phoenix area where summers are blistering, frozen drinks are an evergreen essential. Thus, the state's largest city has an omnipresence of icy treats to sip and slurp, even in the most unexpected of places — like Lovecraft. What looks like a casual beer pub has one of the most surprising frozen beverages in the Southwest: the Prosecco Pop-Pop.

Made simply by floating watermelon popsicles in Italian sparkling wine, it sounds deceptively simple, yet oh so brilliant with its crisp bubbles and the bright melon notes of the popsicles that slowly melt into the wine. The Arizona heat is no match for this.

Arkansas: Hoppy Scotch Scotch at Vault

It may come as a pleasant surprise that one of the most inventive — and photogenic — frozen drinks is lurking in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas. Vault bar, in all its contemporary aesthetic and swagger, is known for its masterful, seasonally inspired mixology, as evidenced by its buttery and sweet Hoppy Scotch Scotch.

Made with butter-washed dark rum, Islay Scotch, housemade ginger beer, hopped butterscotch syrup, and lemon, it's basically a boozy butterbeer. The frozen component is the salted vanilla ice cream foam that floats on top, melting sweetness down into the smoky, buttery elixir.

California: Piña Colada Lava Flow at Cassia

Cassia: come for the oysters and sesame noodles, stay for the dizzying array of dazzling cocktails. Located in downtown Santa Monica, this chic and sophisticated French-Asian restaurant serves lustrous drinks that more than live up to the well-traveled food menu. If you're feeling frosty, prioritize the pretty Piña Colada Lava Flow.

The gorgeous drink combines coconut-infused rum with pineapple juice, coconut cream, and strawberry-hibiscus syrup for a novel taste of the tropics in a glass tall enough to make you feel like you're on vacation.

Colorado: Frozen Chi Chi at Adrift

Tiki bars are a reliable fixture for frozen drinks, with all their island-inspired flavors, fresh fruit juices, and tropical décor. At Adrift in Denver, an alluringly dark tiki bar dolled up with nautical baubles and bamboo, island-style beverages are the bill of fare, including the cooling Frozen Chi Chi.

This summer sipper is made with Flor de Caña 7yr rum, vodka, housemade coconut cream, pineapple juice, and Maraschino liqueur, for a drink that's at once bright, tangy, and rich. If you're feeling nutty, add a shot of macadamia liqueur or a combo of Frangelico and Selvarey for a Nutella-like twist.  

Connecticut: Devil Girl at Conspiracy

Located a couple blocks from the Connecticut River in the bucolic city of Middletown, Conspiracy is a swanky bar with even swankier cocktails. The funky space, decked out in kaleidoscopic taxidermy and white brick walls, is a fun place to cool off with an herbaceous and floral Devil Girl.

The drink is a pretty-in-pink tipple made with Sotol (a Mexican spirit with herbal notes and a whisper of smoke), Aperol, lime leaf and cilantro stem syrup, and agua fresca made with watermelon, hibiscus, and chia.

Delaware: Orange Dreamsicle at Old Mill Crab House

Nestled at the far southern tip of Delaware, literally across the street from the Maryland border in the town of Delmar, there lies a culinary institution. Old Mill Crab House is a mecca for Chesapeake-style seafood, served up in a casual barn-like building with lots of sweet, fruity drinks to wash it all down.

Case in point: the Orange Dreamsicle, a drinkable dessert made with blended vanilla ice cream, orange vodka, and Old Mill's special blend of orange flavoring (via Delaware News Journal). As if that wasn't decadent enough, it's topped with whipped cream, a cherry, and a frozen Orange Dream ice cream bar.

Florida: Bushwacker at Flora-Bama Bar

Between Miami, the Keys, and Disney World, there's no shortage of fun frozen drinks to be found in Florida, but up in the panhandle, Pensacola is home to a true Sunshine State original. The Bushwacker, a creamy drink with notes of rum, coffee, coconut, and chocolate, was originally made in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but developed its Floridian roots in Pensacola (via Edible Northeast Florida).

Nowadays, versions can be found all over, but few can touch the secret-recipe version at the iconic Flora-Bama Bar, so named for its beachside locale near the Alabama state line. Exact ingredients aren't revealed, but suffice to say this cherry-topped drink tastes like a boozy Wendy's Frosty — i.e. it's perfect.

