New Data Reveals Just How Popular Piña Coladas Become In The Summer

What's your favorite cocktail? If you like vermouth, perhaps you're a fan of a classic Negroni; if bourbon's your bag, you might frequently request an Old Fashioned. Is tequila more your style? Then you've likely stirred or shaken more than a few puckery margaritas in your day, while rum-lovers might go for a clean and simple daiquiri.

Whatever your cocktail of choice is, it's safe to say that these cold, refreshing alcoholic mixed drinks take on way more appeal in the summer, when climbing temperatures and crushing humidity make us reach for all manner of drinks, from water to kombucha to lemonades and, yes, for cocktails, as well. According to data compiled by CGA Strategy, a consulting firm that analyzes the food and drink industries, folks tend to order cocktails more frequently when the weather is warm. CGA's new cocktail sales tracker shows that in states that are warm in the winter months, such as California and Nevada, cocktails are a heavily ordered item, a gap that begins to close in spring when states such as New York and Illinois heat up and also see a boost in diners ordering cocktails. And according to the tracker, it's not just that drinkers want more cocktails in warmer weather, but also that their choice of cocktail is seasonally dependent, too.

Piña coladas are a warm weather favorite this year

If your cocktail preferences tend towards the sweet and fruity, chances are you've sipped on a piña colada, a classic mix of rum, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut. A blended drink served thick like an icy, the piña colada was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1954, when bartender Ramón "Monchito" Marrero first blended one at the Caribe Hilton (via Forbes). Beloved ever since, the drink is ideally sipped on a far-flung beach, or at least while on vacation. And as demonstrated by drink sales data compiled by CGA Strategy, piña coladas are experiencing a boom this summer.

CGA reports that cocktail preferences change in the summer, with drinkers tending to order refreshing, tropical drinks such as the rum, lime, and mint concoction the mojito, which was the fourth most-popular cocktail in the country in Q2 of April, May, and June this year. But perhaps surprisingly, the beach resort favorite piña colada surged in popularity during the same period, from the 17th most popular cocktail in Q1 to the 9th most popular in Q2, an 87% increase in sales. New York State, especially, loves a good piña colada, with customers ordering tons of them in June. So the next time you go out for a round of cocktails, don't be surprised if fellow bar-goers are sipping the cold, fruity drink — perhaps it's time to join them and beat the heat.