What to Serve with Steak

Learn to make pommes aligot, asparagus with egg, mac and cheese and more
The Best Steak Sides
Aïoli Mashed Potatoes | Photo: Lizzie Munro/Tasting Table

Your prime cut of steak deserves a worthy plate mate. Here are sidekicks to make your steak the hero of your next home-cooked meal.

The Classic Wingman
Salt-Baked Potatoes

The Smashed Bro
Smashed Potato

The Francophile
Pommes Aligot

The Fancypants
Asparagus with Egg and Chorizo

The Study-Abroad Friend
Catalan Spinach

The Dairy Dabbler
Bare Bones Mac and Cheese

The Gentleman Caul-er
Charred Cauliflower

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The One You Bring Home to Mom
Roasted Broccoli

The Southerner
Bacon-Roasted Root Vegetables

The Ringer
Vidalia Onion Rings

The Summer Fling
Bulgur Wheat Salad

The Hen of the Woods
Fried Mushrooms

The Saucy One
Crispy Artichokes with Aioli

The Spring Fling
Spring Onions with Peas and Guanciale

The Best Friend
Aïoli Mashed Potatoes

The Carb Fiend
Parker House Rolls


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