Georgia: Melona Slushy at Umbrella Bar

For a frozen cocktail with a Korean emphasis, head to the newly opened Umbrella Bar at Atlanta's Ponce City Market. Decked out in frilly and fun island-inspired decor (including, of course, colorful umbrellas aplenty), the pint-sized potable oasis compliments its Korean corn dogs and bulgogi tater tots with Melona Slushies.

The singular drinks are made with Soju — a Korean spirit made from fermented rice — and fruity Melona ice cream bars from South Korea. Ice cream flavors include lemonade and strawberry (via Tritons Industries), which lend creamy fruitiness and tang to soju's earthy sweetness, all capped with — what else — tiny umbrellas.

Hawaii: Real Piña Colada at Cuckoo Coconuts

Nestled amidst the touristy hustle and bustle of Waikiki Beach, Honolulu's Cuckoo Coconuts is an old-school tiki bar with a crowd-pleasing vibe — and crowd-pleasing cocktails. Filled with twinkling lights, soaring wooden totem poles, and nightly live music, the upbeat casual bar honors the state's most iconic native fruit, the pineapple, with its signature drink: the Real Piña Colada.

Made with light rum, dark rum, coconut rum, and cream of coconut as a boozy base, it's all blended with fresh pineapple and served inside a hollowed-out fresh pineapple with an over-sized straw for optimal slurping.

Idaho: Shark Attack Slush at Western Collective

Situated inside a huge, lofty space that looks like a glam garage, complete with sprawling patio, contemporary art, and bourbon barrels as décor, Western Collective in Garden City is a cool place to hang out and drink. It's even cooler when said drink is frozen and garnished with gummy sharks.

Such is the case with the Shark Attack Slush, a bright-blue beverage comprised of boozy blue raspberry slush and grenadine, which together morbidly looks like blood in shark-infested waters. Don't let your fear of great whites get in the way of enjoying this playful (and delicious) cocktail.  

Illinois: Negroni Slushy at Parson's Chicken & Fish

Chicken and fish technically take top billing at Chicago's hipster haunt Parson's Chicken & Fish (now with locations in Logan Square, Lincoln Park, West Town, and Andersonville), but the Negroni Slushy is the real star.

An OG menu item since day one at the original Logan Square location, the bright orange beverage contains local Letherbee Gin, herbal and Campari-like Luxardo Bitter, sweet vermouth, and citrus. A smidge sweeter than the standard Negroni, this one nails the balance of bitter, sweet, and tart, while providing the perfect refreshing counterpoint to a skillet of fried chicken.

Indiana: Stewie Slushie at The Saint Shack

Just a few blocks south of downtown Indianapolis' iconic Soldiers & Sailors Monument, The Saint Shack is a lofty watering hole with a hip gastropub vibe, a bevy of unique sausages, and a whole roster of boozy slushies. While staple flavors include hurricanes, piña coladas, and Miami Vices, for something extra quirky and colorful, order the Stewie Slushie. The "Family Guy"-inspired cocktail includes a mix of three evenly distributed slush flavors: blue raspberry lemonade, strawberry, and peach bourbon, all of which layer to form a drink that's as colorful, tart, and boozy as it is quenching.

Iowa: Birthday Cake Shake at Central Standard Craft Burgers & Beer

Burgers and milkshakes go together like ... burgers and fries. Which explains why Central Standard Craft Burgers & Beers, a contemporary American restaurant with locations in Bettendorf and Waukee near Des Moines, has all those comfort food favorites well represented on its menu. Even better? All of its decadent milkshakes can be spiked, taking them from dessert to indulgent cocktails.

Of all the possible shake-and-shot combinations, a boozy Birthday Cake Shake — made with cake ice cream, confetti cake, cake crumbles, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry — is hard to beat, especially when spiked with RumChata, Kahlua, Baileys, Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, or Godiva liqueur.

Kansas: Miami Vice at Pool House Kitchen & Bar

You might not expect to find a glam, beachy oasis in the middle of the small Kansas city of Manhattan, but Pool House Kitchen & Bar, just down the street from the Kansas River, feels more Miami than the Midwest. While no actual pools are present, the chic and sexy spot still channels summer style, both with its decor and with its rotating frozen cocktails.

