Baskin-Robbins' New October Flavor Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

The month of October is almost upon us, and with it, the promise of a plethora of autumn- and Halloween-themed limited-time-only treats. Over at the hit burger chain Shake Shack, fall treates include a pumpkin-laced Pumpkin Patch Shake, a Choco Salted Toffee Shake, and an Apple Cider Donut Shake, while the luxury candy brand Sugarfina's Halloween collection features spooky chocolate-coated Graveyard Cookies and strawberry-flavored Zombie Brains.

As in past years, storied scoop shop Baskin-Robbins will again be offering a Halloween flavor during the entire month of October. Last year, that flavor was Trick OREO Treat, a vanilla ice cream studded with orange-creme sandwich cookies and Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candies (via Baskin-Robbins), but this year, the special scoop is decidedly less sweet — and even a little spicy. The new flavor is called Spicy 'n Spooky, according to a press release shared with Tasting Table, and it features ghost pepper, one of the world's hottest chiles.

Two kinds of chocolate and one very spicy pepper

Ice cream lovers, prepare to pour yourself a glass of water: According to a press release, Baskin-Robbins' October flavor, available from the first of the month through the 31, is Spicy 'n Spooky, which swirls dark chocolate ice cream with white chocolate ghost pepper ice cream, featuring the flavor of one of the world's hottest chiles, ranking at 1,041,427 Scoville heat units, according to PepperHead. The scoop also includes flakes of blood orange for a sweet-spicy-fruity scoop that's not for the faint of heart.

"As ice cream experts with more than 1,400 flavors in our library, we continue to find ways to push boundaries and incorporate exciting new ingredients into our scoops like real Ghost Pepper and our darkest chocolate yet," Baskin-Robbins' Jeanne Bolger wrote in the press release. "We're excited to evoke the spookiness that comes with the season, using flavor elements we've never offered before in an ice cream, and we're looking forward to guests' reactions for those who are brave enough to try Spicy 'n Spooky."

If you don't get to your local Baskin-Robbins before Halloween Day, you might want to fit a visit in before you don your costume: The 31, each month, marks the chain's "Celebrate 31" deals day, during which visitors receive 31% off all scoops all day long. Next month, though, you might want to bring along a cool drink to calm your palate — just in case.