Baskin-Robbins June Ice Cream Features Grilled Summer Fruit

While the official start of summer in the northern hemisphere doesn't kick off until June 21st this year, people are already in full summer mode. From Memorial Day cookouts in the United States to sweet snacks by the poolside, it seems classic summer foods and flavors are already in demand too. That's why Baskin-Robbins has rolled out its new June ice cream. The seasonal flavor even features an unusual new twist on a classic flavor with grilled fruit.

Instead of a slice of watermelon or a scoop of strawberry ice cream, the ice cream chain is hoping you'll reach for their flavor of the month, which features real grilled fruit, according to a press release received by Tasting Table. But that's not all that's new at the chain this June. With Father's Day on the horizon, you'll find a couple of limited-edition ice cream cakes in the stores' fridges too. 

These is what you can expect from the new flavor

So what can you expect from Baskin-Robbins' new flavor? Grilled peaches! Baskin-Robbins Grilled Peaches 'n Cream ice cream is made from scoops of vanilla-flavored ice cream with grilled peaches and a ribbon of cinnamon sugar swirl. 

In addition to this new flavor, Baskin-Robbins is featuring two summer ice cream cakes. The first is sticking to the grilled theme. The Grillmaster Cake — which is customizable with any ice cream and cake flavor — includes a fudge base,  "briquettes" made of chopped Oreo cookie pieces, and buttercream flames, burgers, and hot dogs to complete the illusion cake. The second ice cream cake is a returning flavor — the Cold One Cake — which is a chocolate roll cake and ice cream inspired by a mug of beer. 

According to a press release from Baskin-Robbins, the new ice cream flavor and the two ice cream cakes are now available, starting June 1st. You can also order the ice cream cakes online or in the app using the code GRILLMASTER to get $5 off any $35 ice cream cake purchase or more until June 15.