If you need further proof of its Miami vibes, sip the Miami Vice, which marries equal parts piña colada and strawberry daiquiri for a best-of-both-worlds beverage in a tall glass with a requisite umbrella garnish — you know, for those sunny summer days.

Kentucky: Millions of Peaches and Mr. Pink at Bear & The Butcher

It's not all bourbon in Bourbon Country. As refreshing as a good Old Fashioned can be, especially in the boozy motherland of Kentucky, the state still has a penchant for the newfangled. For example, swing by Bear & The Butcher, a rustic gastropub in Lexington where bourbon shares menu space with two equally alluring frozen cocktails.

Mr. Pink is a blend of strawberry, lime, vodka, and Rhinegeist Bubbles, a rosè ale from nearby-ish Cincinnati. Then there's the summery Millions of Peaches, with rum, lime, sparkling wine, peaches, and peach schnapps. Both drinks are so deliciously fruity and satisfying that you won't even object to the lack of bourbon.

Louisiana: Frozen Irish Coffee at Erin Rose

Smack dab in the middle of New Orleans' world-famous French Quarter, Erin Rose is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Irish pub resplendent in eccentric ephemera, requisite po'boy sandwiches, and plenty of Irish booze. And amidst all the iconic New Orleans drinks on the menu, Erin Rose's Frozen Irish Coffee holds its own.

Although the exact recipe is a secret, the ice cream-esque cocktail is made with local dairy and coffee, brandy, and coffee liqueur served out of a soft-serve machine and flecked with coffee grounds. Creamy, caffeinated, and silky-smooth, it's the ultimate balm for a sweltering summer day in New Orleans.

Maine: Icy Spicy Frozen Cocktail at The Highroller Lobster Co.

Blocks from the Old Port and the historic waterfront in Portland, The Highroller Lobster Co. is primarily known for its namesake dish, the Maine-famous lobster roll. Along with other seafaring menu items, the casual Americana-style eatery — clad in a bright red-and-white color scheme — balances all that buttery goodness out with some crisp frozen cocktails.

Flavors change seasonally, but one autumnal favorite is the Icy Spicy Frozen Cocktail, a medley of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and local apple cider. Garnished with a cinnamon stick and a cherry, it's simple, sweet, and spicy in all the right ways.

Maryland: Piña Colada at Colada Shop

Anyplace named Colada Shop is bound to have a penchant for Rupert Holmes' drink of choice. Indeed, the Mid-Atlantic mini-chain — with locations in D.C. and Potomac, Maryland — meets muster with a frozen slushee version of the classic tropical libation.

In fact, Colada Shop take piña coladas so seriously that it hosts an annual festival celebrating the drink. Flecked with toasted coconut, the restaurant's version of the classic frozen drink hits all the right notes of pineapple, rum, and creamy coconut.

Massachusetts: Soft-Serve Mimosa at Buttermilk & Bourbon

Sometimes you just straight-up crave ice cream for breakfast. At Buttermilk & Bourbon, a Southern-inspired restaurant in Boston's historic brick-lined Back Bay, ice cream dreams come true — and better yet, they're soaked in sparkling wine.

Of all the menu novelties, from crawfish étouffée hand pies to boiled peanut hummus, one potable sensation is the soft-serve mimosa, which features pours of Prosecco over rotating sorbet flavors in a tall wine glass. Flavors change steadily, but fruit additions include mango and pineapple.

Michigan: Cucumber Margarita at The Skip

A few blocks north of the Detroit River, The Skip is a colorful and tropical oasis that looks like it should be closer to the southern border than Canada. The downtown Detroit bar, which features a lengthy outdoor patio in a brick-lined alleyway, leans into its tropical stylings with an emphasis on inventive frozen cocktails, like an icy Irish Coffee, Watermelon Frosé, and a crisp French 75.

Then there's the cucumber margarita, a particularly quenching riff on the iconic Mexican tipple, made with blanco tequila, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, cucumber, lime, and orange, swirled into a fun cup with an adorable dog logo and garnished with a lime wedge and a paper umbrella.

Minnesota: The Socialist Slushie at Betty Danger's Country Club

It doesn't get much more whimsically immersive than Betty Danger's Country Club, a sprawling Mississippi River-adjacent bar on the north side of Minneapolis. The self-described "dystopian and politically inspired bar/restaurant" offers a "vertically revolving patio" (aka a Ferris wheel with tables), mini golf, and décor inspired by "Animal Farm."

