7 Baileys Gift Sets For The Creamiest Holiday Drinks This Season

The holidays are nearly upon us once again, so it's time to start thinking about gifts for everyone in your life, and we do mean everyone — in-laws and coworkers included. And while plenty of appropriate spirits are worth gifting this time of year, no holiday season is complete without Baileys Irish Cream. It's the boozy present aunts and uncles expect to receive from fellow aunts and uncles, and there's good reason for that. A bottle of Baileys means that no cup of coffee is safe from now until New Year's and that mudslide cocktails are one spontaneous decision away. It makes the winter season warmer, fun, and a little more tolerable for some.

That said, gifting a lonely bottle can feel a bit underwhelming. We've all received one wrapped in metallic silver or red paper, perhaps with a bow, thanked our benefactor with a plain smile, and dutifully placed it on our bar cart. Wouldn't you like to be the person who gave them all the delight of Irish cream with a little something... more? Of course, you would! That's where Baileys' gift sets come into play, and we've selected the best for gifting this season.

How we selected products

Since the holiday and Baileys are forever intertwined, there are plenty of Irish cream gift sets out there to choose from. The first of our criteria was availability — is this product able to be easily ordered within the United States? Baileys is an Irish company, after all, and many of the bottles and gift sets we came across were Ireland- or U.K.-based, meaning high shipping costs and long delivery waits for anyone ordering stateside — so we skipped those.

The next factor was price, as we wanted to incorporate both affordable and slightly pricier options for Irish cream lovers in your life. We also understand there are different levels of gift-giving — you might not want the gift set you bestow upon a loved one to be the same as that which you slide over to your cubicle mate. Finally, before settling our list, we asked a fundamental question about each of the options: Would receiving this gift set be better than getting a regular ol' bottle of Baileys? In all cases, we think the answer is a resounding yes.

Best overall Baileys gift set: Irish Coffee Gift Basket

Baileys is synonymous with Irish coffee, so we felt almost obligated to select this Irish Coffee Gift Basket for the best overall. But while it lands on the pricier side of the spectrum, don't knock it until you check out the contents.

Aside from Baileys, you're getting bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey and Kahlua, as well as coffee from both Caribbean Coffee and Santa Barbara Roasting Company, meaning you can switch up boozy coffee flavor profiles with ease. We can't think of a better way to end a busy night of holiday shopping.

Purchase the Irish Coffee Gift Basket from BroBasket for $131.

Best Baileys variety gift set: Baileys Irish Cream Variety 12-pack (50mL)

What's better than one type of Baileys? How about five? This Baileys variety pack comes with 12 mini bottles of Irish cream, including salted caramel, espresso creme, strawberries and cream, and Baileys light. It's ideal for the Baileys fan who has a hard time making decisions (and loves sweet flavors, of course).

The mini bottles are the perfect size for tipping into your cup of coffee or pouring quickly over a big rock while sitting by the fire. And just in case you want that original Baileys flavor, there are four bottles in the pack that provide it.

Purchase the Baileys Irish Cream Variety Pack from Bottle Republic for $29.99.

Best loaded Baileys gift set: Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur Gift Basket

We say lean into the snacking season with this Baileys gift basket complete with fruit jelly candies, cashew roca, caramel popcorn, and even a block of brie. After all, you'll want a snack to go with your Baileys drink.

Given its sweetness and versatility as a morning or night tipple, Baileys pairs well with almost all sweet and savory snacks. Use the contents of this basket for a fun holiday party appetizer or snack plate.

Purchase the Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur Gift Basket from Spirited Gifts for $109.

Best simple Baileys gift set: Baileys Irish Cream Gift Set 750mL

Gift sets do not have to be overcomplicated — sometimes it is as easy as packing in one other thing alongside the bottle. In this case, it is a metallic mug, perfect for brewing up a fresh cup of coffee or hot chocolate that you'll inevitably want to tilt your fresh bottle of Baileys into.

In fact, hot chocolate with Baileys is one of our go-to warm winter cocktails. Once you try it, you'll understand why.

Purchase the Baileys Irish Cream Gift Set 750-milliliter from Bottle Republic for $26.99.

Best Baileys gift set for chocolate lovers: Baileys Treat Gift Basket

Indulgence during the holidays doesn't just mean booze — candy works just fine, too. Since Baileys and chocolate pair so brilliantly together, combining the two in edible form creates the perfect holiday sweet.

And with this Baileys Treat Gift Basket, you won't have to choose. Sample the mini chocolate delights, salted caramel chocolate bar, and a variety of Baileys chocolate domes. Perhaps best of all, this set comes beautifully wrapped, cutting out even more work; you can even add a personalized card for a few dollars more.

Purchase the Baileys Treat Gift Basket from Carrolls Irish Gifts for $39.

Best full-bottle Baileys gift set: Baileys 3 Bottle Irish Cream Liqueur Combo Set

We've already seen the mini-version of a variety pack, so we figured it was time to beef things up. But these Baileys bottles aren't your average — in fact, they're for switching things up. This combo set comes with Baileys Deliciously Light (which has 40% less sugar, per the brand), Colada, and Almande.

If you're in the mood for a creamy dessert drink but Baileys Original isn't your thing, this is the gift set for you. We can practically taste the boozy almond hot chocolates already.

Purchase the Baileys 3 Bottle Irish Cream Liqueur Combo Set from 3 Brothers Liquor for $89.99.

Best Baileys gift set for ice cream lovers: Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur Bottle with Two Ceramic Bowls

Turns out Baileys isn't just for drinking — Irish cream goes great with our favorite frozen desserts, too. This is a fairly simple gift set, especially compared to the ones we've seen, but nothing says romance quite like yours and mine items.

These bowls are perfect for cozying up with your favorite ice cream lover, and perhaps they'll introduce you to the wonders of combining Baileys and ice cream (note: it's pretty great). And since they're ceramic, these bowls work for warm treats just as well.

Purchase the Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur Bottle with Two Ceramic Bowls from Drizly for $24.99.