The Ingredient That Will Change Your Margaritas Forever

Few drinks are as synonymous with tequila as margaritas. Tequila is one of the four ingredients typically used to make margaritas, after all, along with Cointreau, salt, and lime juice (via Serious Eats). But there's actually another cocktail quite similar to the margarita that pre-dates the more common drink, and it's known as the Tequila Daisy (via Liquor). In fact, "margarita" means daisy in Spanish and so this earlier drink might have actually been the origin of the famed cocktail.

There are, however, some differences between the two that you should consider next time you're looking to switch up your margarita order, especially if you've had enough of sickeningly sweet or overly-infused takes on margaritas.

The first major swap you'll spot in the recipe for a Tequila Daisy is its use of lemon juice instead of lime juice. The change makes for a slightly sweeter, more refreshing drink when paired with the other margarita ingredients. But the choice of fresh juice and fruit garnish is not the only ingredient change you should try out.

Try this ingredient change for the ultimate spin on margaritas

Where margaritas call for Cointreau, the Tequila Daisy uses Grand Marnier instead (via Liquor). Both liquors provide a light and sweet orange flavor to either of the two tequila-based drinks. While the seemingly minor differences like use of the lemon and Grand Marnier might seem inconsequential, there is one more difference between the two drinks that really sets them apart — the Tequila Daisy calls for club soda to polish off the cocktail.

Though this doesn't exactly add a different flavor to the drink, it's a deliciously bubbly way to top off the cocktail, giving it a surprising textural element. Paired with the lemon juice, Grand Marnier, and tequila, club soda is what really makes this early version of the margarita all the more refreshing. Even if you don't want to go all the way and order the Tequila Daisy, club soda is definitely a great addition to any margarita recipe when you want to change things up a bit.