Dystopian politics aside, everyone can come together over the bar's signature sipper, The Socialist Slushie, a frozen prickly pear and tequila cocktail that packs a tangy punch. Bubblegum-pink, this pretty beverage comes garnished with a swizzle stick depicting a Ferris wheel and mini golf clubs.

Mississippi: Pink Pelican at Pelican Cove Grill

Sometimes, you can't beat a classic. In Ridgeland, Mississippi, just outside of Jackson, this is true of the old-school furnishings, live music, and bayside views at Pelican Cove Grill, as well as its most famed drink, the Pink Pelican.

Best slurped from the outdoor deck overlooking Pelahatchie Bay whilst gazing at actual pelicans, the Pink Pelican is an intoxicating mashup of 5 Island Rum, pineapple, orange juice, coconut, grenadine, and ice cream, resulting in a rich, dessert-y drink that's worthy of nightcap status.

Missouri: Sure, Sure at Percheron

From its perch atop the Crossroads Hotel in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, the skyscraper-filled views at Percheron are as photogenic as the cocktails. Up here, elevated takes on tradition are the norm, from boozy coconut iced coffee to grapefruit Negronis. There's also a couple of alcoholic slushies on the menu, including the sensational Sure, Sure.

A tropical twist on a frozen Negroni, it's a blend of Sipsmith gin, Aperol, passion fruit, lemon, and Cochi Rosa. Familiarly bitter, like all good Negronis, it gets added sweetness and tartness from the passion fruit, which just hits right in the summer heat.

Montana: Be My Huckleberry at Hail Mary's

Enjoy big mountain town vibes — and big flavors — at Hail Mary's, a bar within a bar. Located in downtown's historic Rocking R Bar, Hail Mary's has a casual garage bar vibe, with elevated takes on hearty Montana bar food utilizing local flavors and inspirations as much as possible. This means you can wash your elk burger down with a boozy milkshake. 

Among the options is the dessert-worthy Be My Huckleberry, which spotlights one of Montana's prized fruits and pairs it with locally distilled spirits. The hearty quaff, which is poured into a tall mug with a cloud of whipped cream, is made with huckleberry ice cream blended with Willie's Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur and the bar's very own Rocking R Bar Huckleberry Vodka

Nebraska: Frozen Hurricane at Herbe Sainte

It's a taste of New Orleans in the heart of Omaha at Herbe Sainte which borrows culinary and mixology inspiration from The Big Easy throughout its menus. Served up in a sultry, lofty space anchored with brick walls and soaring windows, the restaurant and bar augments Absinthe Frappes and Sazeracs with rotating slushy drinks. Best of all is a frozen version of its signature hurricane, made with a blend of three rums, passion fruit juice, lime juice, grenadine, and simple syrup.

Nevada: Orange Dreamsicle Slushie at Best Friend

Nestled away inside Park MGM Las Vegas on the Strip, Best Friend is a colorful and fun eatery from Kogi founder Roy Choi that bursts with originality. It's evident in the restaurant's eccentric surroundings — from hanging plants and colorful Korean sundries and merchandise — as well as its menu, which runs the gamut from kung pao-glazed lobster tails to kimchi carbonara.

On the beverage side, top billing goes to the boozy slushies on offer, which includes the Orange Dreamsicle. Made with Stoli Vanilla vodka, the sweet and citrusy frozen beverage is the perfect counterpoint to Best Friend's spree of big, bold flavors wafting in kimchi and kalbi.

New Hampshire: Mudslides at The Puritan Backroom

When the James Beard Foundation gave The Puritan Backroom an America's Classic Award, it's safe to assume part of that accolade can be attested to the timeworn restaurant's habit-forming mudslides. Located in Manchester, the always-bustling family-friendly restaurant is known for its fried chicken tenders and its hulking portions, but when it comes to boozy beverages, the numerous mudslides, served in equally hulking goblets with drizzles of chocolate and caramel sauces, are the main attraction.

It's hard to go wrong with any of the flavors, from the Captain Hook Slide (Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, amaretto, Baileys, and Kahlua) to the Churro Slide (Ice Pik Vodka, Baileys, vanilla, cinnamon, and Kahlua), but the Original Mudslide is a go-to with its tried-and-true mix of Baileys, Kahlua, and vodka.

