Baskin-Robbins' July Ice Cream Takes Classic S'mores To The Next Level

2022 has been a big year for everyone, but probably not quite as big as it has been for Baskin-Robbins. The international ice cream connoisseur debuted a pretty significant logo change earlier this year, its first change in 20 years, via The Drum. The brand did away with the blue in its logo, replacing it with brown for a more sophisticated look. In May, Baskin-Robbins released a totally new product. In a departure from ice cream altogether, it launched its take on popular Taiwanese drink Tiger Milk Bubble Tea. The brand even introduced a new summer ice cream flavor this month, Grilled Peaches 'n Cream, featuring chunks of real grilled fruit. So yes — Baskin-Robbins has been super busy, and the year is only halfway over.

Now, in the sweetest collaboration since Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins teamed up nearly 80 years ago, Baskin-Robbins is scooping up another new flavor that combines two of the most beloved summer treats. Introducing: OREO S'mores Ice Cream. The campfire mashup is coming soon to waffle cones near you.

What fans can expect from the new flavor

The OREO S'mores Ice Cream duo features toasted marshmallow and graham cracker flavored ice cream swirled with OREO pieces and chocolate cookie bits, via a press release. According to Jeanne Bolger, Director of Research & Development for Baskin-Robbins, this isn't the first time the flavor has hit the market. "OREO S'mores initially launched as an international Baskin-Robbins flavor earlier this year," Bolger says, via the press release. "We are excited to finally bring it stateside as a summer staple."

Baskin-Robbins is introducing OREO S'mores just in time for National Ice Cream Day, the third Sunday of July. (This year it falls on July 17.) The event is something of a religious holiday for Baskin-Robbins and, this year, the ice cream giant is celebrating by giving custard fans $5 off all purchases of $15 or more through Saturday, July 23 with promo code: BECOOLER. Luckily, the average U.S. American puts down 20 pounds or four gallons of ice cream and other frozen treats every year, according to The International Dairy Foods Association. So, OREO S'mores is sure to enjoy a massive first launch. But the new flavor is only available for a limited time, per the press release, so fans should be sure to get it while it's hot — or rather, while it's cold.