Shake Shack's Fall Menu Includes 2 New Seasonal Shake Flavors

Shake Shack, which started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in New York City in 2001, has grown to 360 locations worldwide, earning $739.9 million in revenue in 2021 (via Zippia). That's a lot of burgers! And while those aforementioned burgers are incredibly popular (they, along with the chain's fries, even inspired a scented candle made in collaboration with brand Apotheke), the chain is obviously known for its shakes — it's in the name.

Like most (if not all) fast food brands, Shake Shack understands the appeal of seasonal food marketing, where consumer behavior demands nostalgic flavors while expecting new items that surprise and delight, per Multi-Brief. And Shake Shack often delivers on this with its rotating shake offerings. Its summer delicacies, for example, included an Oreo Funnel Cake Shake, which mixed Oreo cookies with summer fair favorite funnel cake, and a Chocolate Churro Shake, which featured cinnamon churro frozen custard topped with chocolate sauce and crumbled cinnamon waffle bits (via Thrillist). 

Well hold on to your pumpkin spice latte fall fans, because Shake Shack just revealed its limited edition shake flavors to welcome sweater weather.

Limited edition fall shakes drop at Shake Shack

According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, Shake Shack's fall limited edition shakes are a trio of tasty autumnal flavors, two of which are new to the chain.

The returning shake is described as a "fan favorite," and is Shake Shack's nod to the pumpkin spice trend. The Pumpkin Patch Shake, which debuted in 2019 according to ChewBoom, mixes Libby's 100% Pure Pumpkin puree with vanilla frozen custard and is spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. Candied pumpkin seeds top the whipped cream for added crunch.

The Choco Salted Toffee Shake, the first of two new flavor additions, was designed for chocolate lovers. Chocolate frozen custard joins with salted toffee sauce for this decadent drink. Whipped cream and chocolate toffee sprinkles round out the coco delight.

While pumpkin spice gets all the autumn attention, it's also apple cider donut season, as Shake Shack reminds us with the launch of its new Apple Cider Donut Shake. In it, apple cider donut frozen custard is topped with whipped cream and cinnamon donut crunch.

The limited edition shakes start at $6.09, and if this year is anything like 2019 they'll be available until mid-November.