New Jersey: Frozen margaritas at Smorgasbar

Open seasonally, with a huge outdoor patio on the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan, Smorgasbar has become a summertime sensation in Jersey City. The views and vibes are great, but what keeps thirsty guests coming back are the local beers, mojitos, and margaritas — the latte of which come in numerous flavors, all available frozen.

There's a classic margarita, along with passion fruit, guava, mango, strawberry, and spicy & smoky, all of which are improved by a trip through the blender with ice, and garnished with a flamingo swizzle stick.

New Mexico: The Swirl at Tomasita's

In New Mexico, margaritas are a way of life, especially in the sunny summer months. It doesn't get much better when they're served frozen and paired with enchiladas and stuffed sopapillas. The whole tradition reigns supreme at Tomasita's.

The restaurant is a homey adobe-style institution with locations in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, where hearty portions of authentic Southwestern fare are washed down with a bevy of margaritas and Mexican beers. The ultimate version, though, is The Swirl, a frozen reposado tequila margarita splashed with a swirl of bright-red, berry-rich sangria.

New York: Friesling at Thief

At Thief in Williamsburg, a bar inspired by New York City's music and graffiti scene in the '80s (via Greenpointers), the menus are just as playful as the ambience. Food-wise, this include vegan corn dogs, chicken parmesan sliders, and black truffle grilled cheese, while Friesling is the standout cocktail on the drink list.

The lone frozen drink, it's Thief's alternative to frosé, made with sweet Riesling, white grape juice, vodka, lemon juice, lime juice, a splash of orange juice, and water. The velvet-y smooth blend is poured into a tall glass and garnished with a few white grapes.

North Carolina: Smoked Cherry Cola NICEE at Lawrence BBQ

At Durham's Lawrence BBQ, where pulled pork, smoked turkey, and sticky ribs are the all-American bill of fare, smoked frozen cocktails are a match made in fragrant heaven. An homage to the Slurpee, NICEES are the staple frozen drinks at this bustling barbecue joint, and while seasonal specials fluctuate, the go-to flavor is the Smoked Cherry Cola NICEE.

Made with smoked cherries, simple syrup, lemon juice, cola, and a pinch of salt, it's all frozen in plastic containers and then blended to-order with bourbon for added smokiness — and a boozy kick.

North Dakota: Heart River Bahama Breeze at Big Dog Tiki Bar

Located a few blocks from the Missouri River, Big Dog Tiki Bar brings a taste of the tropics to central North Dakota. Although thousands of miles from the Caribbean, island life is alive and kickin' at this oasis of bamboo, carved totems, and nautical decor — with beachy blended drinks to match. 

The on-site tiki bar for Heart River Spirits, a distillery specializing in rum, Big Dog features a lineup of classic tropical tipples, like zombies, daiquiris, and mai tais, along with a few frozen blended options. A real Bahamian treat is the Heart River Bahama Breeze, a swashbuckling mix of Heart River Original Rum, coconut rum, banana liqueur, apricot liqueur, lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine, and honey. As the menu proclaims, "Taste how the pirates beat the tropical heat even if it's -10 F!" 

Ohio: Paloma at Seventh Son Brewing

In Columbus, even breweries are getting in on the frozen cocktail game. Seventh Son Brewing Co., in the Italian Village neighborhood, is a hip brewery where the craft beers are almost outshone by the impressive cocktails.

Among them, the sole frozen drink is a bracing twist on a paloma, a tangy-tart blend of blanco tequila, orange liqueur, and bitter grapefruit, poured into a glass and garnished with lime. We suggest slurping this one on the massive patio.

Oklahoma: Dole Whip Margarita at Mexican Radio

Located in the artsy, mural-filled Plaza District of Oklahoma City, Mexican Radio takes an approach to Mexican food that's as playful and whimsical as its surrounding neighborhood. The evidence is everywhere, from the bar area decorated with globes to its pimento cheese empanadas and tacos stuffed with buffalo cauliflower.

It's especially evident when it comes to its frozen drinks, including the Dole Whip Margarita, a pineapple-scented homage to that Disney World staple. Here, the tart quencher contains tequila, pineapple, banana du brésil, coconut cream, agave syrup, and lime, swirled into a cocktail glass and rimmed with a mix of Fruity Pebbles and salt.

