How Adding Avocado Can Balance Your Margarita

There's nothing like drinking a frozen margarita on a warm day. Whether you're on vacation or simply enjoying your weekend, margaritas can be the perfect beverage to quench thirst. While the drink typically comes in a variety of fruit blends like mango and strawberry, there are other variations to sample — try adding Grand Marnier and club soda to your margarita recipe or blending cilantro into your frozen cocktail. Yet, surprisingly enough, the real star of this drink should be avocado.

The Food Network shared Sunny Anderson's secret to making delicious margaritas on Twitter. In the posted video, the buttery fruit is added to the drink. Anderson says this unexpected addition helps take down the acidity of lime juice, giving the cocktail a smoother feel. So many reviews of this smooth, green avocado drink are positive that other locations are adding the frozen cocktail to their list of menu items.

An avocado fan favorite

Disney World serves a version of an avocado margarita that visitors can't get enough of. Grilled Cheese Social dishes that the creamy drink was originally only available at La Cava in Epcot's Mexico Pavilion, but Disney's Tequila Ambassador Hilda Castillo has revealed the recipe so avocado enthusiasts can make the drink at home. The beverage features tequila, melon liquor, orange liquor, agave nectar, fresh lime juice and you guessed it — avocado. If you're skeptical about how tasty this can be, you might be surprised. 

The next time you're craving something alcoholic and frozen, give the recipe a try (and don't forget to properly salt the rim of your glass). Though the Disney recipe uses hibiscus salt, you can experiment with other types. Even if you don't like the end result, at least you'll get some of those researched-backed benefits from eating avocados on the regular. Prefer to keep avocado in your guac and salsa? You can always return to the classic frozen margarita cocktail recipe.