Joe Virgillito

Photo of Joe Virgillito
New Jersey
Quinnipiac University
Italian Food, Tomato Gardening
  • Joe is passionate about food and all that goes into cooking, preparing, serving, and, of course, eating it.
  • An avid home cook, Joe loves making pasta from scratch, baking bread, and trying out new tools in the kitchen.
  • He grew up eating a lot of Italian-American food, but there isn't a cuisine, dish, or recipe he wouldn't try.


Joe is a professional writer, editor, and podcaster who has covered news, politics, sports, and pop culture. He's interviewed experts and prominent figures in, science, literature, food, and a variety of other fields. Joe hosted and produced his own daily podcast for several years and his work has appeared in BTRtoday, the Meriden Record-Journal, and more.


Joe received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Quinnipiac University.