Oregon: Drugs at Eem

The craveable and spicy Thai barbecue is a big draw at Eem, a wildly popular Portland restaurant filled with lush planters and anchored by a huge bar. But as spotlight-stealing as the brisket curry and smoked pork krapao are, the icy drinks from the "Frosty Factory" section of the drink list hold their own.

Among them, the Drugs — a silken swirl of aged rum, bitter pineapple, amaro, coconut cream, and orange. The tropical stunner offers the perfect amount of juicy sweetness to offset all that Thai spice.

Pennsylvania: Frozen Lemonade at Assembly Rooftop Lounge

Nestled atop The Logan Philadelphia hotel, with panoramic city views from its Logan Square perch, Assembly Rooftop Lounge slings drinks good enough — and pretty enough — to distract from the vista. This is notable of its frozen cocktails, which includes a strawberry-splashed Frosé and a particularly refreshing Frozen Lemonade.

The latter combines tart and sweet housemade lemonade with floral gin and Salers Aperitif, a French liqueur with plenty of herbal oomph. If you're really feeling saucy, try the Philly-Vice, a Miami Vice riff that combines the Frosé and the Frozen Lemonade.

Rhode Island: Mango Mango Colada at The Red Parrot

For the self-described "most outrageous frozen drinks in Newport," you need to mosey on over to The Red Parrot, a multi-level restaurant and bar overlooking Newport Harbor, in a historic building that feels more like a cozy Victorian house than an eatery. Frozen cocktails, which take up a hefty chunk of menu real estate, are available in aptly "outrageous" flavors like Swedish Fish, Chocolate Monkey, and Psychedelic Iguana. For something extra beachy and summery, try the Mango Mango Colada, a luscious puree of mango rum, Myers rum, banana liqueur, fresh mango, pineapple juice, Coco Lopez cream of coconut, and whipped cream.

South Carolina: Green Light at Little Palm Bar

A chic pool patio requires a chic pool cocktail, and Charleston's Little Palm Bar at the Ryder Hotel fits the bill with both. The indoor-outdoor bar, dolled up in splashes of pink, green, and fern wallpaper, accents seasonal mixed drinks with a couple frozen standbys, including the Green Light. A frozen wine cocktail, it's made with Sauvignon Blanc, pear brandy, honeydew melon, and Chareau Aloe Vera liqueur, for a drink that's wonderfully light, crisp, and primed for poolside lounging.

South Dakota: Wine Slushies at Prairie Berry Winery

Wine slushies at a winery in South Dakota may not sound like the most obvious summertime refreshment, but Prairie Berry Winery is full of wonderful surprises. The vast winery, bottle shop, and restaurant, perched on a hill in the pastoral Black Hills town of Hill City, makes some impressive wines with seasonal fruits like rhubarb and pumpkin.

Some of these wines get frozen into Wine Slush Mix, to be blended with dryer wines (so as to temper the overall sweetness). Flavors rotate seasonally, but include the likes of the tart Frozen Red Assarita and the Pumpkin Bog Freeze made from Pumpkin Bog wine.

Tennessee: Lava Flow at Chopper

Colorful, festive, and over-the-top (in the best way possible), Nashville's Chopper is a fun tiki bar bursting with color, flavor, and offbeat decor — including a giant robot hanging from the ceiling over the central bar.

The drinks are fun, too, especially the three frozen drinks perfect for a hot Tennessee evening. These include a Painkiller (pineapple, orange, coconut, lime, rum, and fresh nutmeg), a Rum Runner (pineapple, orange, banana, lime, blackberry, and rum), and most notably, a Lava Flow, which artfully combines the two in colorful layers, and caps it off with a flower and pineapple wedge.

Texas: Aku Aku at Tiki Tatsu-Ya

An immersive taste of Polynesia in the heart of Austin's Zilker neighborhood, Tiki Tatsu-Ya is a transportive, windowless tiki bar that feels like dining and drinking deep in a jungle, where the exotic cocktails are just as extravagant as the motif.

Among the myriad tiki cocktails, one show-stopper is the frozen Aku Aku, a large-format drink made to serve two to eight guests. It's a bright, acidic, and fruity medley of pineapple, peach, lime, brandy, and high-proof rum, served in a pineapple inside a wooden box billowing with smoke.

Utah: Frosé at Lake Effect

Primed for a night of imbibing in style, Salt Lake City's Lake Effect is a handsomely appointed bar and restaurant bedecked in dark woods, cream-toned banquettes, and library-sized walls of liquor and wine. The dizzying supply makes sense, considering how colossal the cocktail and wine list is, running the gamut from classic cocktails to modern inventions. There's also a frozen standout, a particularly well-balanced Frosé made with gin from local Beehive Distilling, rosé, strawberries, and caramel notes from Demerara syrup.

Vermont: Strawberry daquiri at Wolf Tree

Right across the New Hampshire border, near the nexus of the White River and Connecticut River, the quaint town of White River Junction impresses with its abundance of boutique businesses, restaurants, and bars. Among them, Wolf Tree feels like a metropolitan little watering hole filled with craft beer, cider, wine, and masterful cocktails.

For frozen drinks, Wolf Tree offers a couple of classics with a twist. The pina colada is prepared with rums, pineapple, coconut, as well as absinthe which offers welcome anise-y notes. But the edge might go to the standout strawberry daiquiri which gets a boost from Amontillado sherry. If you can't up your mind, opt for a Miami Vice and enjoy both drinks in a single package.  

Virginia: Cosmic Love at Little Nickel

Decorated like a funky tropical diner (think flamingo wallpaper and turquoise bar stools), Richmond's Little Nickel is big on originality. From Hawaiian nachos and General Tso's wings to crab spaghetti, it's a place of whimsical invention.

Drinks-wise, seasonal cocktails, punch bowls, and bottled cocktails are on offer, but you don't want to pass up the Cosmic Love. The rosy slush includes a wild mix of vodka, Cointreau, orange blossom water, cranberry, Champagne, and lime. Somehow, it all manages to work with the floral notes juxtaposed by the tartness of the cranberries, the crisp bubbles of the Champagne, and lime's reliable acidity.

Washington: Boozy Floats at Rachel's Ginger Beer

With a handful of locations throughout Seattle, Rachel's Ginger Beer is giving coffee a run for its money as the city's beverage of choice. The shop is known for its unique flavors of crisp, quenching, and mildly spiced ginger beers, from blood orange and white peach, to pink guava and black currant.

Said ginger beers can be ordered straight-up, mixed into cocktails, topped with soft-serve ice cream, or better yet, transformed into a boozy float. Customizable flavor options are endless — customers can choose their ginger beer base, like raspberry-hibiscus, and then top it with either vanilla soft-serve or pineapple-flavored Dole Whip, plus a shot of their spirit of choice. It's a new way to scream for ice cream.

West Virginia: Spiked Slushies at Rutter's

In theory, a gas station in West Virginia may not seem like a go-to place for a legitimate adult beverage, but Rutter's is a local mini-chain that's amassed deserved acclaim for its markets and liquor department — especially for its Spiked Slushies.

The ultimate road trip repast, slushies come in an array of ever-changing flavors, from blue raspberry and fruit punch to St. Patrick's Day Shamrock, and a frozen hot chocolate version. Better yet, the Spiked Slushies come in 20-ounce cups, 64-ounce Frosé Party Bags, and even 128-ounce Spiked Slushie Party Bags, so you can keep the party going all summer long.

Wisconsin: Pink Squirrel at Bryant's Cocktail Lounge

A true blast from the past, Milwaukee's historic Bryant's Cocktail Lounge feels utterly preserved in time. Dark, alluring, and swanky, awash in deep crimson lights and cozy booths, the old-school bar has a huge cocktail list, and is credited as the inventor of such frozen novelties as the Pink Squirrel. Originated here in the '40s, it's essentially a Pepto-Bismol pink adult milkshake, made with white crème de cacao, heavy cream, almond-flavored crème de noyaux, and ice cream. It's an unabashedly decadent time warp of a drink, still as dangerously refreshing as it was way back when.

Wyoming: Sloshies at Creekside Market

You've heard of slushies, but in Jackson Hole, sloshies are the summertime staple that's become ubiquitous in bars, restaurants, markets, and gas stations. One such example is Creekside Market. Just north of Jackson's town square, the quaint wood-clad market and deli stocks an array of spirits — and uses some of said spirits to spike its own sloshies. Flavors rotate regularly, but always feature refreshing riffs on familiar favorites like Margarita and Piña Colada, as well as Greyhounds and Dark 'n' Stormys.